Southern with a twist_ italian cream cheese cake

Butter and stick margarine deliver approximately 100 calories, tub margarine roughly 60 calories and shortening 110 calories. Coconut flour banana bread recipe All three options are quite high in fat, ranging from 10 to 15 fat calories per tablespoon. Nutella banana bread recipe Butter is highest in saturated fat and cholesterol, which can clog the body’s arteries. Banana oat bread healthy On the other hand, margarine has both saturated fat and transsaturated fat. Cream cheese banana bread recipe Trans fats raise LDL cholesterol levels and lower HDL cholesterol levels, making them even more dangerous than saturated fat. Easy healthy banana bread Although shortening does contain saturated fat, it does not have any cholesterol.

2 banana muffin recipe In regards to the nutritional aspect of the comparison process, all three options have advantages and disadvantages when baking cookies. Banana bread made with cake mix Although it might be nutritionally beneficial to choose the option with the lowest fat content, taste and texture will be impacted.

That is why I follow the directions on baking, and the fact that I am not a baker… Soft banana cake recipe I usually don’t chance it. Banana date nut bread You can make the substitution… Simple healthy banana bread recipe It’s your call 🙂 Delete

I am a professional baker. Gluten free banana nut bread Please do not substitute butter or margarine for the Crisco. Gluten free banana bread mix It will most definitely alter the taste and the quality of your product. Fluffy banana cake recipe If you’re worried about the fat content-you can use applesauce to replace the fat without much difference in taste and can give a moister cake. Best banana bread machine recipes Delete

I plan to make this very soon, it looks like a great Christmas cake, especially for my friends December birthday!!

I will write back when I have completed and tasted!! Can’t wait!! Reply Delete

This is the same recipe I’ve always made. Banana bread in a bundt pan It us wonderful! Don’t use anything but real butter and when you fold in the egg whites, just fold them in until it is mixed and no more. Moist banana cake recipe from scratch Reply Delete

Could you use apple sauce instead of crisco like you can do for oil and i drink the body by vi shakes and you.can usually substitute the flour with the shake mix. Gluten free banana bread Think it would work? Reply Delete

I hope this cake turns out…the recipe called for 9in pans not “3” pans until I read the comments and paid no attention to the picture….guess that means mine will be baking longer and become a 4 layer…oh well.. Banana muffin recipe 2 bananas Reply Delete

I am sure that my husband and I had Italian Cream Cake for our wedding! It was the most delicious cake we ever (before or since) tasted. Banana bread no baking powder A local bakery provided a sample for a bridal show. Low fat low sugar banana bread When we tasted it, we knew nothing else would do. Good food banana bread We have been married over 26 years, the bakery has since closed, and I can still remember the extraordinary flavor of that delectable cake. Food network banana bread Maybe we could relive that pleasure by making this cake! Yeah! Reply Delete

I’m thinking that this is the perfect thing to try for a co-worker’s birthday Monday! Especially since somebody had already asked if it could go into a 9×13.

I’ll just put out a “warning, nuts…” note in front of it. Bbc food banana bread 🙂 Delete

I am a chef baking as needed but cakes are my joy. Food processor banana bread I am trying this cake tomorrow it sounds like a great compliment for caprese lasagna…pics to follow promise and thanks for sharing such a priceless gift

This cake is great. Mini banana bread muffins I have made this cake for over a year. Bread pudding with bananas I have used coconut and pecans and it is soon yummy! My family perfers no coconut or pecans. Bbc good food banana bread Then its just a great white cream cheese cake and it is great. Food wishes banana bread I have to make it for everyones birthday and holidays. 100 days of real food banana bread Reply Delete

This cake looks wonderful – can’t wait to give it a try. Wholefood simply banana bread I live at 8,000 feet so baking at the high altitude can be challenging. Vegan banana nut bread Do you have any adjustments for baking this cake at high altitude? Reply Delete

from my experiences the only time you need to adjust for high altitude is when using mixes. Mini banana bread loaves From scratch recipes usually turn out just fine. Banana bread with coconut flour I have baked in all altitudes. Banana bread with wheat flour Delete

