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For the perfect finale to your Thanksgiving feast, here’s a creamy, sweet and light pumpkin dessert. Desserts for diabetics recipes with splenda I’ve overhauled my original recipe that used refined white sugar and heavy dairy cream.

This fantastic dessert is now made with agave syrup, a lower glycemic alternative to sugar, and Healthy Top, a dairy-free, soy-free replacement for heavy cream.

Recipes for diabetic desserts It retains it’s wonderful texture and most importantly, spiced pumpkin flavor. What desserts are good for diabetics Updated Version

The original version of this recipe was posted two years ago. Recipes for sugar free desserts for diabetics It was definitely in the splurge category because of the heavy cream. Quick and easy desserts for diabetics A once a year dessert reserved for Thanksgiving. What are good desserts for diabetics The results of this updated recipe are terrific – 37% less fat and 28% less saturated fat (and that is from plant, not animal sources).

Today, I’m more focused on creating healthier recipes. Christmas dessert recipes for diabetics That means eliminating refined white sugar. Good dessert recipes for diabetics I’ve discovered products like Healthy Top , Xagave syrup, and liquid stevia and have begun experimenting with them to reduce sugar, fat and calories.

NOTE – Since this post, Healthy Top went out of business. Best recipes for diabetic desserts I am in the process of working on a new recipe. Thanksgiving dessert recipes for diabetics The original recipe can be found here On Sweeteners: Agave and Stevia

Agave syrup is still a sweetener and sugar to our bodies, so we must be mindful of how much we consume. Fresh fruit desserts for diabetics Many people are critical of agave syrup because of how it is made and the amount of fructose most have. One brand I will buy is Xagave. Fruit dessert recipes for diabetics They produce it at 118?, so it is considered a raw product, and it is lower in fructose than any other brand I have found.

In this recipe, I’ve replaced 3/4 of a cup of white sugar with 1/2 cup a agave syrup. Easy dessert recipes for diabetics I you want to reduce all sugars further, try using liquid stevia. Chocolate dessert recipes for diabetics I buy Sweet Leaf drops in vanilla creme or pumpkin spice. Recipes for desserts for diabetics You can use all stevia or half agave and about 10-12 drops of stevia. Easter dessert for diabetics How to Serve

To serve, try piping or spooning it into stemmed wine glasses, brandy snifters or glass dessert dishes. Healthy dessert ideas for diabetics Garnish with a sprinkle of cinnamon or a cinnamon stick.

To save time on a busy Thanksgiving day, make this pumpkin dessert a day ahead. Healthy dessert recipes for diabetics Place the mousse in a disposable piping bag with a star tip in the end, ready to go for serving.

When you are ready for dessert, slice off the tip of the plastic bag to expose the metal tip. Apple dessert recipes for diabetics Twist the top of the bag to squeeze the contents down into the tip and pipe. Sugar free indian desserts recipes for diabetics As I am right-handed, I twist and gently squeeze with my right hand and guide the bag with my left.

Mousse and other soft fillings, either sweet or savory, are easy to store and transport in a disposable piping bag. Healthy thanksgiving desserts for diabetics I use a star tip size #865 – #867. Recipes desserts for diabetics These are larger tips than what you find at typical kitchen supply stores. Splenda recipes desserts for diabetics They can be purchased at a restaurant supply, pastry supply, or online.

The disposable piping bags are 18” and available in a roll. 8 simple holiday desserts for diabetics I use them not only for piping mousse, but deviled egg filling and even fancy mashed potatoes. Quick and easy dessert recipes for diabetics They come in handy and are clean and sanitary compared to the old cloth style. Best sugar free desserts for diabetics Helpful Links, Tools and Information:

• Here is the link to the original recipe with sugar and heavy cream

• Star tips(with a nice photo showing them) and baking supplies on the web at The Ultimate Baker

• 18?clear, disposable piping bags, package of 10 o r package of 100 on Amazon. Sugar free desserts for diabetics Find them also at Sur La Table.

• Whisks are an essential tool. Easy sugar free dessert recipes for diabetics Here are several that I use – A French whiskand a balloon whisk.

• A standing mixer is a handy tool for serious cooks. Sugar free desserts for diabetics uk It provides hands-free operation. Best dessert for diabetics recipes I have a KitchenAid Pro 600. Best tasting desserts for diabetics It has a powerful motor and a 6-quart bowl. Dessert recipes for diabetics type 2 It comes in a smaller 5-quart model as well.

