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Within my social circles, I personally know two other millennial women who have dealt with the loss of a romantic partner. Fast food restaurants close to my location I feel alienated because a large majority of my peers have no idea what I’m going through. Fast food restaurants closest to me Grief makes people so uncomfortable that sometimes I hide it to accommodate others.

Fast food restaurant chains It’s like living a double life. Fast food restaurants with veggie burgers It’s exhausting.

The formal way to express sympathy is to say, “Please accept my condolences.” That statement gives a person the choice to accept or deny, but folks want to take it to the next level. Find fast food restaurants near me I have come to realize that there is skill in speaking to those who grieve. Free food from restaurants Without empathetic skill, advice or suggestions that begin as well intentioned, become insensitive. Food network restaurants near me If you don’t know what to say, simply say, “I don’t know what to say.” Not knowing what to say is better than telling me to be strong. Food restaurants near me open Being strong isn’t the equivalent of feeling normal. Open fast food restaurants near me What is normal anymore? Just because I have a decent day or post a nice photo doesn’t mean that everything is alright. Fast food restaurants near my location It’s not. Mexican food restaurants near my location Smiles do not equate to strength.

Not knowing what to say is better than telling me how he wants me to feel. Soul food restaurants near my location “He wants you happy.” “He wants you smiling.” “He wasn’t a sad guy.” To many, he was the vibrant life of the party; the human form of positive energy. Fast food restaurants around me And undeniably so. Fast food restaurants that deliver He was always dancing, singing and encouraging others to be great. Fast food restaurants open on christmas day His smile and laughter were contagious, but to me, he was even more. Fast food restaurants open on thanksgiving He represents a huge part of me that’s now missing. Fast food restaurants open 24 hours He challenged me to think freely and he encouraged me to love myself. Chinese food restaurants in the area He also danced with me while making me laugh. Soul food restaurants in the area He was my truest friend, greatest love and best critic all in one beautiful package. Good cheap restaurants near me He is the only person who could successfully talk me through the journey of grief. Free food on your birthday without signing up I know because I’ve heard him speak to people in mourning with his gentle and reassuring disposition. Free food on your birthday az He never rushed through a process. Healthy food restaurants london He was patient.

How can I consistently remain strong or happy when a mere four months have gone by since I lost the love of my life? Four months.

On more than one occasion, I’ve found myself perplexed or even hurt by words intended as comfort.

The first came from a family member who said, “I don’t know what you’re going through, but you’re young and you will get over it. Fast food restaurants near me that are open Life has just begun for you.” Get over it? Please do not diminish the severity of my pain based on my age. Fast food mexican restaurants near me My life began almost 30 years ago, not last night. Chinese food restaurants near me that deliver He is the love of my life. Fast food fish restaurants near me We met when I was 23. Fast food restaurants open on christmas eve A deathless era. Fast food restaurants open 24 hours near me We had all the time in the world to have a family, a Christmas card and a picket fence. Fast food places open 24 hours near me Time is now up. Food places open 24 hours near me Building a foundation of that magnitude is not something that can be simply be recreated, especially when the person I planned to do it with is irreplaceable.

In February, I bumped into an acquaintance who asked me how things were going. Food suppliers for restaurants I told her things were going okay. New orleans soul food restaurants She replied, “Just okay? I heard about your partner, but you will be fine. New food places near me At least you didn’t have kids that would have been REALLY sad.” It’s really sad now! With or without children, it’s a tragic loss. Mexican food near my location She went on to make an obscure comparison. Healthy restaurants in dubai “I felt like I was mourning when I broke up with my boyfriend.” Do not try to compare your situation to mine. How to get free food from restaurants by complaining I realize that breakups can be traumatizing depending on the circumstances, but trust me, it’s nothing like burying the man you love. Free food coupons online Your man might come back, mine isn’t. Free food coupons uk We were in it for the long haul. Fast food restaurants with soup If he returned to life tomorrow and said, “Girl, it’s over,” I would still exhale because he would be alive. Fast food places that accept ebt He loved life.

Another popular suggestion from the masses is that I uproot my life to go somewhere else. Healthy chinese food choices I am not referring to travel. Chinese fast food restaurants near me Travel is therapeutic. Mexican fast food restaurants near me They mean leaving my home and starting fresh in a brand new place. Healthy food in dubai Where’s the new gig? What’s the plan? Are you sponsoring me? Stop suggesting that I do something drastic when my life is already turned upside down. What fast food restaurants are near me Familiarity is one of the most surefire treatments for grief. Fast food restaurants that accept ebt I am not ready to start anew. Mexican food restaurants near me As I said earlier, it’s only been four months.

Out of all the exchanges, perhaps the most tormenting are those that are self-serving. Soul food restaurants near me Individuals who haven’t been around for years going on and on about how sad they feel. Chinese food restaurants near me Did you sleep last night? Did you eat today? More often than not, the answer for me is no. Food delivery des moines I will not discount others’ grief because I have respect, but try thinking outside of yourself. What fast food restaurants are open near me It’s kind of like sharing a friend’s newborn photos before they get a chance to share them first. Healthy food new york There is no way you are more excited than the new parents. Fast food places that accept ebt near me Similarly, when it comes to this loss, there is no way you are sadder than me. Chinese food delivery near me open late I was the constant companion of the departed, day in and day out. Open chinese restaurants near me There is no way you are sadder than our family and close friends. How to get free food from fast food restaurants My grief is especially poignant.

And if one more person says I will find love again… Fast food places open on christmas eve What if I don’t?

“Find love” insinuates that I have to look for it. Fast food restaurants open near me I don’t have time for that. Food places open late near me The first time around, I didn’t go searching for love, love found us. New orleans food and wine experience Perhaps God gave me my one true love? If that’s the case, I can die happy knowing I am adored by someone with a tender spirit. Fast food restaurants that accept ebt near me Plus, “you will find love again,” reminds me of the slogan, “Make America Great Again,” and that’s annoying. Mexican restaurants open 24 hours near me At this point, I am only interested in finding my(new)self. New york food and wine festival I have the love I had.

Stop rushing me! Grief is like a virus. Fast food restaurants by me Once you get it, it never leaves. Restaurants open late near me that deliver Allegedly it gets better, but honestly, I cannot imagine the day when I won’t feel hollow. Fast food restaurants in florida Without him, I won’t get out of the sunken place. Chinese restaurants open late near me Where is Rod when I need him?

Think before you speak to those who grieve. New york food blog Think about what you are suggesting. New orleans restaurants french quarter Think about your position. New york food and wine festival 2016 Consider your words. New york city vegan restaurants Take the time to imagine the pain, even if it is something you have never experienced. Restaurants open late night near me It’s easy to be a well-wisher or to offer condolences sprinkled with a tone of pity. New york vegan restaurants “I can’t imagine.” If you wish to comfort someone in grief, it is essential to use your imagination, otherwise you can’t practice empathy. New orleans breakfast restaurants Empathy is a virtue.

Dorian is a service-oriented millennial who is passionate about community engagement, health equity, writing and social justice. Restaurants near me new orleans She lives and works in Washington, D.C. Mexican restaurants open late near me In addition to her nine-to-five, Dorian is an active program volunteer for the National Museum of African American History & Culture, a blogger and a Career Contessa Mentor.

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