Steak could be cause of climate change_ peter thiel _ the national business review

Peter Thiel’s latest comments are unlikely to put him on beef or dairy farmer’s Christmas card lists.

The recently revealed New Zealand citizen, vegan and Trump adviser says humans’ love of steak could be behind climate change.

“I’m not sure I’m an extreme sceptic of climate change, but I have my doubts about the extreme ways that people try to push it through,” he told an international energy conference in Houston.

“Even if climate change is quite as bad as people think it is, if we ‘group-think’ we’re more likely to misdiagnose the problem. Food network sirloin steak recipes Maybe it’s methane emissions, and the real problem is eating steak.”

As ever when Mr Thiel speaks, conspiracy theories aren’t far behind. Soul food steak recipes Among the many startups he’s backed is Modern Meadow, which aims to make artificial steak using a 3D bioprinter. Mexican food steak recipes Beyond all that methane they produce, real cows will be competitors to this vat-grown product.

However, it should be noted that the Thiel Foundation donated a modest $US350,000 to Modern Meadow.

That’s small potatoes next to his $US2.7 billion wealth today (produced largely through his early PayPal and facebook investments), or the billions more he’ll pocket with Palantir’s IPO.

And regardless, after installing a climate change sceptics to head the EPA and the Department of Energy, it’s safe to say the Trump administration is not about to introduce any measures to cut emissions, be they man or cow-made.

Looks like Peter Thiel has caught Mad Cows disease from eating his vege’s

It will be a great day when he invests his own money in NZ start ups and innovation – not the NZ Governments money like in the past

He should probably invest something in NZ part from buying a large farm in Wanaka?

The future of planet earth has more to worry about from the muck racking and hot air of climate change advocates than from cow excrement. Food network chicken fried steak recipes Most of the numpties that feign concern of the environment and the impact of “climate change” don’t have a clue about Mother Nature and the natural cycles of the universe, including distance from the sun.

The only benefit of 3D printing of artificial steak will be to create a future explosion of the govt funded health industry as future generations of people struggle to understand why the human race is dying off.

If we are to be even-handed, then there are some vegetables that have the most appalling environmental footprint, if you take nutritional value into account (per calorie).

If we consider how much nutritional value we get from a farmed item of food, be it fruit, vegetable or meat product, then lettuce would have to represent one of the worst items of farmed food out there. Food network steak recipes All that input of water, fertiliser, bug spray etc etc to produce very little in nutritional value except a relatively flavourless vector for leafy water, plus all that energy to move it through the supply chain from farm to front door.

Then there is the post purchase wastage. Food and wine steak recipes Meat can be frozen, and can hold its nutritional value for a relatively long period of time until it is needed for cooking. Sandwich steak meat recipes No such luck with lettuce that goes off in a few days, and can’t be frozen. Beef steak temperature chart One wonders how much lettuce gets thrown out by supermarkets too.

Now, that doesn’t apply when we grow our own lettuce in the garden, but that doesn’t happen much these days.

NASAs own research and the fact that “ninety-seven percent of climate scientists agree that climate-warming trends over the past century are very likely due to human activities, and most of the leading scientific organizations worldwide have issued public statements endorsing this position.” ( Meat temperatures steak But heck what does NASA and 97% of climate scientists know compared to oil and gas funded puppets like Scott Pruitt? So no I won’t “shut-up”, thanks.

When did “we all say so , it must be true” override scientific evidence? Consensus is about politics, not science.

“Most likely” is not a scientific statement. Meat temperatures for steak And it is not even backed up by the evidence.

The satellite temperatures, that NASA has said are the most reliable, disagree with NASA’s new surface temperature record – that has been discredited anyway. Beef steak chili recipe The satellite temperatures show no significant warming over the last 18 years. What is the best meat for philly cheesesteaks Why? Temperatures are now 0.5 deg below model predictions…

The degree of ignorance and uncertainty surrounding man’s understanding of Mother Nature and cosmic cycles has scientists rapidly vasillating on important issues.