Gorgeous!!! I have never made one but my sweet Mama and both my Grandma and my Great Grandma always did. Banana bread with rice flour Thank you for sharing on Thursday’s Treasures. Best banana cake recipe nz I’ve featured this fantastic cake there. Banana bread using pancake mix Please stop by my blog and grab my “featured on” button. How to make banana pancakes with pancake mix <3 and hugs! Reply Delete

I believe that it’s just a name that became popular ages and ages ago. Banana bread with baking powder instead of baking soda This was a recipe that was handed down through generations to my Mama.

One account does say that it was created by an Italian cook for a wealthy southern family and that’s why it’s called Italian. Banana bread made with almond flour Delete

I made this yesterday for a friend’s birthday. Three ingredient banana bread The center of both layers failed to rise. Sweet potato banana bread What did I do wrong? I tried folding the egg whites into the batter but it was too thick so I had to fold the batter into the whites. Buttermilk banana bread martha stewart Was that my problem? I live in Colorado at 4500 feet…It was delicious. Gluten free sugar free banana bread I ended up cutting the outside edge of the cake into pieces and frosting the small squares. Moist banana muffin recipe Everyone loved it and didn’t know it was my “failure” cake! Reply Delete

Thank you so much for posting this! When I was growing up, my neighbor used to make this and it was my favorite. Banana bread taste of home I have been looking for this recipe for 30 YEARS!!! I am SO happy to see this! Thank you, thank you!! Reply Delete

Okay. Gluten free dairy free banana bread Here’s what happened: I made this cake once and it turned out GREAT!! We added a little fresh fruit on top to give it a little extra something and add some pretty colors! However, I just made it tonight for a Valentine’s Day treat and it flopped….literally, It sank. Banana muffin recipe uk So I turned it into a trifle using Coconut Creme Instant pudding and Whipped cream. Chocolate banana bread muffins It again came out delicious, but what did I do wrong? Why the sinking like the titanic in the middle of my cake? Reply Delete

I just love it when people change the recipe in any number of ways and then say they really didn’t like the recipe . . . Freezing bananas for banana bread in truth they didn’t make the recipe. Chocolate chip banana bread sour cream When I make something new, I follow the recipe the first time exactly. Banana bran muffin recipe Then I might tweak it the next time . . . Banana muffin recipe singapore otherwise go find another recipe that does or doesn’t have what you don’t like, can’t eat, can’t afford, etc. Banana bread with yellow cake mix People are certainly entertaining!! This sounds yummy!! Reply Delete

I lost the original recipe I got from Southen Living many years ago. Banana bread with no eggs It is my sons favorite and make it for him on his birthday every year. Banana bread with pancake mix Wish I could find my first recipe for the cake. Banana peanut butter recipes Think I have been using a 11 X 17 pan. How ripe do bananas need to be for banana bread Old age has madet that easier for me. Banana bread recipe without flour Reply Delete

Its not the fact that Crisco has saturated fat, because fat doesn’t make you fat, but its the fact that Crisco is hydogentated. Moist chocolate chip banana bread I’m going to make it with Coconut oil. Banana bread receta facil Its a myth that saturated fat clogs our arteries. Banana bread recipe with whole wheat flour I bake and cook with coconut oil, and it will be a fine substitute for the Crisco. How do you make banana nut bread And by the way, sugar causes heart disease, not fat. What makes banana bread moist Reply Delete

Thank you so much for this. Easy banana cake recipe plain flour It took a little more time than a regular cake but it was completely and utterly delicious, so worth it!! My only question is do you store yours in the fridge or in a cake container on the counter? Reply Delete

If you cooked it in two pans… Gluten free banana bread coconut flour yes adjust by about 10 minutes more. Banana bread recipe australia The cake should pull away from the sides of the pan, and a toothpick when inserted in the center should come out clean. Easy banana loaf recipe Delete

