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Sur-Lie is here! Sporting an ambitious menu of modern French cuisine and a motivated chef in the kitchen, the ByWard Market’s newest restaurant has opened at 110 Murray Street just one month after its predecessor, Murray Street, closed its doors.

In that busy few weeks, owner Neil Gowe has overseen a redesign that has transformed the space into a light, bright restaurant that is both modern and warm. Cornichons gherkins Chef Nick Berolo, meanwhile, has been going full-bore in the kitchen, dreaming up super-creative (and so beautiful) dishes based on classic French techniques and recipes. Cornichons and gherkins Berolo, who is Cordon Bleu-trained, worked at notable French restaurants in Montreal and Banff before returning to Ottawa to cook, most recently at Luxe Bistro.

City Bites Insider caught up with Gowe and Berolo to find out more about Sur-Lie and their ambitious plans for its future. Cornichons recipe Sur-Lie owner Neil Gowe (left) and chef Nick Berolo at ease behind the L-shaped bar

Neil: I’ve been in this business a long time — from working at the Chateau Laurier, to being one of the first managers at Restaurant E18hteen, to doing the wine list at Luxe Bistro. Baby cornichons I also own a small university bar on Laurier called Laurier Social House. Cornichons brands That’s a whole different kind of place that caters to students and neighbours in Sandy Hill.

For me, Sur-Lie is a chance to get back to the fine dining side of things. Growing cornichons This is my passion.

My background is Cordon Bleu, then working in fine dining in Montreal and Banff. Les cornichons Most recently, I was at Luxe. What are cornichons Neil talked to me about opening up this new restaurant and asked me if I knew any chefs from Montreal who wanted to do fine dining. Cornichons with herbs I suggested me! It’s not often a chef gets the opportunity to design his own menu and cook the food he wants — not unless he’s an owner. What is cornichons The dining room is both warm and modern, with classic bistro elements like the globe lights

You’re in the old Murray Street location, which only closed on New Year’s Eve. Cornichons substitute So things have happened fast.

Neil: Really fast! This building went on the market and some investors helped us to buy it. Les cornichons reims We started construction on January 3 at a hectic pace and were ready a month later. Les cornichons lyrics Our soft opening was February 9. Cornichons definition Mains on the seasonal menu include this organic salmon dish with mushroom duxelle and a honey lobster broth. Mini cornichons Photo: Frazer Nagy of Transparent Kitchen

Right now you’re open for dinner only. Des cornichons What’s the longer term plan?

Neil: We’ll start opening up for lunch on Friday and Saturday in two or three weeks. Cornichons what are they We don’t want to rush everything. Les cornichons paroles We have a beautiful patio in the back, so we’ll be open for lunch from Monday to Sunday once summer gets going. Substitute for cornichons And the plan is to open for brunch at some point.

Nick: It will be a really interesting brunch. Cornichons wiki Different. Cornichons meaning I’m working on it now! Something market-driven.

Neil: Sur-Lie is a winemaking term that means “on the lees” and there will be a strong wine focus. Cornichons australia I’m still growing the list. What is cornichons in english There’s a bit of a focus toward French and Ontario. Cornichons pronounce The challenge is to provide some wines that people haven’t seen and tasted. What are cornichons in australia And always at good value. How to make cornichons There won’t be huge markups. What is a substitute for cornichons A selection of dishes from the menu includes foie gras, an inventive winter salad, and sea bream crudo. How to pickle cornichons Photo: Frazer Nagy of Transparent Kitchen

Nick: It’s French inspired. Define cornichons I like classic techniques, but I love working with modern techniques, too. Trader joe’s cornichons I’m always experimenting; playing around and tweaking. Cornichons trader joe’s I’ve been talking to a lot of farmers. Les cornichons song The menu’s small, dynamic, and ever-changing.

I notice that it’s not all small plates like many new restaurants these days.

Neil: You can come in and share two or three appetizers or go for a more traditional two- or three-course meal with a main. Les cornichons nino At the bar, people like to come in for a drink and an app or two — maybe the tartare or some oysters. Are cornichons sweet or dill A beautifully plated beef tartare appetizer. Recipes using cornichons Photo: Frazer Nagy of Transparent Kitchen

Nick: It’s a loin of rabbit wrapped in pancetta, then we make a mousse out of the back legs, roll it in the mousse and then in pumpkin seed. Recipes with cornichons The pancetta seasons the loin, the mousse keeps the moisture in, and the nuts stick to the mousse. Cuisiner les cornichons Then we roast it in the oven. Cornichons english It’s pretty amazing. Difference between cornichons and gherkins There are mushrooms on the side and the leg, which as been confited in duck fat, and a squash ravioli and a squash puree…

Nick: It has been really popular. Restaurant les cornichons I’ve taken a modern approach to this French classic. What are cornichons cooking There’s some fermented cabbage with it, there’s ginger vinaigrette, there’s pickled carrots, there’s romaine lettuce that we’ve cooked in a water bath and then smoked. Difference between gherkins and cornichons It’s really unique. How to pronounce cornichons Beautiful, too.

Nick: We do. What is cornichons food It’s really fun for us because we can play it off the cuff. Are cornichons the same as gherkins Eventually, I can see it being a bit more progressive than the normal menu. Calories in cornichons That will be once we’ve established a name for ourselves.

Not to forget dessert — we hear your pastry chef is a real star.

Nick: Gabriel [Messier] is so talented! He comes via Quebec City and was looking for a place he could be super-creative. Les cornichons restaurant He’s a force to be reckoned with.

Neil: It’s pretty wide open — 25 to 65. Preparer les cornichons It’s a nice cozy environment. Cornichon definition It’s warm. French cornichons recipe You can have a great meal and a conversation. What is a cornichon pickle We want to bring back the socializing with the meal. Les cornichons nino ferrer lyrics The other night we had a group of 20-somethings at the bar having drinks and apps and businessmen having a dinner meeting. Les cornichons nino ferrer It all worked. Cornichons baby sour gherkins The copper tiling behind the bar gives this area of Sur-Lie a retro brasserie feel

Neil: We opened up the windows to let lots of light in. Substitute for cornichon pickles We wanted Sur-Lie to feel a bit modern, but also classic French. What are cornichon pickles There’s a retro brasserie feel. Youtube les cornichons The wood paneling makes me think of TV shows from the 60s and 70s when you’d see people sitting in restaurants with wood paneling having long, relaxed meals.

Nick: There’s a nice warmth. Des cornichons au chocolat We have white tablecloths, but there’s nothing stuffy or intimidating.

Neil: Working with a really creative kitchen team; there are so many great ideas that you just get excited. Des cornichons au chocolat zusammenfassung I also love the service aspect. Cornichon pickle recipe I’m always here — on the floor, suggesting wines, dropping food off. French cornichon pickles I love interacting with guests — making people happy… There’s a joy to being a host.

Nick: Everything. French pickles cornichons Doing my own kind of cooking, forming my own relationships with farmers. Cornichons pronunciation For me, having a sense of community means a lot.

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