Tangy wilted greens with bacon

Sometimes viewing habits outweigh reading habits here on the blog. how long to cook bacon in the microwave oven Lately, someone has been watching the current Charleston-based season of Top Chef and it’s put all manner of Southern classics on the radar. how to cook bacon in the microwave oven Recent weeks have seen Chess Pie Bars and a bourbon-based cocktail make appearances. how to make bacon in the oven crispy Wanting to develop a streamlined recipe for traditional collard greens, Kyle just wasn’t satisfied with any of the versions he was finding online, or in any of the million and a half cookbooks that have been collected over the years.

cook bacon in oven parchment paper He wanted to avoid a long cooking time for a couple of reasons. cook bacon in oven how long Firstly, he wanted a recipe that leant itself to a quick weeknight dinner. how bake bacon in the oven Secondly, he really wanted to avoid those overcooked, mushy, unappealing “brown” greens that can happen too easily if you get distracted by other elements of the meal. how to make bacon in the oven with parchment paper The solution was to pare all of those recipes down to their common elements and use them as a template, thus creating an adaptable formula for his ideal version. what temperature do you bake bacon in the oven at After some cross-referencing, he broke it down to a greens/salted pork/onions/vinegar or other acid/sweetener/pepper combination. at what temperature do you bake bacon in the oven Once the proportions for each of those elements was established, all that remained was to decide how to represent each component.

For this recipe, mustard greens were used. how to make bacon in oven rachael ray Actually, any sturdy leafy greens will work here—most kale varieties, chard, broccoli rabe, and of course collard greens are among our more accessible favorites. how to make bacon in the oven video The mustard greens have a wonderful, vibrant color and a slightly bolder flavor that stands up perfectly to sauteing and doesn’t get lost in the shuffle with all of the other flavor elements in this recipe.

While the more traditional choice for the pork element would be a ham hock or pork neck bone, those proved a little impractical for the time-saving goal of this experiment, so he went with the more familiar, simpler choice of bacon. how to make bacon in the oven without foil It gave the finished dish just the right touch of smokiness and salt because it’s bacon and that’s what it does best.

After cooking down the onions in the bacon fat, the next step was to build the “dressing” for the greens in the pan. how long should you bake bacon in the oven This is where the other components come in to play. how long should i bake bacon in the oven The acidic element of choice—as is often the case here—is balsamic vinegar. cooking bacon in the oven temperature That is balanced by the sweet note of honey, then a touch of heat comes in the form of cayenne pepper. cooking bacon in oven what temp One non-traditional element here is the addition of Dijon mustard, which created a Salade Lyonnaise-style dressing for the greens. baking bacon in the oven temperature The entire mixture was reduced to an almost molasses-like consistency, giving all of the elements a chance to marry and balance.

The honey is the unifying element here, believe it or not. how to make bacon in oven It tempers the tang of the vinegar and mustard, and serves as the perfect counterpoint to the heat of the cayenne and the stronger vegetal notes of the greens.

Once the greens are stemmed and chopped, they get added to the pan in batches, stirring until they are slightly wilted, working quickly to avoid overcooking. cook bacon in oven recipe The greens should retain a fair amount of their color (gorgeous), and if it’s even possible to refer to greens in such a way, they should be al dente, with just a little firmness and texture when you bite into them.

This is a little easier since the extra step of boiling the greens before sauteing them is skipped altogether. how to cook bacon in oven recipe It was too much fuss for what was intended to be an easy side dish, thus reducing the risk of overcooking and eliminating the need for an additional pot and its subsequent cleaning. how long should i bake bacon in oven *mic drop*

In the end, you have a vibrantly colored, beautifully flavored complement to any meal. cooking bacon in a cold oven The dressing coats the greens perfectly and once you top them with the reserved bacon, you have a symphony of texture and flavor that is sure to become a staple of your weekday repertoire.

Also, once you get the technique down, you can start swapping in your own favorites, making this one of your own signature dishes and giving yourself and your family a wonderful alternative to plain old salad. cook bacon in oven 350 Anything that makes healthier eating a pleasure rather than a chore is A-OK in our book. bake bacon in the oven Enjoy!

• In a large skillet over medium heat, cook bacon until crisp, turning occasionally, about 5 to 7 minutes. what temp to bake bacon in oven Remove bacon from the pan and reserve.

• Reduce heat to medium-low and add the onion. what temperature to bake bacon in the oven Cook, stirring often, until onion softens, about 5 minutes. bake bacon in oven 350 Add the vinegar, mustard, honey, and cayenne pepper and stir to combine. bake bacon in oven parchment paper Cook until onions have caramelized and vinegar-mixture has reduced.

• Add the half the greens and cook until slightly wilted, about 3 minutes. can i bake bacon in the oven Add the rest of the greens and cook, stirring occasionally, until all the greens are slightly wilted, about 3 to 5 minutes. best way to bake bacon in the oven Crumble the reserved bacon slices and sprinkle over cooked greens. how to bake bacon in oven Season with black pepper to taste and serve.

Kyle and Grace met in 2008 working at the same restaurant in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. how to bake bacon in the oven Within a year, they discovered a mutual love of all things culinary. bake bacon in cold oven After hosting several ingredient and/or ethnic themed dinner parties (Pumpkin and Italian nights still reign supreme), they planned on attending culinary school together. temperature to bake bacon in the oven Read More…

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