Super dancer chapter 2 grand finale bishal sharma wins the dance reality show – read full highlights – sugar and cancer 2016

Super dancer chapter 2 has been one of the most entertaining dance reality shows that is being showcased and we have to say, we have enjoyed season two very much. However, today (march 24) the show is all set to end with the grand finale. We have seen a lot of talented participants this season and we have to say we were stunned by quite a few interesting acts by them. However, only four contestants – akash thapa from dehradhun, bishal sharma from assam, ritik diwaker from kanpur and vaishnavi prajapati from panipat have made it to the grand finale. The four batte it out for the crown tonight, but there’s more. All the four contestants will not only put up some interesting acts, but we will see varun dhawan also appear on the show to promote his upcoming movie – october.

Varun and the judges – shilpa shetty, anurag basu and geeta kapur will also perform some sizzling acts.

But it is varun and shilpa’s act that will take your breath away.Bishal sharma the winner will be decided by live voting, so stay tuned and check out all the live updates from the super dancer 2 grand finale right here.

# the show starts off with all the four contestants taking to the stage and dancing on a medley of varun dhawan songs. They were joined by other super dancers and dance gurus. The contestants totally set the stage on fire and we have to say we were impressed with the start. If the start is so good, we don’t know how the show will end. It will surely end with a bang.

# hosts jay soni and paristosh tripathi take to the stage with the contestants. They engage in a bit of fun and joke around with the judges, before varun dhawan makes an entry.

# varun takes to the stage and starts dancing on thehar jaa from october. His dance moves and the music captivates one and all. And as soon as the song ends, everyone cheer for him.

# next up the performances start. Vaishnavi pajapati is the first one to perform and we have to say she kills it.Bishal sharma the so called “swag queen” dances on high rated gabru, neend churayi meri, a remix of choli ke peeche kya hai, gulaabo and steals our hearts. Her dance moves were on point and her expressions were really cool. Her acroabtic jump was also impressive. But is it enough to get her the crown? Well, we will have to wait and watch out for it.

# varun dhawan, shilpa shetty and the other judges praise vaishnavi and we can’t agree more. Later on, they take to the stage with her and dance on saturday satruday.

# after the break, kiku sharda takes to the stage and entertains one and all. He jokes about all the judges, but it is varun who trolls kiku. He takes water and puts it on his plant like hair style. The jokes continue and we have to say kiku makes us ROFL like never before. He then goes on to say that his new show with kapil sharma – family time with kapil sharma will start from tomorrow and calls everyone to see it.

# ritik takes to the stage next and we have to say his high flying moves while dancing on dangal‘s title track left us speechless.Bishal sharma he then moved on to a slower song – dil diyan gallan and showed off his grace. He then dances to the tunes of bulleya and shows off his acrobatic flips as the crowd and varun cheer him on. Everyone gives him a standing ovation at the end of the act.

# varun praises ritik for taking responsibility of his house at such a small age. Varun gets emotional and says that a kid needs education and hence, he will take care of all of his educational fees from here on. Ritik’s father get emotional and this moment is really heartwarming.

# shilpa shetty takes to the stage next and we have to she totally turns up the heat. She shows off her swag in swag se swaagat and her belly dance in a classical, instrumental tune, which continues into laila main laila, where she totally steals our hearts! She then dances to the tune of tamma tamma and suit suit and sizzles!

# after her performance, varun says he always wanted to dance with shilpa, but on a romantic song.Dance moves so they danced to the tunes of october and we have to say it was fantastic. Varun even picked up shilpa and we have to say the dance was really sensous and eye catchy!

# bishal sharma took to the stage next and we have to say he stunned us with his dance moves. Not only did he show off his variety of dance styles through a medley of songs, but we just loved how he made use of his expressions in the act. The acrobatic lifts and moves that he showed were killer.

# last but not the least, akash thapa takes to the stage and pulls our heart strings. Dancing on enna sona, ban ja tu meri rani and a few other songs, the kid totally ruled the stage. His attitude, his expressions, his acrobatic jumps and his slow dance were the higlights. His perfromance so good that anurag basu went to touch his feet.

# after another break, geeta kapur takes to the stage and dances on a medley of songs like chalte chalte, pyaar kiya toh daarna kya, papi bichua and a few other songs.Grand finale she shows off her array of dance moves from classic to hip jop and bollywood. Her expressions, adayein and everything else just leaves us in awe of her talent.

# after a break, kiku sharda comes on the stage and jokes about the media craze around kareena kapoor khan’s son tamiur ali khan. He says he is panicking because he has not seen taimur’s picture today, beither has he come to know if his diaper has been changed or not. Everyone laugh, but it was the guy he got for geeta kapur that made us ROFL.

# before the winner is announced, all the top four contestants – akash thapa, bishal sharma, ritik diwaker, vaishnavi prajapati take to the stage and light it up. From the sultan title track to zinda and dhakad, the contestants left us speechless with their fantastic and synchronised performances. But who will win? We are just moments away from the announcement!

# finally, the moment is here. Everyone is on the stage and bishal sharma is declared as the winner.Dance moves he takes home the trophy beating vaishnavi, akash and ritik. He is overjoyed as everyone rush in to congratulate him. He is given the trophy as the show end.

So there you have it. Super dancer chapter 2 ended with a bang with bishal sharma taking home the trophy. What do you have to say about this result? Share with us your thoughts in the comments section below! Also stay tuned to bollywoodlife as we get you more details and interviews of bishal right here.