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A guide to sexting best practices for you and your favorite taker-of-nudes.

If you’ve ever sent or received a sext, you’re not alone. Pizza hut in venice fl In a 2013 study, about 27% of all smartphone users said they receive sexts on a regular basis, and 12% admitted to sending nudes (though the people polled may have been being coy). Venice pizza wallasey phone number That number may even be higher now, as the study came out just as Snapchat, then an ephemeral multimedia messaging platform built around disappearing photos and video, was taking off.

This is a judgment-free zone.

Pizza venice altadena If you want to send a nude (and have a willing participant), then send a nude. Venice pizza pittsburgh pa There’s nothing wrong with nudity! Human bodies are beautiful! But it’s also totally normal to want to maintain control of the way your nudes are seen and distributed.

You won’t always know when someone screenshots your sext. New york pizza venice fl Yes, some services will notify you, but there are many ways to get around this.

However, neither of these notification features prevent someone from taking the screenshot in the first place, and they could easily take advantage of the app’s biggest loophole: taking a photo of the screen with another device.

n her first day at Uber after training, site reliability engineer Susan Fowler Rigetti said her new manager told her about his open marriage and tried to get her to have sex with him.

It was the first instance of what she described as “one very, very strange year at Uber” in a blog post on Sunday. New venice pizza menu elkins park Now an engineer with payment startup Stripe, Fowler reflected on what she described as a pattern of sexism as well as organizational chaos that prompted her and other women to leave.

“On my last day at Uber, I calculated the percentage of women who were still in the org,” she wrote. New york style pizza venice fl “Out of over 150 engineers in the SRE teams, only 3% were women.” She said when she joined this Uber team the number had been over 25%.

Facebook is in negotiations with the Major League Baseball League to possibly stream one game per week during the 2017 season. Venice florida pizza places Reuters first reported the news. Miami florida pizza hut What teams, which games, and where on Facebook the livestream would appear remain unclear, and Facebook did not immediately respond to request for comment.

This isn’t the first major deal for Facebook’s sports partnerships division. Miami florida pizza restaurants The company recently struck a deal with Univision to live stream 46 Mexican soccer games with English commentary from Liga MX, a Mexican soccer league that has more viewers than the English Premier League. Miami florida pizza delivery The Washington Post reports that executives at Univision cited the social network’s massive reach as a factor that drew them in.

You can pick out the Snap Inc. Marco pizza venice fl employees strolling through the company’s beachside Venice, California, neighborhood with relative ease. Bada bing pizza venice fl “Snapchatters,” as they refer to themselves, walk around Venice with company badges clipped to their pants, MacBooks in hand, and stylish sunglasses resting on their noses. Luna pizza venice fl And unlike many people in Venice, they wear shirts.

Snap’s headquarters are in Venice Beach. Venice house pizza saskatoon central The funky west Los Angeles hood has long been something akin to the Haight-Ashbury of Southern California, home to bodybuilders, artists, dropouts, and weirdos. Pizza delivery venice beach ca It’s the kind of place where you can buy pot more easily than a cheeseburger. Naples pizza sf But ahead of its massive IPO, as Snap has swelled to 1,859 employees scattered across the skate-friendly malecon and beyond, neighbors charge that it’s disrupting not only messaging, but also a vital piece of Los Angeles.

Amazon is turning to the First Amendment to support its refusal to give law enforcement recordings and responses captured by the Alexa voice assistant on an Amazon Echo speaker that may help police solve a murder case.

After James Bates was charged with murdering his colleague Victor Collins in Walmart’s hometown of Bentonville, Arkansas in November 2015, police issued a search warrant for the contents of Bates’ Echo speaker. Old venice pizza oxford ms But Amazon has fired back with a 90-page brief contending that the records Alexa collected are protected free speech. Venice italian pizza & subs greensboro nc Forbes has reproduced the document in full.

On Twitter, Seaman posts dozens of messages a day to his 66,000 followers, often about the secret cabal — including Rothschilds, Satanists, and the other nabobs of the New World Order — behind the nation’s best-known, super-duper-secret child sex ring under a DC pizza parlor.

But it’s on YouTube where he really goes to work. Venice pizza ridgefield ct menu Since Nov. Venice pizza dorchester ave 4, four days before the election, Seaman has uploaded 136 videos, more than one a day. Venice pizza dorchester ma menu Of those, at least 42 are about Pizzagate. Venice pizza chesapeake va menu The videos, which tend to run about eight to fifteen minutes, typically consist of Seaman, a young, brown-haired man with glasses and a short beard, speaking directly into a camera in front of a white wall.

In the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election, the major social platforms, most notably Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit, have been forced to undergo painful, often public reckonings with the role they play in spreading bad information.

As do a related breed of prolific political-correctness watchdogs like Paul Joseph Watson and Sargon of Akkad (real name: Carl Benjamin), whose videos focus on the supposed hypocrisies of modern liberal culture and the ways they leave Western democracy open to a hostile Islamic takeover. Venice pizza san francisco ca As do a related group of conspiratorial white-identity vloggers like Red Ice TV, which regularly hosts neo-Nazis in its videos.

During a November 2014 trip to Los Angeles, Boston-based Snapchat creator Mike Platco stopped by Snap’s Venice, CA offices to say hello. Naples pizza san francisco At the time Platco had amassed a sizable audience of followers – large enough that he was preparing to leave his day job to create content for Snapchat full-time. Rome italian pizza high point He figured a casual visit to Snap HQ, while perhaps unexpected, wasn’t untoward given his profile on the platform. Rome italian pizza greensboro But after trading messages with a few Snap employees, Platco was turned away at the door. Rome italian pizza There would be no visit.

Farming, even in its modern, hyper-industrialized form, still relies on some very old-school technology: the sun, dirt, seasons, tractors. Venice pizza yorkville menu It’s all a bit messy and inefficient, at least by the standards of modern technologists, who are more accustomed to server farms that churn through data 24/7.

It’s not that surprising, then, that the self-declared farms of the future look more like an Amazon data center than an organic apple orchard. Gluten free pizza in venice italy A wave of companies are rushing to figure out how to grow commercial volumes of food in giant urban warehouses, using LED lights instead of sun, and stacked shelves of nutrient solution instead of soil.

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