Step-by-step instructions on roasting your thanksgiving turkey _

We are going to reexamine procedures for roasting poultry in anticipation of Thanksgiving Day next week.

We turn to a very old friend, Betty Crocker’s Picture Cookbook, copyrighted 1950, that has step-by-step instructions for anyone from the novice in the kitchen to old hands who want to rethink the techniques they have been using for many years.

There are some stuffing recipes, alternating for different types of poultry.

We have included some DON’Ts for success in roasting poultry, as well as hints for thawing frozen turkeys, and what to do with the giblets after you’ve cooked them.

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Recipe from Betty Crocker’s Picture Cook Book, Copyright 1950

Although the following instructions are general and used for any poultry, including chicken, turkey, duck, or goose, we start with a fresh turkey, or one that has been frozen and thoroughly thawed.

Wash the bird inside and out. Buffalo wild wings chicken recipe Dry well. Wing ding chicken recipes Rub inside with salt (1/8 teaspoon per pound).

If you wish to stuff the bird, fill neck cavity with stuffing. Broiler chicken definition Fasten neck skin to back with skewer or pin. Free range chicken definition A layer of stuffing may be inserted under skin of breast to protect breast.

Stuff cavity loosely. Roaster chicken definition Do not pack; stuffing will expand while cooking.

Fasten opening with skewers, about an inch or so apart, then lace shut with cord, crisscrossing across cavity from pin to pin; using the same cord, tie leg ends to tail. Organic chicken definition Bring cord crisscross over back, around base of wings. Jerk chicken definition Tie. Broasted chicken definition Lift wing tips up and over back for a natural brace when turned over.

When 3/4 done, carefully turn breast up.*(See below.) If using a flat rack, tip bird so one side of breast rests on rack. Spring chicken definition When half done, turn to other side to roast the bird evenly.

Brush entire bird with unsalted fat. Buffalo wild wings chicken dip recipe Place on rack breast side down, (some cooks say, but large birds are difficult to turn later). Buffalo wild wings blackened chicken recipe Cover with cloth dipped in melted fat. Buffalo wild wings boneless chicken recipe Place in oven set at proper temperature. Buffalo wild wings jerk chicken recipe See below. Broiler fryer chicken definition Keep cloth moistened in drippings.

* A smart new way to roast bird without watching is: cover with aluminum foil instead of cloth. Fried chicken definition Bird will brown and be tender and moist. Kentucky fried chicken uk menu Remove foil the last 20 minutes to brown.

The meat thermometer will register 180 degrees when meat is done. Organic chicken uk If you do not have a meat thermometer, bird is fully cooked: when you press the fleshy part of drumstick the meat feels soft. Roast chicken uk Also move drumstick up and down. Kentucky fried chicken uk If it gives readily or breaks, it is done.

Allow the bird to rest about 20 minutes after coming out of the oven before carving.

Pour off fat as it accumulates in the pan. Dixie chicken uk If goose is very fat, parboil first for 20 minutes.

Some prefer no stuffing. Hunters chicken uk Use a whole onion, quartered apple, a few celery stalks with leaves. Southern fried chicken uk Discard the vegetables after roasting.

Prepare as for Roast Duck, above. Chicken cloaca Place quartered apples, sliced orange, slices of onion, and a few celery leaves in the cavity (discard after roasting), or fill with the suggested vegetable stuffing below.

To roast: for a brown crispy crust, roast uncovered in 425 degree (hot oven). Chicken cloaca anatomy Baste several times with hot water at first, then with juices in pan or a wine, until moderately well done, tender and juicy (1/2 to 1 hour, depending on size and age of duck). Chicken cloaca function If preferred, duck can be roasted longer in a moderate oven.

To glaze: the last few minutes and just before serving, brush with a mixture of orange juice and currant jelly.

For stuffed wild duck, the experts say to use a mixture of equal parts of chopped carrots, onion, and celery sauteed in butter, and then surround wild duck with the sauteed vegetables. Chicken anatomy chart The flavor is extended in them.

Leave bird in its original moisture-proof wrapping and place on rack in refrigerator for one to three days, depending on size. Hunters chicken recipe uk OR…

Place unwrapped bird in pan under running cold water or out in room temperature for two to four hours, depending on size. Kentucky fried chicken ukraine NOTE: Prompt cooking after defrosting is best. Kentucky fried chicken uk prices Do not refreeze!

Simmer the heart, gizzard, and neck in seasoned water until tender, for one to two hours. Texas chicken uk Add the liver the last 5 to 15 minutes. Organic chicken feed uk Use meat and broth for gravy, soup, stuffing, etc.

1 cup fat (use butter, poultry fat, margarine, vegetable shortening, or fresh bacon fat)

Stir in some of the bread crumbs. Chicken pox definition for kids Heat, stirring to prevent excessive browning. Kentucky fried chicken menu uk prices Turn into deep bowl. Chicken cloacal prolapse Mix in lightly, the seasonings:

1 tablespoon crumbled dried herbs (suit to taste, using sage, thyme, etc.) or poultry seasoning (to taste) and remaining crumbs.

For dry stuffing, add little or no liquid. Chicken diagram For moist stuffing, mix in lightly with fork just enough hot water to moisten dry crumbs. Chicken infection Cool and place stuffing in bird.

1/3 cup fat (use butter, poultry fat, margarine, vegetable shortening, or fresh bacon fat)

Stir in some of the bread crumbs. Chicken infection symptoms Heat, stirring to prevent excessive browning. Chicken cannibalism Turn into deep bowl. Chicken cannibalism treatment Mix in lightly, the seasonings:

1 teaspoon crumbled dried herbs (suit to taste, using sage, thyme, etc.) or poultry seasoning (to taste) and remaining crumbs.

Follow recipe above for Bread Stuffing except omit salt, and add fresh pork sausage, crumbled and browned over low heat. Chicken cannibalism glasses Use 1/3 pound sausage for 1 quart of stuffing, 1 pound for three quarts. Chicken bloody stool Use the sausage fat in place of part of other fat in stuffing.

Follow recipe above for 1 quart of Bread Stuffing, increasing chopped celery to 1-1/2 cups. Chicken bloody mary Omit sage, poultry seasoning, and add 1 tablespoon lemon juice and 1 tablespoon minced parsley.

Melt in heavy skillet 1/2 cup butter or other fat. Chicken images drawings Add and cook for 5 minutes 1 pound of sliced fresh mushrooms (or 1 8-ounce can). Chicken images free Remove mushrooms. Chicken images funny Add 1/2 cup chopped onion, 1/2 cup minced parsley, 1 cup chopped celery. Chicken images clip art When onions turn yellow, add 1/3 cup water, 4 cups cooked wild rice, 1-1/2 teaspoon salt, 1/8 teaspoon pepper. Chicken images cartoon Add another 1/3 cup water and the cooked mushrooms. Chicken images Simmer 15 minutes.

For Turkey: The Sausage Stuffing gives special zest, and it bastes the inside.

For Goose: Use a dry (goose is fat), savory, tart dressing. Chicken function Apple, raisins, or chestnuts may be added to Bread Stuffing.

For Duck: An orange stuffing is delicious. How do you say chicken gizzards in spanish Make Bread Stuffing except use orange juice in place of water. How to cook chicken gizzards for dogs Add orange rind.

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