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Sportscasted is a premium questline released on March 8, 2017, as part of the 22 For 30 Promotional. Philly cheese steak salem oregon It requires the character Anger Watkins.

My life is sports.

Philly cheese steak seasoning blend Watching sports on TV, yelling at the TV, then coming to work and yelling on TV about what I saw on TV.

And now you want me to cover things other than sports? This whole thing is making Anger angry!

Anger drives ratings. Philly cheese steak seasoning mix I decided this after great thought, while waiting for the restaurant valet to bring my car around. Meat house marinade steak tips recipe It’s happening.

…and the Pope admitted he was flashing gang signs in the photo.

And now, over to our new weatherman, Anger Watkins. The meat house marinated steak tips recipe What can we expect tomorrow Anger?

Expect disappointment, sorrow, and dark moods full of rolling fury. What cut of meat is country fried steak Expect a total and complete sapping of your once-thriving spirit. What cut of meat is tri tip steak Also a little rain in the evening. Recipe steak tartare gordon ramsay Take an umbrella.

You’re not Brockman. What kind of meat do you use for cheesesteaks Was he fired? If so, I get his parking spot and coffee mug – it’s in my contract!

Your greedy ambition reminds me of a certain championship quarterback. What can i make with steak for dinner I’ve just been brought in to jack the ratings with my repertoire of fuming and venting.

Maybe I’ll start with this story about a new park opening. What cut of meat is cube steak A complete waste of grass, trees, and fresh air! That’s right, I root for concrete!

Anger Watkins here at Springfield’s Retirement Castle, where a local group brought cats to play with the seniors.

They’re a blessing. What cut of meat is hanger steak With their whiskers and sullen dispositions. Philly cheese steak meat suppliers Oh wait, that’s Jasper.

Why are these wrinkled layabouts hoarding the cats that hard-working people should be holding and scratching behind the neck?

A poor allocation of our cat resources and an absolute joke! More on this breaking story tonight at six.

Finally, an assignment appropriate for my broadcasting skills. Quality meats steakhouse new york city Anger Watkins, food critic.

I order, I eat, someone else pays, I complain into a camera, and someone pays me. Quality meats steakhouse new york The one time this bloated, mistaken rock named Earth acts like it’s supposed to!

Alright, time for the bottom line on the Gilded Truffle. Meat for cheesesteak sandwiches I give it one star.

And that one star was me. Best meat for cheesesteak sandwiches I gave myself to this non-driving, non-truck food truck and in return I received disappointment and an after-dinner mint!

They served my meal, delicious as it was, on a silver platter!? Silver!

Everybody knows silver is second place, and Anger Watkins does not finish second! You see me, you bust out the platinum!

Criticizing food has lost its luster. Chunky steak pie recipe slow cooker I yearn to insult fat, sweaty, living things again!

Next stop: the food at Krusty Burger. Chunky steak pie recipe jamie oliver Looks like my wish has been granted.

I came into this expecting the worst dining experience possible. What kind of meat to make philly cheese steak Something like sending my mouth to prison.

Krusty Burger met my expectations. Pepper steak pie recipe easy An all-star appetite abomination!

The only positive I can say is the bathroom was cleaner than the kitchen.

I’ll take it! I may even use that quote in the ads we run during coverage of death row executions!

Fill? Is that a joke? Because all I got was a tapeworm and two types of hepatitis. Pepper steak pie recipe south africa And not even the good ones!

Good news then. Pepper steak pie recipe jamie oliver You’ll now be sharing the politics beat with me. Pepper steak pie recipe with puff pastry What you won’t be sharing is my hair and makeup team.

A lot of voters have approached my limousine to tell my bodyguards they want Springfield to be a safer place to live. Cooking temp steak medium rare That’s when the tasers come out.

I say to those voters “I hope when you regain consciousness you remember whatever happened was all your fault. What to serve with ham steak recipes Vote Quimby”!

Well spoken! Thank you Mayor for your time and public service.

Seriously? That interview was a joke! But not the type that’s funny or even makes you think. Rump steak pie recipe The type that Dane Cook tells!

I’ve heard better interviews from guys with a history of concussions.

Enough! I’m going back to what I do best: level-headed sports analysis.

Anger didn’t seem impressed by his dining experiences. Stk steakhouse meatpacking district New restaurant options are available in the store for just a few days!

I don’t think I’ve ever been this unsatisfied in all my life. Stk steakhouse meatpacking district nyc There were three fish hooks in my entree!

That shouldn’t happen. Steakhouse meatpacking district new york The deep fried batter normally hides all secrets.

Deconstructed food!? If I wanted my meal separated, I’d let my mouth do it.

I’m storming out of here. Beef steak with mushroom sauce chef zakir As soon as these next thirteen courses are over, I am gone!

How am I supposed to enjoy a steak with the waiters singing? The only one that hums when I chew should be me!

Fifty-six hundred different flavors and I end up with vegemite!?

There’s nothing swanky about splintery disposable chopsticks and tap water that tastes like dirt!

This restaurant is accurately named… they serve dead lobster.

Such a disgusting amount of pork. Beef steak with mushroom sauce filipino style I could feel my arteries clogging just breathing the air!

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