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Yes, it is possible if you know Bryanna. Salmon best recipe I am her no.1 fan and a long time vegan feaster who follow her creations in her newsletters. Salmon fillet recipes pan fried Her recent newsletter features ‘vegan steak’. Salmon mousse recipe jamie oliver So here it is, my use of her ‘steak’, and of course, I have to make it Asian style. Salmon pasta bake recipe Above in the picture are teriyaki ‘steak’ (DH called it Japanese Kobe Teriyaki Steak), teriyaki ‘pork cutlet’ (Bryanna’s recipe too), and teriyaki ‘eel’ (using store bought vegan fish). Salmon pasta recipe jamie oliver These were marinated in my own wasabi teriyaki sauce and bbqued in my Cuisinart panini bbq grill/griddle. Salmon pesto pasta recipe When I was eating meat, I love teriyaki anything and since I became a vegetarian I realized that I missed the flavor and texture of bbqed teriyaki instead of the meat and the blood in it. Salmon quiche recipe jamie oliver Bryanna’s creation of faux steak has satisfied that cravings in me.

I know some vegetarians(non-vegetarians) are disgusted with faux meat or mock meat but I am with Bryanna in this. Salmon recipes jamie oliver We are having fun creating faux meat or fish that it has becoming a culinary art. Salmon recipes pan fried It adds more variety to the dishes that we create eventhough we already have a lot of ways we can do with vegetables, fruits, grains, and legumes.

Salmon recipes pan seared We play with wheat gluten flour, soy flour, tofu, and yuba to create mock meat and fish. Salmon risotto recipe jamie oliver Bryanna is definitely the ‘Queen of Faux Meat’. Salmon steak recipe oven She can create seitans that the results were almost too real. Simple baked salmon recipes I learned so much from her (even flew hundreds miles to attend her cooking vacation in 2004) in making faux meat that I bought 25 lbs. Simple healthy salmon recipes vital wheat gluten flour and have been making so many different kind of seitan since.

I can’t post the ‘steak’ recipe since it is reserved for vegan feasters only (who subscribes to the newsletter). Smoked salmon pasta recipe jamie oliver I am posting my wasabi teriyaki sauce recipe which I created after I bought SoyVay Wasabiyaki sauce. Smoked salmon pasta recipes Soy Vay has delicious sauces but this time I made my own to save money and honestly I can’t stand the challenge of not recreating it at home. Sockeye salmon recipe pan seared Here is the recipe:

Heat 1 tbsp sesame oil on a skillet on a medium high heat. The best salmon recipe Add minced garlic and chopped onions. The best salmon recipe ever Saute for several minutes until onions are soft.

Add soy sauce, mirin, apple juice, molasses, and brown sugar. Baked king salmon recipe Let it come to a boil.

Add water and cornstarch mixture. Baked salmon recipe soy sauce Let it come to a boil again.

Transfer to a blender. Baked salmon recipe with mayonnaise With the top off or the middle part of the blender off (this is to prevent accident in blending hot mixture) and use a kitchen towel to cover the top and hold it with your hand, blend the teriyaki mixture for several minutes until smooth (carefully, start from the lowest setting of your blender and go the the puree setting).

Let the sauce cool before storing it in a bottle or jar. Baked salmon recipes simple Keep in refridgerator for months.

Nutrition FactsNutrition (per serving): 31.9 calories; 24% calories from fat; 0.9g total fat; 0.0mg cholesterol; 2.1mg sodium; 63.4mg potassium; 4.9g carbohydrates; 0.1g fiber; 3.3g sugar; 4.8g net carbs; 0.1g protein; 0.7 points.

We ate the teriyaki with pan fried cabbage, carrots, broccoli, and a bowl of steamed brown rice. Baked whole salmon recipes simple I am going back to eating and cooking Japanese again. Baked wild salmon recipes Japanese cuisine is the one cuisine I missed the most in terms of eating out (in my area, there is no Japanese vegetarian restaurant that I know of or any Japanese restaurant who serves vegetarian food).

Hey, no fair. Best baked salmon recipe I’m her #1 fan ; ) Debbie, this looks so good. Best baked salmon recipe ever Do you brush the sauce on the steaks before cooking them or after? Did you saute the steaks in a skillet? After my fabulous seitan lessons with Bryanna, I’m totally hooked! Julie

I marinated the ‘steak’ with the teriyaki sauce. Best baked salmon recipe in the world Then, I bbq it in my panini grill. Best canned salmon recipes Then, I brush the ‘steak’ with extra teriyaki sauce and sprinkle with sesame seeds before serving. Best easy salmon recipe I didn’t marinate the ‘fish’ and soy cutlets. Best ever salmon recipe I actually pan fried the ‘fish’ with a little bit oil on a non-stick frying pan until the nori is crispy (yum I love crispy nori) and the other side of the ‘fish’ is brown. Best grilled salmon recipe I bbqed the soy cutlets in my panini grill just like the ‘steak’. Best grilled salmon recipe ever Then, I brushed them with extra teriyaki sauce too, like the ‘steak’. Best healthy salmon recipe Thanks for visiting, you all vegan feasters! I may be the first one who signed up at Bryanna’s vegan feast. Best oven baked salmon recipe Therefore, I am the no.1 fan..he he….

Julie, Forgot to tell you if you want to make the steak for Japanese style, omit the red wine and replace is with water. Best oven salmon recipe Or use a milder red wine. Best recipe for salmon I used Carbenet Franc and it is strong so a bit over powering the teriyaki.

You’re so right, Debbie, about faux meats. Best salmon burger recipe I became vegetarian for many reasons, but not a single one was because of my not liking the flavor or texture of meat. Best salmon cake recipe I predict that more folks will turn to vegetarianism as better (i.e., more convincing) faux meat products are developed commercially and consumers realize that there’s no longer any reason to feel deprived of their favorite dishes. Best salmon fillet recipe Joni

My goodness, those look so realistic! I had to reread your information to make sure they were acually vegan! Your sauce sounds great – I love wasabi – so I will definiely have to try that!

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