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Hello good people! So, once again, it has been AGES since I have posted anything here on FHC. Banana bread with walnuts recipe This poor little blog of mine has been sadly neglected. Recipe for banana bread with walnuts I have been missing having time to bake & being here too, but life has a way of getting in the way, making this space less frequented, but definitely not forgotten. Frosting for banana bread That said, I did get some precious time this week to play in my little kitchen haven with my daughter to make these AMAZING cupcakes that I just had to share. Banana bread for diabetics If you get the chance, you simply must make them, MUST, I tell you. Bananas and breastfeeding They will fulfill all your chocolate-y cravings & leave you so satisfied & satiated, all without the bloat, ’cause, you know, no gluten! Plus, pretty, so what’s not to love!

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Hello good people! I am finally back with a new post.

Banana bread bread pudding It has been far too long, I know. Banana bread recipe with walnuts I have missed this little piece of my life so much, but unfortunately it has had to take a back seat while I made other massive changes to our lives. Cream cheese frosting for banana bread A bit more about that to come, but first, will you look at this tastiness! I have been playing with this recipe for a little while & am now delighted with the results. Glaze for banana bread I just love a good slice of Banana Bread on any occasion. Banana bread recipe with nuts Add Cream Cheese Frosting & I am one happy little foodie! Best of all it is both gluten & lactose free for all those sensitive tummies out there that just want to have their cake & eat it too!

Filed Under: Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Recipes, Snacks, Sweet Tagged With: banana, banana bread, cream cheese, gluten free, gluten free banana bread, lactose free Sensational Spinach & Avocado Lassi

I am a little addicted to this gorgeous concoction I have to tell you! It is a lovely balance of sweet and green and creamy. Banana bread topping ideas It fuels and fills me up ready to tackle whatever the day has in store.

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With the school holidays upon us, the FHC household had lots of big plans – all of which have been thwarted by illness the entire week. Banana bread topping Somewhere between chest infections, sore throats, school sores and snotty noses we have all succumb to one ailment or another, leaving us all quite miserable and depleted, but trying to make the most of the time together without the rush and bustle of getting up and going in the mornings.

As we have been somewhat housebound, the kids wanted to do some baking, which I am always up for, so we threw these gorgeous treats together before snuggling on the couch with hot chocolates and warm cookies to watch Frozen for about the trillionth time – but I am not complaining, baking and snuggles are two of my favourite things to do!

Thankfully, we are all on the mend now, for which some credit must be paid to these toasty treasures I am sure, and looking forward to some fun activities in week two of the holidays.

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Recently, various versions of this cake have been popping up in my news feed – much to my simultaneous delight and lament. Banana bread recipe bread maker As a passionate appreciative foodie, I love seeing such beautiful creations but, as a deliciously intolerant foodie, at times, I grieve for want of such foods, knowing full well, while it might taste wonderful at the time, I will know buyer’s regret within hours, and often for days to come.

That said, I could not get this recipe out of me head. Banana foster bread I am a huge fan of custard – my Mum used to make the most amazing vanilla custard, thick and rich, the perfect companion to apple pie or golden syrup dumplings. Topping for banana bread Oh, such sweet memories! There is no way my gut would cope with that much milk in a dish these days, but I could not shake the desire to bake and eat some magic custard cake dammit!

What else is a girl to do then, but find a way to make and bake it so she can indeed eat it, so that is what I did.

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Hello there! I’m Jodie, passionate home cook, mum & deliciously intolerant foodie who loves to blog!

Since being diagnosed with IBS coupled with symptomatic malabsorption of gluten and lactose, I have made it my mission to find ways to turn my old favourite recipes into new ‘free from’ ones I can digest and the whole family can cook, eat and enjoy!

So … Banana bread without baking powder grab a cuppa & wander around won’t you? I love hearing from people, so don’t hesitate to say hello.

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