This recipe is FAB!!!! My friends couldn’t stop eating it. Banana bread vs banana cake I made it in cupcake form (so I wouldn’t eat an entire cake myself) I posted a link on my blog to ur recipe because it is too great not to share!!! Thanks Reply Delete

This cake sounds delicious and i would like to make it but i have no idea what ‘CRISCO’ is. Best banana muffin recipe If i cannot get it, can it be substituted by something else ? In the same measure ? Reply Delete

Crisco is vegetable shortening and should be in the section of the grocery store where the cooking oil is located. Banana walnut cake recipe I’m not a baker, so ask your friends that bake about substitutions. Banana walnut cake recipe eggless This cake is too good for me to mislead you on a sub… Banana walnut cake recipe sanjeev kapoor Hope that helps! Delete

I made this cake for a family get together and what a hit it was! So moist & delicious. Easy banana cake recipe Only variation was using walnuts instead of pecans. Starbucks banana loaf recipe At the end of the day there was only one small piece left and when my husband went to bed he said he was looking forward to having cake with his coffee in the morning. Easy banana cake recipe from scratch Which meant he was afraid I was going to eat it! Reply Delete

High altitude add 2 T extra flour turn down temp 15 deg cook extra 15 to 20 min and don’t let anyone even walk close to your oven or disturb it in any way. Starbucks banana bread recipe If you have very low humidity add a small deep pan of water to the lower wrack of your oven this also works for bread. Banana nut cake recipe 🙂 Reply Delete

I’m looking forward to making this cake, I can’t get Crisco in UK, however I do have Coconut Oil. Banana bread cream cheese recipe As Crisco is solid and Coconut Oil is liquid, would I still use 1/2 cup? Also I normally use Self Raising Flour when baking a cake which is a mixture of plain flour and Baking powder. Banana bread without butter Not sure if Baking soda is the same as Baking powder or Bicarbonate of soda, which is also sometimes used in cake baking, any idea please? Thank you Reply Delete

I’m not a professional baker. Banana bread food com This is my Grandmother’s recipe, and I always follow the recipe closely. 5 star banana bread So, I’m not sure about the oil. Banana bread greek yogurt If I don’t have plain flour, sometimes I sub the s/r flour and leave out the baking powder/soda and the salt. Almond flour banana bread However, this recipe doesn’t have salt. Coconut flour banana bread I would say that you can sub the flour. Spelt flour banana bread Remember, I’m not a professional baker, so you may want to ask an actual baker! 🙂 Hope this helped!

I made this cake last night as test run for a future event I am taking a cake to. Coconut flour banana bread vegan My husband and I both agreed that it definitely pasted the test!! Thank You!! Reply Delete

Can I add unsweetened coconut? Will it alter the taste? My husband loved it last year for his birthday! He requested it again this year! I plan to make it Friday, so if I can have a response about the coconut, it would be appreciated! Reply Delete

You certainly can use it. Oat flour banana bread It will not be as sweet, so I would guess that it would alter the taste to a certain degree. Almond meal banana bread If he loved it, he may feel that something is missing this time? Delete

Thanks Lynn for responding so quickly. Baking soda substitute for banana bread Not a layered cake but a one layer 12×18 sheet cake. Banana muffins without baking powder That’s a large sheet cake so that’s why I am asking if I should double the recipe to be at least 2 inches in height. Banana bread with cream cheese frosting Thank you for your help.

My daughter needs to bring a dessert to a work picnic, and I want to make something to impress. Banana bread cookies This sure lookalike it will!! I’ll let you know how it was received! Reply Delete

Looks delicious and lovely! I can’t wait to make it this weekend. How to keep banana bread fresh Would you please recommend how to adjust the baking times for this to be made in a single or double layer cake? Thank you!! Reply Delete

Sarah, it depends on the size of your pans, but the times are within 5 minutes either way. No egg banana bread recipe Start with the basic 20 minutes and adjust in 5 minute intervals until done. Banana bread cookies recipe (when a toothpick comes out clean after poked in the center of the cake) Delete

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