Taiwanese chicken steak – how to achieve the astonishing crunchy texture

The first time I tried this amazing Taiwanese chicken steak was at a night market called Shilin in Taipei, Taiwan. Best meat for philly cheese steak sandwiches I was fascinated by the insane size of the steaks, which the local described by comparing to the dimension of the face. Cube steak meal ideas It is thin and large, look-alike schnitzel snack with a crumbly, crispy and crunchy coating. Easy recipes with steak meat The surface is dusted liberally with a mix of chili powder and pepper.

This delightful Taiwanese chicken steak has slowly entered into other countries. Meatloaf recipe with steak sauce One successful chains store from Taiwan is Hot Star, with outlets across Taiwan, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Canada, Hong Kong, China, and Thailand. What to make with thin steak meat The main cities of these countries are now in the grip of this Taiwanese chicken streak frenzy from the Hot Star fried chicken chain. Meals to make with steak meat We can also find it at street stores and night markets in Malaysia. Meals with cube steak They serve this enormous size chicken steak among the array of other local sumptuous delights.

However, there is little information about how to prepare this finger-licking street food. Cube steak crock pot meals There is only some sporadic information about Taiwanese chicken steak written in the native language. Meatloaf recipe with a1 steak sauce Therefore, I have decided to take on this recipe and explain how to make it in English.

The size of the Taiwanese chicken steak is about 30cm long, which is even unable to achieve by butterflying just once. Meals to make with cube steak That is why I did it by butterflying twice to form a larger piece with a sharp knife and pound it with a meat mallet. Meat for steak tacos The purpose is to create a thin piece of chicken which is the secret of success to replicate this recipe.

What the major difference of this oriental style chicken steak compares with the traditional schnitzel is the coating of the chicken. Meat for steak kabobs Sweet potato flour is used in this recipe to render the crunchiness. Meat for steak and cheese Other oriental foods such as the Japanese karaage include this type of flour for the crunchiness and crispness. Meat for steak fajitas If sweet potato flour is unavailable, the closest substitute you can reply on is cornflour.

Try this Taiwanese chicken steak recipe for your next culinary adventure in your kitchen. Best meat for steak tips This recipe is the closest copy of the Hot Star fried chicken as the recipe is a trade secret. Cut of meat for steak tips However, I guarantee that this will be a total crowd pleaser. Beef steak meals Watch this Taiwanese chicken steak recipe video ( 3.06 minutes)

• Put the chicken into the mixture of ingredient A and mix well.

• Put the chicken to a bed of the mixture of ingredients B. Beef steak meaning Make sure it fully covered with flour.

• Deep fried the chicken immediately in hot oil over high heat (above 180°C/ 350°F) until golden brown.

3.5.3208 10 Tips to prepare a perfect Taiwanese chicken steak Preparation

• The purpose of adding some water to the marinade is to keep the thin slices of chicken moist. Beef steak medium However, Do not use too much soy sauce and water in the marinate mixture. Best steak meat in the world The chicken will turn out to be gooey and not crispy it contains too much moisture.

• Some recipe suggests marinating the chicken for a few hours. The best steak meat It is not necessary as the chicken steak is thin can absorb the flavor in a very short time.

• Getting sweet potato flour in some countries may be difficult. Best steak meat to buy You can use cornstarch as the substitute when necessary.

• Some people likes to have a chicken with a more crunchy coating. What is the best steak meat To do this, set the chicken aside for half a minute and double coat it by putting into the bed of sweet potato flour for the second time.

• Taiwanese use white pepper to prepare the chicken, but black pepper is an adequate substitute. What is the best cut of meat for steak However, it just won’t give you the taste of the authentic Taiwanese chicken steak that you get at the night market in Taiwan.

• Deep fried the chicken immediately after dipping it into the mixture of rice and potato flour. What is steak made of If you set it aside for too long, the chicken will absorb the flour coating and it will not longer turns out crunchy and crispy.

• Use a large wok or pan to deep fried the chicken steaks. What is the best steak marinade You may face the situation where there is insufficient space to deep fried the chicken without curling it up to the edge of the wok.

• Deep fried the chicken at or above 180°C/350°F to make it crispy. What is a good steak marinade The chicken should be sizzling, and even popping.

• The composition of the seasoning sprinkled on the surface of the chicken steaks can be modified according to your preference. What is the best cut of meat for swiss steak You can start with the standard formula by mixing some fine salt, white pepper, and chili powder. Best cut of meat for swiss steak You can add a small amount of five-spice powder or ground Szechuan peppercorn.

Not sure if I mentioned this before but your sodium amount in the recipe is way off.

Two serving with 2 teaspoons of salt equals 4650 grams of sodium which in the U.S. What is a good marinade for skirt steak is 325 grams per serving over the amount of sodium (2000 per person) for one day’s TOTAL intake.

Recipe looks good and will try it with reduced sodium and hope it doesn’t change the taste to much.

Thank your for pointing out the sodium content. Good steak marinade A significant amount of sodium comes from the seasoning sprinkled on the chicken. Good steak marinade recipes I did not sprinkle all on the chicken, and keep the remainder for future use. What is a good steak marinade recipe So you I suggest you just mix a quarter teaspoon of salt, pepper, and some chili powder, so there will be no wastage. What is a good marinade for sirloin steak I have amended the recipe and reduce some salt too. Best steak marinade ever Appreciate your attention. What is the best steak marinade to tenderize It should not affect the flavor.

This blog is about my recipes, my experience and culinary skills that I gained from my hard work. What is the best marinade for steak Most of the topics are related to Asian food and east-west fusion food.

I normally write in as much detail as possible, based on my experience and findings on food. Best steak marinade for grilling Enjoy reading my Asian food blog.

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