Creamy, rich-tasting and light with a spiced pumpkin flavor, I’ve replaced the sugar with agave syrup and the heavy cream with Healthy Top to reduce fat and calories. Dessert recipes for diabetics This is a healthier recipe than the original, and it tastes delicious. Best dessert recipes for diabetics Make it a day ahead and have dessert taken care of during a busy Thanksgiving celebration. Dessert recipes for diabetics easy A note on sweeteners. Dessert recipes for diabetics sugar free As Healthy Top does have sugar in it, you can reduce the sugar by using stevia. Dessert recipes for diabetics without artificial sweetener The liquid form (I use Sweet Leaf) incorporates easily and reduces sugar. Dessert recipes for diabetics uk See notes at recipe end.

In a medium metal bowl, sprinkle gelatin over cold water to soften for 1 minute. Tasty desserts for diabetics Whisk egg yolks into gelatin until smooth. Christmas desserts for diabetics uk Set bowl over the saucepan of simmering water. Desserts for diabetics recipes uk Cook gelatin-egg mixture, whisking constantly, until an instant-read thermometer inserted into mixture registers 160°F (71 C), about two minutes. Sugar free dessert recipes for diabetics Use a digital thermometer for easy reading, tilting bowl to facilitate measuring the temperature.

Remove bowl from pan and by hand with a French or balloon whisk, beat egg mixture until cool and thickened, about 5 minutes. Dessert recipes for diabetics type 1 You can also use a handheld electric mixer with the whisk attachment. Dessert recipes for diabetics with high cholesterol The mixture will be sticky. Dessert recipes for diabetics australia Beat in pumpkin, Xagave, spices and vanilla until smooth and combined. Desserts for diabetics type 2 uk Chill pumpkin mixture, covered with plastic film, until thickened and cool, about 30 minutes.

Transfer mousse to a large pastry bag fitted with a large plain or star tip chill in the refrigerator for a few hours and up to a day ahead to firm up. Dessert recipes suitable for diabetics You can also place the dessert in a large bowl and cover with plastic film. Desserts suitable for diabetics uk At serving, pipe or spoon into stemmed glasses or glass dishes. Just before serving, garnish with cinnamon.

Note to reduce sugar: To reduce sugar further, cut the agave by half and use about 10-12 drops of liquid stevia. Desserts for diabetics recipes without artificial sweetener I use the brand Sweet Leaf, They make pumpkin spice and vanilla creme flavors which work great in this recipe. Sugar free recipes for diabetics desserts Find it at health oriented markets and online.

I am looking for “Sugar free” holiday deserts. Dessert ideas for diabetics I have tried this before with sugar and it was delightful and the overall presentation is lovely. Dessert recipes for diabetics for christmas Might I suggest that when you post your recipes that you indicated the time for prep/cooking. Thanksgiving dessert ideas for diabetics Once I see something I like the second thing I look at is the prep time. Good desserts for type 1 diabetes If the time is too long…it often times get filed away. Dessert recipes for type 1 diabetics Time is precious and I do not want to spend too much of it cooking.

Hi Carrie. Indian dessert recipes for diabetics Thanks for your comment. Thanksgiving desserts for diabetics recipes I understand how that would be helpful. Apple desserts for diabetics recipes I’m always a little hesitant to note times because everyone works at a different pace. Easy desserts for diabetics recipes On this recipe, I’d say it takes about 15 minutes to get the gelatin-egg-pumpkin base made, then about another 30 minutes to chill, plus another 15 minutes to whip the Healthy Top and add the pumpkin base together. Fruit desserts for diabetics recipes I’d think most people could have this made in an hour, then let it sit in the fridge to chill longer and set up before piping or spooning. Easy recipes for diabetics desserts You can make it a day ahead of when you plan to serve. Pumpkin recipes for diabetic desserts Does that help? Will try and make notes in the future!