And anyone who wants to be believed needs to quote actual specifics, not just requote the theories of experts or their own pet theories. Things to do with steak meat NASA does not get it right all the time. How to make philly steak meat NASA is not staffed by the likes of perfect Mr Data off Star Trek TNG, but by imperfect humans like you and I.

It is only a handful of years ago that NASA said the ice in Antarctica was melting away, just as you are quoting. How to make philly cheese steak meat Now in the last 18 months NASA is saying the total ice volume in Antarctica is increasing and has been for a long time, because they did not measure the entire continent as a whole. Things to make with steak meat They have also stated that there is no danger of melting Antarctic ice ever raising the sea level since the melting ice is already in the sea ( Archimedes principles) and the increasing ice is on land at -35 degrees centigrade and won’t melt. What is swiss steak cut of meat So for years their pet theories were about net ice melt until they got all the specifics and are humble pie for their errors.

NASA has only just found out in the last few months that earth is surrounded by a lethal cosmic force field of a type similar to the postulated Enterprise ships shields in Star Trek. Meat steak They are at the outer edge of the Van Allen belts.

Since satellites appear to traverse the shields unharmed, questions are now being asked as to what and who controls the shields and who decides who is allowed in and out of earth’s vicinity.

I suspect that cow flatulence and home charcoal barbecues are the least of our worries regarding the environment.

This is the challenge younger generations face, unfortunately. Best steak meat Too many of the older right-leaning brigade seem to have drunken the koolaid that results in ignoring the science. Steak meat cuts Anti-vaxer territory based on a few talking points, basically.

I’m in favour of meat and lettuce makes a nice companion for it. Beef steak meat A person should have both their meat and their veges. Best meat for steak I have a certain amount of involvement in smalltime commercial growing of lettuces, so I must defend it against the aspersions you’re throwing.

You simply can’t compare them that way. Meat and steak You can’t replace meat with lettuce or vice versa. Steak cuts of meat Meat provides you with energy ie calories. Meat for steak Lettuce provides you with nutrients ie various vitamins and minerals. Where to buy good steak meat You should only eat so many calories a day, so if the caloried-up food doesn’t deliver the full spectrum of nutrients, you need to get them from low calorie foods. Steak and meat Lettuce (with the exception of iceberg, which is crap) is nutrient dense ie you get a lot of vits/minerals per calorie.

Lettuce grown outdoors on a hydroponic system uses bugger all water because the water is recirculated and enclosed, reducing evaporation. Best cut of meat for steak It also uses fertiliser extraordinarily efficiently, because it’s carried in the water which is being recirculated, the only feeder on that water is the lettuces themselves – no weeds, no soil. The best meat for steak The nutrient level of the water is measured on a constant basis, so nutrients are only added to bring it back up to level – there’s no overdosing and runoff (and remembering that the only thing removing the nutrients from the water are the lettuces themselves, so a little goes a long way.)

Those things don’t apply when you’re growing lettuces in your own garden btw.

As for sprays, hydroponic lettuces are grown as fast as they will grow and the commercial grower is wise to the right varieties for the conditions – its perfectly possible to grow them commercially without the use of sprays. Good steak meat And because it’s a fast growing constant output crop, it works perfectly well when there is a pest attack to feed the batch to the sheep and start again. Recipes with steak meat You haven’t lost a year’s income. Best meat steak And you’ve feed your sheep.

Lettuce (excluding iceberg which is crappy) doesn’t freight great distances nor freeze. Steak meat recipes It can, however, be grown year round with merely an application of covers in the colder months and it can be grown close to town because it isn’t a great space-user. What to make with steak meat The obvious answer there is to grow it locally.

Nice comment. Best meat cut for steak Have you looked into an aquaponic system for growing lettuce? Apparently you can drastically reduce the amount of water and fertiliser required for growing + add farmed fish to your diet too.

Lettuce-lover, a quick google search tells us that Iceberg is the most popular variety, so while you might be growing some nice nutritional types of lettuce, the majority of what is grown is iceberg. What meat is steak Around 70% of the US market in the year 2000 was iceberg, according to Wikipedia.

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