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It feels like forever since I posted a recipe – which I guess is a tiny bit true, seeing as how my last recipe (for Apple Brickle Dip) went up a week ago today.

I still posted the monthly income report on Friday and a delicious list of galette recipes on Monday, but otherwise, I was off enjoying a mini blog vacation.

Or, more specifically, a mini cooking vacation. Chicken gizzard gravy I figured I earned a little time to myself, what with celebrating my first blogiversary and getting married on the 8th.

So time has been short the past few weeks, and it’s not even that we’ve been busy – I’ve just been distracted, my mind floating to everything else other than my “work” (ie, this blog).

Chicken gizzard protein Considering all that’s happened lately, I’ll bet I’l the only one that’s surprised by that fact. Chicken gizzard chinese recipe I’ve been trying to keep up the whole “it’s no big deal” vibe, but I just can’t help myself. Chicken gizzard cholesterol I’m giddy. I have a lot to be happy for right now.

So for my first post back after my ity bity staycation, I’m keeping with the happy theme and bringing you the ultimate sort of comfort food: teriyaki chicken casserole.

Because it’s, well, teriyaki chicken casserole – the type of tasty chicken takeout you can cook at home and feast off the leftovers for days.

Case and point for this dish: when I’m brave enough to photograph our dinner when it’s actually dinner time, I try to get a plate of food to The Husband before it gets too cold (and by “too cold” I mean “no longer burns the roof of his mouth.”) He’s usually upstairs on the computer by this point, so I’ll just drop a plate in front of him and leave, without a word to him, especially if he’s in the middle of something (ie, gaming).

He was doing just that on the particular night that I made this teriyaki chicken casserole, so he didn’t actually know what it was that I served him – but he dug in, anyway, taking it on good faith that after eight years I (usually) know what food he likes.

So while I was downstairs busy working my camera, I distinctly heard him say (to some friends he was online with):

“I don’t know what Chrisy just put in front of me, but it’s on point.”

1 – If I were to gauge this reaction against what he typically says about my cooking, saying that the food was “ on point” is about the equivalent of seeing him do cartwheels of joy down the hall.

2 – I’m married to someone who can, and apparently does, use “ on point” in a sentence. Chicken gizzard price The good news here is that this will give me plen-ty of material for teasing him in the months to come.

If I had to pick a way to describe this dish, “ on point” is pretty darn accurate!

Please note that I am not a certified nutritionist; I am merely a quirky girl who loves food. Chicken gizzard plant Any nutritional information that is discussed or disclosed in this post should only be seen as my best amateur estimates. Chicken gizzard stuffing If nutrition is important to you, I highly encourage you to verify any data you see here with your favorite nutrition calculator.

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The plans vegetables provide some carbohydrates, nevertheless the protein increases the meal staying power and curbing of your appetite ability.

If you take in too much balanced diet too you can still put on weight from it. Chicken gizzard filipino recipe Ask people who are around you who’ve dieted when they experienced these symptoms.

I know that my husband likes a new recipe when he eats practically half of it for dinner, then the rest for lunch the next day. Healthy chicken gizzard recipe When I made this last week, he did just that. Chicken gizzard recipe korean Delicious recipe for an alternative to take out.

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