Tainted meat scandal roils brazil as china, eu, south korea suspend imports

Sao Paulo: Fallout from a meat industry scandal in Brazil, the world’s biggest exporter of beef and poultry, has widened as China, the European Union, South Korea and Chile suspended meat imports from the country after inspectors were accused of taking bribes to allow sales of tainted food.

With other import curbs expected to follow, the scandal stemming from a Brazilian police operation codenamed “Weak Flesh” could deal a heavy blow to one of the few sectors of Latin America’s largest economy that has thrived during a two-year recession.

Fallout from a corruption scandal in Brazil’s massive meat industry has spread, with China and South Korea suspending some imports and the European Union mulling action.

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Fallout from a corruption scandal in Brazil’s massive meat industry has spread, with China and South Korea suspending some imports and the European Union mulling action.

Police on Friday named meat industry giants BRF and JBS, along with dozens of smaller rivals, in a two-year probe into how meat processers allegedly paid off inspectors and politicians to overlook practices including processing rotten meat and shipping exports with traces of salmonella.

JBS Global is the world’s largest meat producer and owner of Australia’s largest meat processing company JBS Australia. Best meat for pepper steak BRF the world’s biggest poultry exporter. What is the best meat for steak Brazil is equal biggest meat exporter in the world with India.

Brazil president seeks to calm fears over meat sales, exports

The companies have denied any wrongdoing, and Brazilian authorities have said no cases of death or illness have been linked to the tainted meat investigation.

On Friday, Brazilian police executed arrest warrants for 37 people, including inspectors employed by ministries of agriculture in several Brazilian states and top level executives working for the affected meat producers, packers and cold storage operators. What is the best meat for steak fajitas Brazilian media reported 360 search warrants were executed in seven states. Thirty-three employees of the Ministry of Agriculture were removed from office for alleged involvement in corruption.

Brazilian President Michel Temer sought to downplay the scandal, saying it involved only 21 of Brazil’s more than 4800 meat processing units.

But Francisco Turra, head of Brazilian beef producers association ABPA, told reporters it had put the entire meat industry in jeopardy and “destroyed” a hard-won image of quality products.

A butcher serves a customer at a market in Sao Paulo on Monday. What cut of meat is new york steak Photo: Getty Images

China, which accounted for nearly one-third of the Brazilian meat-packing industry’s $US13.9 billion ($17.9 billion) in exports last year, suspended imports of all meat products from Brazil as a precautionary measure.

The European Union suspended imports from four Brazilian meat processing facilities, ABPA said on Monday, citing the nation’s agriculture ministry.

Brazilian President Michel Temer, centre, alongside Angola’s ambassador to Brazil, Nelson Manuel Cosme, dine at a traditional Brazilian barbecue restaurant after a meeting on the rotten meat scandal in Brasilia on Sunday. What kind of meat is in a philly cheese steak Photo: AP

Ricardo Santin, ABPA’s vice president of markets, said two of the suspended plants process poultry, one beef and the other horse meat. What kind of meat is a philly cheese steak One of the poultry plants is operated by BRF, said Santin.

In a statement, BRF said the company has not received any formal notice from Brazilian or foreign authorities related to the suspension of its plants.

A butcher hangs meat in a container in Sao Paulo, Brazil. What kind of meat is in philly cheese steak Photo: Getty Images

Brazil’s agriculture ministry did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

South Korea’s agriculture ministry said in a statement that it would tighten inspections of imported Brazilian chicken meat and temporarily bar sales of chicken products by BRF.

Employees work in a butcher shop in Brasilia on Monday. How to make a medium rare steak on the stove Photo: AP

More than 80 per cent of the 107,400 tonnes of chicken that South Korea imported last year came from Brazil, and BRF supplied almost half of that.

The police investigation is the latest to cast a spotlight on unsavory business practices in the country. How to make a perfect medium rare steak Brazil is still neck-deep in massive graft scandals involving construction and engineering firm Odebrecht, a large number of politicians, and state-controlled oil company Petrobras.

Brazilian Federal Police launched a major operation in several states with search and arrest warrants for directors of the country’s main meat-producing companies. How to make a good medium rare steak Photo: Getty Images

The scandal “could be enough to compromise temporarily Brazilian protein’s acceptance worldwide,” Credit Suisse Securities analyst Victor Saragiotto wrote in a Monday note to clients.

Chile is temporarily banning imports of all Brazilian meat products, the agriculture ministry said on Monday.

A council inspector checks a piece of meat at a supermarket in Rio de Janeiro on Monday. Best meat for philly steak sandwiches Photo: AP

The European Commission said the scandal would not affect negotiations between the European Union and South American bloc Mercosur about agreements on free trade.

On the streets of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s second-largest city, the scandal left many consumers in doubt.

A butchers works at the popular Lapa Market in Sao Paulo on Monday. Best meat to use for steak fajitas Photo: Getty Images

“My freezer at home is full of meat, and I don’t know what to do,” said Maria Fonseca, a saleswoman. Beef loin flap meat steak recipes “Should I eat it or just throw it all away?

“It is an enormous waste. What is the best meat for steak sandwiches If I lived in the countryside, I’d start raising my own cows and chickens.”

JBS Australia is the largest meat processing company in Australia. Cube steak meat It has operations in all states except Western Australia, according to its website. Best cut of meat for pepper steak It exports beef and lamb from Australia to more than 50 countries.

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