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Hi, we are a family with two kids (11 and 9). Recipe for homemade lasagna with cottage cheese Planning on 3 weeks in Norway west and south this summer 2017. Lasagna using cottage cheese instead of ricotta We are into hiking, kayaking, swimming and the great outdoors. Lasagna recipe without ricotta cheese or cottage cheese Here’s my confusion: should we stay put for a week each in Bergen, Stavanger and Kristiansand and do day-trips out to explore the surrounding regions? Or should we “up and go” every few days and stay in various villages.

Lasagna recipe easy no cottage cheese In other words, if we had our accommodation base in the cities, would daily driving distances be too much to explore, and is there enough around and outside each city to keep us amused for a week each? We just want to be with nature as much as possible, and whilst train rides and cruises are welcome in small doses, we rather be on foot or paddling in kayaks! Thank you!!! Edited: 08 March 2017, 17:52

Given your interest, and as I understand you plan to have a car, I think it would make way more sense to base yourself in different small villages in the countryside and near fjords.

Maybe have a look at the trip reports and all the discussion about “itinerary in the fjords” to have some inspiration, and I’m sure other people will come and give you more specific advice.

I agree with Soph5035, if your focus is nature, coutryside and outdoor activities I see no reason to base yourself in the cities, that would only mean longer travel distances and backtracking numerous times along the same roads, while at the same time limiting you options to what is reachable within a day, which will be only a small part of the entire area.

Kristiansand is a summer resort mostly with Norwegian tourists and will empty quickly when schools go back in mid-August. Healthy vegetable lasagna recipe cottage cheese Might be a good base for kayaking around the coast and islands, though Arendal is better sheltered with islands.

Stavanger has a nice region, J?ren, with sandy beaches. Crockpot lasagna without ricotta or cottage cheese Not much frequented by non-Norwegian visitors except for the hikes to Pulpit Rock and Kjerag.

Bergen is a nice city (large town), good for a couple of days in the city and walks in the surrounding mountans, but a bit too far for day trips to the fjords – consider rather a round trip of Sognefjord or Hardangerfjord.

Thank you all very much. Meat lasagna without ricotta or cottage cheese We are in Norway from 22 July to 12 August. Lasagna with cottage cheese and ricotta recipe I am now back to planning from scratch, as your advice makes complete sense. How to layer lasagna with cottage cheese and spinach A back-of-the envelope sketch now for the first week or so is Bergen for 3 nights/2 days, then Bergen to Balestrand by ferry. How to make lasagna with cottage cheese and ricotta cheese Balestrand for 3 nights/2 days, then Balestrand to Flam by ferry. Easy meat lasagna recipe without cottage cheese Flam for 2 nights/1 day, then Flam to Bergen by train and same day onwards Bergen to Stavanger by flight. Lasagna recipe with oven ready noodles and cottage cheese It would appear from this plan that we would not need to hire a car?

I am yet to figure out a sketch for the Stavanger region for a week or so, so any ideas are welcome. Easy lasagna recipe without cottage cheese From the Stavanger region, we are planning on heading to Kristiansand and its surrounds, so similarly, ideas for a week there would be most welcome. Meatless lasagna recipe with cottage cheese We will fly back out from Kristiansand’s International airport.

One thing to consider is that if your primary goal is outdoor activities, including for example hikes, you may want to have the flexibility and freedom of a car. Stove top lasagna with cottage cheese If you do not have a car you will be restricted to what you can reach on foot and by public transport (which may be very limited outside of the most well known and crowded tourist routes). Easy lasagna recipe no ricotta or cottage cheese With a car you will have much more choices of places to go and places to stay instead of being more or less locked to the most popular tourist routes.

For example Flam, it is not a bad place, but it is a very crowded transport hub for cruise passengers and others that do sightseeing by public transport. Easy lasagna recipe cottage cheese ricotta If you have a car, there may be other options in the same area that is just as good or better, without the same crowds. Easy lasagna recipe cottage cheese The only real advantage of places like Flam for someone with a car would be that since Flam sees a lot of tourists, there is likely to be a better selection of organized activities (such as for example kayak rental) than in some other places.

I would strongly recommend that you rent a car. Best lasagna recipe cottage cheese Part of the experience and the sightseeing is driving the scenic roads, driving up the Jostedalen valley to the glacier, getting to the waterfalls, getting to the hiking trails, the bike rentals etc. Lasagna recipe without cottage cheese If I were you I would stick to the north side of the Sognefjord, Flam is a very busy cruise port and really crowded in high season.

What kind of accomodation are you planning ? Staying in hotels and eating out at every meal with a family of four would not come cheap – but perhaps you are loaded with money ? Edited: 08 March 2017, 21:33

Wow, thanks guys! I’m even wondering now if we just stay longer in the Fjord country with a car at our disposal, as all the activities you mentioned are right up our alley. Simple lasagna recipe without cottage cheese And yes, good idea to stay on the nothern part of the Sognefjord. Spaghetti squash lasagna recipe cottage cheese Re accommodation, we will try for cheap hotels or self-catering. Easy healthy lasagna recipe cottage cheese We are not fussed about having cheap but healthy supermarket meals on a park bench as the sun will still be out!!! (bit of bread, cheese, salad and good Norweigen fish can go a very long way); it’s all about the outddoors for us!!!

With a family of four camping cabins are economic, typically with beds/bunks for 4 and cooking facilities. Healthy lasagna recipe cottage cheese You can further save by self catering – especially in areas where there are few facilities this may be necessary. Easy vegetable lasagna recipe with cottage cheese Don’t forget that most camping cabins have a final cleaning charge and do not include linen. Easy recipe for lasagna without cottage cheese Either take sleeping bags or sheet sleeping bags – easily available from sports shops in Norway. Simple lasagna recipe without ricotta or cottage cheese If you don’t take your own you pay extra to hire. Lasagna recipe cottage cheese spinach ground beef Edited: 08 March 2017, 22:01

Getting to the more reasonable accomodation options like a cottage or a cabin, a car is essential. Can you make lasagna without cottage cheese or ricotta The car will also come in handy for your shopping. Vegetable lasagna with cottage cheese In the countryside services are few and far between, supermarkets included, so self catering is a good option and you can make picnics too.

Norway weather is very variable so not all days are suitable for having lunch on a bench or at outdoor rest areas.

The Eplet hostel in Solvorn list quite a few activities and I believe they offer bike rental. Quick lasagna recipe without cottage cheese It is popular to take the ferry across to Urnes for the stave church and for biking along the fjord.

Hi guys, thanks to your input I am now sorted for our first week around the Sognefjord; we will split our week between Bergen, Bjordal and Kaupanger.

Advice welcome for our second week around the Stavanger region. Lasagna cottage cheese or ricotta Just from Google maps, I am thinking we could stay put at Sola Beach with day trips to Stavanger city, Jaeren beaches, Preikestolen, Lysefjorde and Sogndalstrand. Lasagna recipe cottage cheese and ricotta Am I barking mad to stay put at Sola Beach for week, or again, should we up and go every few days, and if so, where should we base ourselves? I’m guessing we would prioritise beaches over fjords for this week, having spent a week at the Sognefjord.

Bearing in mind also our third week will be around the Southern (Kristiansand) region (but let’s not get ahead, my little brain struggles).

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