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By far the best kosher grill restaurant in the NY and NJ area. Pineapple mango smoothie recipe from mcdonalds This was my first time here. Pineapple mango smoothie recipe with yogurt Shishkebab was phenomenal, used London Broil cut, and was perfectly done and minimally seasoned. Pineapple mango smoothie recipe The grill taste really came through.

Pineapple coconut smoothie recipe Chicken vegetable soup was tasty and fresh, as well as the broccoli. Mango strawberry smoothie recipe without yogurt Service was quick, friendly, and efficient. Mango banana smoothie recipe without yogurt Very nice sized portions, the salad was enormous. Carrot apple ginger juice recipe Soft and inviting decor. Passover sponge cake recipe orange juice Nice, safe, and cute historic area to walk around as well. Recipes using frozen orange juice concentrate Highly recommended!

The only thing that got this place any stars we that the food quality was quite good and location is great if you are in Tenafly.

The owner/manager gave us very abrupt and rude service. Orange sherbet punch recipe with pineapple juice It was 9:00 PM and he wanted us out, threatened to call police because I did not want to settle the check which arrived when the main course arrived at 8:45 PM.

We brought BYO wine, it was not kosher wine; so, he would not open it. Carrot celery juice recipe That’s OK and I did not complain, just went next door and bought a kosher bottle of wine – no problems so far. Mango carrot juice recipe That was at 8:15 PM.

This guy has attitude and…………well, you know how to finish the sentence.

I made a reservation but it didn’t mean anything as still needed to wait for a while…

Although the waitress was great (she also cooks some of the food while waiting tables) so it slows things down and makes the service pretty bad. Punch recipes non alcoholic for baby shower It took them about 20 minutes to get someone to take our order and that was after waiting 20 minutes to get our table in the first place.

all in all delicious meal but customer service needs some serious work as it ruins the experience

The service was terrible. Punch recipes non alcoholic ginger ale We had a 5:00 reservation and were seated at 5:20 due to our tardiness. Punch recipes non alcoholic cranberry We were told there was a 7:15 reservation, so we had 2 hours to eat. Grilled chicken marinade recipe orange juice That was fine with us, and we were willing to expedite our dinner. Carrot cake recipe with orange juice You would think they would be rather quick to take our order and bring out the food but that was not the case. Orange julius recipe with orange juice not concentrate I had to get up several times to ask them to take our order.

We ordered the humus with mushrooms as an appetizer and had to send it back because the mushrooms had gone bad.

When we ordered our mains we were told there was no schwarma (the first item on their entree list, at 5:45 pm on a Sunday, their busiest night). Non alcoholic blue punch recipes for baby shower They said they just put the meat on the rotisserie and it would take 45 minutes to be ready. Party punch recipes non alcoholic baby shower Ok, so we ordered something else.

It took over 45 minutes to get the entrees served by which point we were seeing schwarma being served to others. Carrot cake with mango juice recipe when we asked they gave us a plate of schwarma without charging us.

The food is very good, however it seems they do not care about service and make no effort to improve. Jamaican mango carrot juice recipe You feel as if they are doing YOU a favor to eat in their restaurant.

Menu is reliable standards of Israeli food…. Australian punch recipes non alcoholic wish the Sineya had more kick (cumin,etc.) to it – and was a bit less greasy.

Yummy chumus!!!! Server checked on and replenished hot pita without being asked (woo whooo!).

We were not rushed to order and server listened carefully to our needs.

Tavlin has a warm environment. Carrot beet celery juice recipe However, the service is poor. Apple carrot celery juice recipe The waitor/waitress are not pleasant. Blood orange e juice recipe If you come on a holiday chances are they will have run out of food and you will wait a long time to get your food.

I would only recommend Tavlin on a non-holiday and go as a couple not a group.

This is a wonderful place – great vibe, pretty, warm, easy parking and reasonably priced. Carrot apple juice recipe Bring your own wine – fantastic (already I saved $20!).. Beet carrot apple ginger juice recipe My only suggestion is that they vary the menu a bit. Carrot apple juice recipe blender It has been virtually the same since it opened. Strawberry orange banana smoothie recipe Just shake things up a bit guys; makes coming over more fun.

food at Tavin is never a disappointment…we always enjoy eating at Tavlin though it’s never quite as relaxing on a Sunday evening as during the week. Beet carrot apple celery juice recipe There are always lots of kids with their parents so the smart thing would be to eat after 8 on a Sunday. Beet carrot apple juice recipe unfortunately they ran out of chicken soup when we ordered at 7:00 so they really should make sure to have a bigger supply available. Carrot apple celery juice recipe We’ll be back again for sure but maybe not on a Sunday.

This is a top notch grill place. Smoothie recipes with orange juice and bananas Salads burst with flavor. Smoothie recipes with orange juice and yogurt Food is excellent. Simple smoothie recipes with orange juice Owner/manager is a doll. Smoothie recipes with orange juice and milk BYOB is an added attraction. Easy strawberry smoothie recipe with orange juice Definite go to restaurant, especially for those who keep kosher, but recommended for all!

It took a bit a time for a server to approach us. Celery cucumber juice recipe She was apologetic. Strawberry julius smoothie recipe Menu offered a nice variety of starters, salads, main entrees and sides. Carrot juice recipe no juicer Food was served in a timely fashion and it was tasty. Carrot apple juice recipe juicer Portion size was generous.

We dine at Tavlin at least 2 – 3 times a month and we are never disappointed. Carrot juice recipe without juicer The food is always delicious and very good, Eric the owner will advise us if there’s a particular dish he doesn’t recommend that night, the waitresses/waiters are always polite and helpful and we enjoy the byo policy. Fresh orange juice cocktail recipes Friends are always willing to join us when we eat at Tavlin and we look forward to our next delicious meal.

Always love the food, never disappointed in what we eat. Fresh orange juice jelly recipe Portions are plentiful, tasty, nicely presented and always fresh. Orange juice jelly recipe Eric goes out of his way to make us feel welcome and we enjoy any dinner at Tavlin. Orange juice cocktail recipes We will certainly be back again knowing that our meal will be a good one.

Tavlin never disappoints…the food is consistently excellent, menu is very complete with many choices, service usually good and Eric is very welcoming and happy whenever he see us back. Orange juice dessert recipes We love the byo aspect and we recommend Tavlin to many of our friends, both here in Englewood and New York.

Tavlin is our go to restaurant and we are there almost every week. Holiday punch recipes non alcoholic cranberry The service has gotten much better, the food is always consistently excellent and we feel very welcomed there. Christmas punch recipes non alcoholic cranberry We bring a bottle of wine, sit back and enjoy the wonderful choices on the menu and we are never disappointed. Christmas punch recipes non alcoholic cranberry juice The soups,salads and main dishes are terrific and the prices are very reasonable. Orange juice drink recipes We recommend Tavlin to all our friends and family.

Tavlin is one of our “go to” spots, especially when we’re in the mood for a kosher meat place and one that is a byo. Orange juice drink recipes non alcoholic The food is consistently good, portions just right, service usually prompt and friendly and we’re always satisfied with our experience. Orange juice breakfast drink recipes Whether we go with other people or just ourselves it’s always a pleasant dining experience with good food and drink. Vodka orange juice cocktail recipes We’ll be back to Tavlin many many times in the future.

You can earn points when you book and dine using the OpenTable app or OpenTable.com. Tequila orange juice drink recipes Standard qualifying reservations are worth 100 points, and specially marked reservations are worth up to 1,000 points–10x the regular amount of points!

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