Where did you buy Healthy Top? I’ve been calling the stores that the site said it could be found, but they don’t know what it is. Recipes for diabetics type 2 desserts I am so excited about this recipe. Recipes for diabetic desserts splenda When you said last week you were going to use Healthy Top, I thought I would just use regular whipping cream because I am allergic to lecithin, which is why I avoid packaging and preserved food. Strawberry dessert recipes for diabetics It’s in everything, but wow the website says soy-free, low fat and low sugar. Sugar free dessert recipes diabetics What more can you ask, yeah! The thought of making it ahead of time is so appealing and I would think beneficial giving the flavor time to develop. Healthy desserts for gestational diabetes Can’t wait. Easy recipes for diabetic desserts Thank you so much.

Hi Madonna. No bake desserts for diabetics Healthy Top can be a little tough to find. Simple dessert recipes for diabetics if you are local (Orange County) I’ve found it at Mothers Market in Costa Mesa and Stella Lucy market in San Clemente. Easy thanksgiving desserts for diabetics Otherwise, i’ve shipped it off their internet site. Easy low carb desserts for diabetics Keep calling and telling stores they need to carry it. Best store bought desserts for diabetics I do that all of the time. Sugarless dessert recipes for diabetics Health-oriented stores will be the most receptive.

I was hoping to find some great holiday desserts without refined sugar and this is definately going to be one of them.

I wonder if you could use splenda for an even lower glycemic index?

Hi Connie. Sugar free pudding desserts for diabetics I’ve not tried it with anything like Splenda. Sugar free chocolate desserts for diabetics If you want to try it with Splenda, I’d use the directions more like in the original post. Best desserts for type 2 diabetes Cook the Splenda with the gelatin and yolk mixture. Safe desserts for gestational diabetes See the first step of the Spiced Pumpkin Mousse post under the dessert category. Desserts for diabetics type 2 Please let us know how it comes out.

Hi Katie. Desserts for diabetics recipes It should work fine, but it will depend on how thick your puree is and how much moisture is in it. Easy desserts for diabetics Think about the dense texture of canned pumpkin. Healthy desserts for diabetics That’s what you need. Best desserts for diabetics If yours is not that thick, maybe strain it through several layers of cheesecloth. Sugarless desserts for diabetics Please let me know how it comes out. Desserts for diabetics type 1 I’m headed to the kitchen to make some for a cooking demo class tonight!

Sally, This looks light and lovely–it would be great after a big Thanksgiving dinner. Good desserts for diabetics BUT, I confess, I love my grandmother’s pumpkin pie, and I will skip a few side dishes to save room for it!

Michelle K. Desserts suitable for diabetics and I are talking about blogs now and wishing you were here, so we could meet ?? I’m sure you are having a great time at IFBC, hope to meet someday!

Your Creamy Spiced Pumpkin Dessert touts being Sugar Free, but there is 64 grams of sugar in a 16 oz container of Healthy Top. Recipes for diabetics desserts This is a bit deceiving for diabetics, or did I miss the sugar free version of this topping?

Hi Mac – Thanks for your comment so I can clarify. Easy sugar free desserts for diabetics I don’t add any refined white sugar as is used in the original recipe. Desserts for type 1 diabetics Yes, there is sugar in the Healthy Top product, 2 tablespoons per tablespoon or 64 sugars in an entire container of 16 ounces. Sugar free desserts for diabetics recipes That’s 8 sugars per serving.

I’ve traded the refined white sugar for agave syrup, specifically the brand Xagave because i like the way they make it compared to some other agave syrups. Sugar free desserts for diabetics easy While it not completely sugar free, the agave is lower glycemic and more diabetic friendly.

If you need to reduce all sugars further, I’d suggest replacing the agave with stevia. Desserts for diabetics without artificial sweetener The liquid form would incorporate easily, and it has zero calories and is rated zero on the glycemic index. Fruit desserts for diabetics If you used stevia instead of agave, you would only need to consider the sugars in the Healthy Top, which would make the dessert overall 8 sugars per serving. Delicious desserts for diabetics Two drops of liquid stevia = 1 teaspoon of sugar or 6 drops per tablespoon according to what I have read.

I’ve added additional notes to the recipe and post to clarify. Homemade desserts for diabetics Thanks again.

Hi, I’m Sally, a chef and certified health coach passionate about health, wellness and nutrition. Christmas desserts for diabetics .

A Food Centric Life is about educating, encouraging and empowering home cooks to create great tasting food with healthy recipes, easy techniques, and fantastic food finds to create memorable meals for family and friends. Desserts for pre diabetics Welcome to my kitchen!

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