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Finding a simple, healthy, and delicious meal to cook every night can sometimes feel like a challenge. Strawberry smoothie recipe without yogurt or bananas I’m hoping to make things easier for you with this Lemon Ginger Chicken and Mushroom Stir Fry that only takes 20 minutes to make! Zesty citrusy glazed chicken with shiitake mushrooms and snap peas make for a simple and yet hearty mix with lots of fresh flavor. Strawberry banana yogurt smoothie recipe healthy Head to Dream A Little Bigger for my recipe!

If you grew up in Iowa then you’ve no doubt visited the Amana Colonies and all the lovely little shops throughout Amana.

Strawberry banana real fruit smoothie recipe I went once as a kid and remember the famous giant rocking chair, watched someone weave a basket, and loaded up on a bag of cool colored stones. Apple banana smoothie recipe without orange juice Not exactly Disneyworld or anything too exciting, but an experience nonetheless.

I decided to visit again now that I’m older and can nerd out and appreciate things like woodworking, cutlery, craft beer, pickled things, and canning. Mango pineapple smoothie recipe We left with tons of delicious snacks and about 7 jars of pickled goods and salsa, which brings me to the inspiration for this recipe. Mango pineapple smoothie recipe without yogurt I had a jar of avocado tomatillo salsa that was as addicting as it was hot and I quickly regretted not grabbing 3-4 more jars of it. Mango pineapple smoothie recipe like mcdonalds Not wanting to do the 2 hour drive AGAIN so soon, I opted for making my own version which was just as tasty!

Fresh tomatillos and creamy avocados blended in with cilantro, lime juice, garlic, and of course the spicy heat from a serrano pepper make for a beautifully bold green salsa that’s simple to make.. Strawberry kiwi smoothie recipe with yogurt so when you devour the first batch in a day or two (or in an hour or two) you can make another!

Like any recipe or project, you always set out with the best intentions, think your ingredients through, and follow the proper steps. Orange fruit punch recipe Then somewhere along the way, something goes terribly wrong and you wind up with curdled milk mojitos instead of a nice refreshing summer cocktail. Strawberry banana smoothie recipe orange juice Here’s how my disaster drink unfolded..

Clearly the weather is all over the place here in the Midwest because yesterday I was outside digging the beginnings of my garden in a lightweight flannel and now it’s in the 30’s and we’re anticipating snow over the next few days! Regardless of the weather I find myself always craving this soup, but it’s really perfect for those extra chilly days! This was an adaptation of my slow cooker chicken tortilla soup, but a much speedier version at just 30 minutes. Orange smoothie with yogurt recipe It’s hearty, robust, and full of color with fresh vegetables, juicy chicken, and fragrant cilantro. Smoothie recipes without yogurt or ice cream I kept it lightened up (calorie wise) by using milk and only a small amount of heavy cream for the cream base and it makes a huge batch which is great for having leftovers for lunch the next day!

After a five day battle with a nasty cold I’m happy to report that with the help of a steady stream of Dayquil, NyQuil, and Sudafed.. Orange smoothie recipe yogurt I’m back to good health!

The last time I checked in, we were talking about some of the goals that I’m working on for this year, like getting out of debt, horseback riding, and being more active in general so here’s a quick update on them:

I’m still horseback riding once a week, learning new skills, patterns, and techniques, and I’ll actually be even more involved with them this spring volunteering for an adult special needs program and trail rides. Orange banana smoothie recipe without yogurt I’ll admit that I felt a little silly when a young girl, about 7 years old and half my size, came walking into the barn for her lesson after me and she was going to be riding the same horse I was on. Smoothie recipes without yogurt or milk I’m guessing she’s a far more advanced rider than I am, but the feeling of fulfillment I get after riding and being around horses far overshadows any embarrassment I have about being “too old” for horseback riding lessons.

My financial goals: I didn’t quite reach my savings goal, but I did make it at least halfway there by setting aside $500 and I have a mere $150 left to pay towards my last debt, but credit cards are completely paid off! I haven’t had more than just a few dollars in my savings account since about six years ago, so while $500 seems minimal to some, this is HUGE for me. Strawberry smoothie recipe with yogurt Now that I’m not tossing money at pointless interest, I can actual save large chunks of it each paycheck. Strawberry smoothie recipe with yogurt and ice I’ve set some lofty financial goals for 2018 that involve two major vacations AND buying a home. Strawberry smoothie recipe with yogurt and honey It’s going to require discipline, hard work, and getting some additional streams of revenue rolling, but it at least feels attainable now that I’m out of the hole.

I feel that I have a solid grip on those goals so I’m about to circle 4-5 more off of my 2017 list and I can’t wait to share them with you!

Oh and as you can see, Punk is also working away on her one goal of living the best life ever.

In between tackling my list I’ve been working a lot and trying to keep balance by spending time with friends and family, which hasn’t left a lot of room for blogging. Strawberry smoothie recipe with yogurt and milk I kept beating myself up over the fact that I wasn’t following my regular schedule of recipes, drinks, and projects, but then I realized that my life schedule looks nothing like it used to. Cranberry orange punch recipes I needed to forgive myself and allow some time for the blog to evolve and grow as well. Strawberry banana smoothie recipe I’m still trying to work out a schedule that allows me a bit more personal time to share more content because this is a big part of me too. Strawberry banana smoothie recipe with almond milk It deserves time and attention just like any other area of my life.

What do you struggle to balance in your life and how are you overcoming it? What’s next on your goal list for 2017?

I must be dreaming of summer already because I made this summery sweet cocktail using homemade infused lemon thyme vodka, honey, and a bit of bubbly champagne! Head to Dream A Little Bigger for the recipe!

While grocery shopping the other day I realized two things: 1. Strawberry banana smoothie recipe with ice cream I needed a drink. Strawberry banana smoothie recipe without yogurt 2. Strawberry banana smoothie recipe healthy I needed a vacation. Strawberry banana smoothie recipe with yogurt Seeing as that a vacation requires a bit more planning and money, I opted for the drink instead. Strawberry banana smoothie recipe with greek yogurt I was torn between making a mojito or a moscow mule, so I sort of combined the two!

I started by infusing the silver rum with a habanero for some heat and used a Habanero Mango Spice Rub from Salt Lake Spice Co. Strawberry smoothie recipe yogurt to line the rim which really brought out that pepper flavor. Strawberry smoothie recipe with yogurt and orange juice Muddled mint and fresh squeezed lemon juice added a refreshing and almost summery twist, and finally some bold spicy flavors from Sailor Jerry Rum and ginger beer brought it all together for this crisp mojito-mule fusion.

I’m going to begin by saying that Valentine’s Day is not really my favorite. Strawberry blueberry smoothie recipe with yogurt I’d much rather celebrate Galentine’s Day or a Treat Yo Self Day (can you tell I still marathon Parks & Rec on a regular basis?), but I suppose I can get behind the whole chocolate and dessert splurging that comes along with the day. Cranberry sauce recipe with orange juice and brown sugar Since I rarely celebrate it I decided this year I would go all out just for you guys to let you know that I consider YOU ALL my Valentines.. Cranberry sauce recipe with orange juice and cinnamon Yes I know, very cheesy, but I mean it. Strawberry banana smoothie recipe with apple juice You’re all awesome so here’s a from-scratch, sweet treat for you.. Strawberry banana smoothie recipe with orange juice fluffy cake-like brownies, airy whipped cream, and a sweet and tart raspberry sauce to top it all off. Mango salad dressing recipe orange juice Make this dish for your sweetheart or just devour it all to yourself!

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