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So what is this “New American Cuisine” buzz all about anyway? One thing for sure, it’s not to be confused with “American Cuisine.” Food critic, Phil Vettel, describes the “New American Cuisine” as the catchall term for any cuisine that “defies categorization.”

To Weston McElwee, Chef/Owner of Tejas Kitchen Bar Patio, his New American Cuisine is more like a spoonful or two of Western renegade Southwestern attitude mingled with other cultural genres.

McElwee touts Tejas’ menu to be “Authentic Southwestern with a twist.” They’re really all about defining New American Cuisine—Arriba, Arriba it’s in the twist!

Locals laud Tejas for their vino-centric wine selection, their fun-vibing bar (that stays open until you are no longer thirsty), plates of innovative dishes, its lagniappe hodge-podge Western decor mixed with amazing art, acoustic music performances on select evenings, and their fantastic outdoor patio.

All of the above makes Tejas a suitable name.

How to cook steak meat Tejas is a Native American name, meaning “allies” or “friends.” McElwee says the name reflects the atmosphere and ambiance of a “laid back, country/Western place where people can go to hang out with their friends and family.”

Hungry for a genre of food that really isn’t assigned a specific culture’s cuisine, my foodie “padna,” Barbara, and I dropped in on Chef Weston a/k/a “The Westerner” to see what’s cooking.

Formerly the location of the Real Pickle, located in the Towne Oak Square Shopping Center, Tejas has completed revamped the old restaurant. What meat is philly steak The Western decor theme surrounding us in Tejas has stories attached to it. What is flap meat steak “Most of the decorations are an accumulation of things given to me by my friends’ families, and from my grandparents’ farm,” said McElwee. What is chicken steak meat “And some come from old buildings around town.”

I found it noteworthy that some of the decor is from the old Lake Street Dance Hall building. What is philly steak meat The glass pane windows hanging from the ceilings come complete with bullet holes, and the old rusted metal panels lining the walls come from an old skating rink.

We asked McElwee to surprise us with customer favorites. Best cut of meat for steak sandwich For starters, we split the Farmhouse Salad. Best cut of meat for steak kabobs Mixed greens, fresh cabbage, cucumber, and tomato, topped with Brazos Valley Feta cheese, roasted corn, all tossed in seasoned vinegar and olive oil dressing. Porterhouse steak cuts of meat I love it when my salads taste earthy. Rump steak cuts of meat It’s light, crispy, not overly saturated in dressing, and has the right amount of cheese.

The flavor prompted my curiosity, “Is the food locally sourced,” I asked.

“Most Tejas’ food is locally sourced—that is if it’s available, however, you can be sure we always serve organically fresh food,” McElwee said. Meat steak house liverpool No chemicals allowed at Tejas!

Next, Grilled Quail. Meat steak recipe Two marinated quail, grilled served on a pan-seared bacon and Cotija cheese garlic mash potatoes with warm five onion relish and fried jalapeno. Meat steak house baku Our palates find the commingling of this dish to be earthy, exotic and compelling.

As soon as we wolfed down the succulent quail, McElwee continues his innovative dining twists by parading the ultimate entree combo, the Steak Skewer and the Tejas Chicken Wings plated together.

The Skewer with its chunky Angus Steak, red onion, and bell pepper was served with my favorite Chimichurri sauce (an Argentinian delight), roasted pepper, and Worcestershire. Meat steak house It was an exciting blend of international cuisine and Texan beef pride.

The Tejas Chicken Wings are tossed in hot sauce, parmesan and truffle oil and served with smoked habanero dressing and celery on the side. Meat steak house meniu Spicy and zesty, this appetizer is finger licking, lip smacking delicioso!

For our final twist of the evening, the Ancho Chili Crusted New York Strip Steak. What to make with pork steak meat Keep your boots on Padna.…

The Strip is cayenne dusted, atop sauteed sweet potatoes and shaved asparagus with roasted corn, soaked in Ancho-Reyes Liqueur BBQ sauce, and topped with sweet hash fried shoestring potatoes.

At the end of the evening, for us two food banditos, all we could do was mosey up to the fully stocked bar for a night cap and then it was off to the hacienda for a good night’s rest.

Whether Tejas is “New American” or “Authentic Southwestern with a twist,” we both agreed on one thing—it’s a dang good dinner (with a twist)!

• On Sunday kids under 12 can order any meal off the Kids’ menu for only $1

• Open: 11-9 Tuesday-Thursday; 11-10 Friday-Saturday; 11-9 Sunday

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