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I know it has antioxidant proprieties, and anticancer functions as well.

Is it true that green tea loses those proprieties if steeped for more than 3 minutes?

Why do everyone suggests to don’t steep it for more than 3 minutes?

Some people (ex: say it just gets stronger/bitter taste.

Some people say the longer you steep, the better the benefits.

Other times I heard that after 3 minutes it become bad for the health.

From what I understand about health benefits of tea, there’s not much clear research proving any of these claims regarding cancer and such.

How many calories are in an apple fritter There’s even some controversy these days on whether or not anti-oxidants from any source are actually helpful at all. How many calories in 1 medium apple What we do know is that the drinking of green or other teas often replaces drinking of less healthy foods or may replace junk-food snacking, which is definitely helpful…. How many calories in a apple fritter especially as a person’s tea palate develops to drink mostly unsweetened tea without cream or sugars added.

How long you brew the green tea is ALL about how it tastes, and not related to trying to get more health benefits. How many calories in a granny smith apple Longer, hotter brews tend to lose their sweet taste and go bitter in my experience… How many calories in a medium apple which defeats the true purpose of drinking tea… How many calories in a red delicious apple to enjoy the experience of the flavor and aroma.

My own philosophy is…. How many calories in an apple fritter experiment on brewing until it tastes good to you, and then drink it for the pure pleasure of the drink… How many calories in an apple turnover and if health benefits follow, you get an added bonus. How many calories in an green apple It has to be better for us than a double mocha frappa-latte-cappucino with 2 squirts of hazelnut syrup and whipped cream on top.

beachape wrote:While totally anecdotal, when in China, many people I encountered said that you shouldn’t drink tea that has been steeped/left over night because it is bad for your health. How many calories in apple cider vinegar No scientific basis was given of course.

I am just not going to worry about this … How many calories in apple juice after all, the Chinese also commonly place some leaf in a glass and drink it all day long.

Yeah, this information comes from many of those same people who leave their tea in all day…but apparently over night is no good. How many calories in medium apple Must have something to do with vampires.

I also suspect it may be a carryover from traditional sanitation measures….much like the common Chinese distrust of cold water (even if it is bottled) that I experienced as well.

And another two questions: is it true that green tea beneficial propreties go away if the water is too hot? and that a good thing is to always soak the teabag in cold water for some seconds, before steeping it in hot water?

A little bit of advice… How many calories in one large apple don’t believe everything you read about tea, alot of rubbish gets written about it.

As has been said above already, you are not going to reverse or lessen any “health benefits” of green tea by over steeping it/steeping it too hot, just make it taste worse. How many calories in one medium apple In fact, some places tell you that over steeping is more healthy, I remember seeing one video on Youtube saying to steep sencha for 10 mins for maximum health benefits!

ecaflexip wrote:What happens if I steep green tea for more than 3 minutes?

I have to pour it down the drain and start again, unless I’ve been drinking the same leaf for a while.

It might be more palatable all round to brew the same leaves a good few times instead of trying to get it all out in one go. How many calories in redd’s apple ale After many brews my green tea can eventually take boiling water for upwards of 15mins without tasting nasty.

If you’re interested in getting the most out of the leaf matcha might be an idea as you are consuming the leaf itself and not just trying to leach stuff out into the water.

Also: As far as I’m aware there is no decent peer reviewed studies to show that one type of tea is any healthier than any other, eg green, black, oolong, etc. Ingredients of apple cider vinegar Or that preparation methods make any difference.

Take anything you read about the health benefits of tea the same way people used to drink tea, with a pinch of salt.

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