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Freshness with flavor is our focus. Mexican recipes chicken mole At Suviche we offer a variety of beautifully crafted and explosively flavorful sushi rolls, ceviches and other Peruvian specialties. Mexican bread recipes bolillos We are especially proud of the light and healthier nature of many of our recipes, always featuring the freshest of ingredients. Mexican bread recipes A true Culinary Mindbomb!

In select locations we are also home to the first Pisco Bar in South Florida, featuring home-made infusions with fresh herbs, fruits and spices.

Your choice of protein marinated in fresh lime juice and SuViche Peruvian Sauce. Mexican bread recipes conchas Most are garnished with canchita, choclo and camote, topped with thinly sliced red onions. Indian cooking recipes for beginners Your choice of sauce.

The traditional mix of Worchester, salt, some secret spices and lime juice.

SuViche Peruvian Sauce, spicy aji amarillo sauce, and a dash of that secret spice.

Our take on “La Michelada”, we tend to “do it better”. Italian pasta recipes video Just saying.

Sweet and tender morsels of white fish marinated in fresh lime juice and SuViche Peruvian Sauce. Italian pasta recipes easy Garnished with canchita, choclo and camote, topped with thinly slices red onions. Italian pasta recipes from italy Pure and simple. Indian food recipes in english Enjoy.

The items listed below have been modified to accommodate celiacs and those with gluten sensitivities – while the items have retained their original menu name, many have been heavily modified and may differ greatly from “normal” menu item in both presentation and flavor. Chinese food recipes in english Please remind your server of your allergy or sensitivity when ordering.

By popular demand- Spring mix, cucumber, onions, carrots and tomato with our house made lime vinaigrette.

Quinoa mixed with diced onions, tomatoes, carrots and cucumber topped with avocado, Parmesan cheese and our house made lime vinaigrette.

Diced tuna or salmon mixed with avocado and our house made lime vinaigrette on a bed of mixed greens.

Six pillars of our lime and aji amarillo – infused mashed potato, topped with your choice of tuna or chicken. Mexican food recipes in english Garnished with thinly sliced avocado.

Sashimi style cuts of white fish or salmon smothered in the sauce of your choice.

A rich and balanced blend of garlic, vinegar and aji amarillo.

Your choice of protein marinated in fresh lime juice and SuViche Peruvian Sauce. Italian pasta recipes chicken Most are garnished with canchita, choclo and camote, topped with thinly sliced red onions. Mexican drink recipes non alcoholic Your choice of sauce.

The Signature SuViche Peruvian Sauce at its finest. Mexican drink recipes alcoholic Pure and simple. Mexican drink recipes for kids Enjoy.

A twist on the Peruvian “acevichada,” ours is flavored with Japanese spices. Mexican drink recipes This rich sauce is a staple –

Our SuViche Peruvian Sauce blends perfectly with our house made aji amarillo paste to create a

A special blend of our SuViche and aji amarillo sauces, it’s a common favorite, flavorful and rich.

Flavored with diced onions, tomatoes, and avocado, a bit of Mexican flare goes a long way paired

with our SuViche Peruvian Sauce. Chinese side dishes recipes Don’t expect the traditional garnishes here ; this one is perfect as is!

A staple in Peru, we blend this vibrant, spicy and flavorful pepper with a hint of smokiness for our

perfected version. Indian side dishes recipes Garnished with shredded nori flakes, this twist on a traditional favorite will not disappoint.

Your choice of protein sauteed with tomatoes, red and green onions. Italian side dishes recipes Served with a side of white rice.

Flaky and succulent pan fried white fish served with Idaho potato rounds and our take on the famous

A perfect combination of pan fried fish and our take on a creamy aji amarillo and aji panka sauce;

this dish is chock-full of flavor and ensures to deliver love at first bite, served with rice. Chinese main dishes recipes FISH / SHRIMP or SEAFOOD

A Peruvian take on the well known Cantonese-style fried rice, this dish is a no-brainer! Add your

Our Peruvian style risotto; Your choice of protein sauteed in a perfectly blended Peruvian pepper

cream sauce with rice and tomatoes, then finished with Parmesan cheese. Indian main dishes recipes Topped with a citrus

Other than the below rolls, which are served gluten free as is, any roll can be built with pan fried shrimp, or your choice of substituted protein: tuna, salmon or white fish.

Please be sure to remove tempura flakes, Eel Sauce, Spicy Eel Sauce and Ponzu.

White fish and avocado, sprinkled with cilantro and topped with a slice of jalapeno pepper

Spicy tuna, cream cheese topped with more tuna, served with SuViche Sauce and Sriracha.

White fish, avocado and cream cheese topped with slices of salmon, served with spicy mayo

Cucumber, mixed greens, carrots, avocado, and peanuts topped with our signature

11.50 Tuna, salmon, cucumber and cream cheese sprinkled with chives, with spicy mayo and

Our secret spicy tuna recipe, cucumber and avocado topped with real crab salad.

A simple base of avocado and our signature sushi rice with a rocoto ceviche topping.

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