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One of my all time favourite Thai takeout dishes, made in the comfort of your own home! You’ll be surprised how simple it is to make this Thai Chilli Basil Chicken – you can pick up all the ingredients at the supermarket and it’s on the table in 15 minutes!

Wowser. Chicken dum biryani in hindi I LOVE Thai Chilli Basil Chicken. Chicken biryani by sanjeev kapoor in hindi Just looking at these photos and writing up this post at 6.39 pm on Wednesday night has me peeved that I’ll shortly be reheating leftovers instead of firing up the wok. Shrimp biryani recipe video (That’s a nice insight into the immaturity that is me.)

This is a recipe I got from the mother of a friend back when I was in uni. Chicken biryani recipe video hindi And it’s one of the few recipes that I haven’t tinkered with at all. Chicken biryani recipe video I’m always very open when I tinker with a recipe – even from well respected chefs.

How to make simple biryani rice But this one – it’s perfect as it is. Chicken biryani recipe by sanjeev kapoor It is truly just like what you get at (good) Thai restaurants. It is just like what you get from the streets of Thailand (minus the fried egg which seems to make an appearance on the side of most dishes in Thailand).

The name “Thai Chilli Basil Chicken” is a nice hint of two main ingredients in this recipe: Chillies and Basil. Chicken biryani recipe in malayalam The basil used in the authentic version of this recipe is Holy Basil which is different to the sweet basil we use in Italian cooking and is also different to Thai Basil which is now widely available in Australia at supermarkets and green grocers (Coles, Woolies, Harris Farms). Beef biryani recipe in hindi Holy Basil is available at some Asian grocery stores, and it tastes almost peppery with a hint of cloves.

If you can find it, use it. Vahrehvah chicken biryani recipe video Die-hard-Thai-food-purists will tell you that you MUST use Holy Basil, otherwise don’t bother making this. Vahrehvah chicken biryani recipe I say that Thai Holy Basil is definitely worth using if you can find it (and if it’s not too expensive), but it will NOT make or break this dish.

I usually make this with Thai Basil because my closest (good) Asian store is 30 minutes away (??), and that’s what is pictured below and used in the video. Vahrehvah chicken biryani video The flavour is not quite the same as Holy Basil, but it’s similar. Beef biryani recipe kerala style And if you can’t even find Thai Basil, it is most definitely still worth making this using normal basil. Beef biryani recipe kerala It is still a darn tasty stir fry, and it’s better with any type of basil than without.

Thai Chilli Basil Chicken is often quite saucy when you get it from restaurants which is not the way it is made in Thailand. Chicken dum biryani recipe in hindi This recipe sticks to the traditional way of cooking it with enough sauce to coat the stir fry but such that when you dish it up it is not sitting in a pool of sauce which frankly is too salty and unnecessary because the flavours of this dish are so strong, you don’t need all that sauce.

As with all stir fries, this recipe moves super fast once you start cooking – about 5 minutes. Prawns recipes indian style So if you can get the chopping done in 10 minutes, you’ll have dinner on the table in 15 minutes. Hyderabadi chicken biryani recipe video Hey! That’s faster than ordering home delivery! – Nagi xx

PS Don’t forget to start the rice before you start because it takes longer to make than this Thai Chilli Basil Chicken!

Right off the streets of Thailand, made in your own home! The authentic version of this popular Thai street food uses Thai holy basil but normal Thai basil is a close substitute which is what I usually use because Holy basil is not readily available where I live. Easy chicken biryani recipe video It is also still worth making even if you use normal basil!

1. South indian chicken biryani recipe video Holy Basil is the type of Thai basil used in the authentic recipe. Indian chicken biryani recipe video It has a more aniseedy / peppery flavour than normal sweet basil used in Italian cooking, and is available at Asian groceries. Pakistani chicken biryani recipe video Thai Basil is the more common type of basil that is sold at supermarkets here in Australia (Coles, Woolies, Harris Farms). Thalassery biryani recipe Because my closest Asian store is a trek away, I usually make this with Thai Basil. Hyderabadi chicken dum biryani recipe in hindi If you can’t find Thai or Holy Basil, this is still totally worth making using normal basil. Chicken recipes in telugu The sauce has a strong flavour and dominates, the basil is the secondary flavour. Chicken recipes indian curry 2. Shrimp recipes indian Finely chopping the garlic rather than minced it (or using jarred garlic) stops it from burning quickly when it hits the hot wok. Chicken recipes indian sanjeev kapoor 3. Chicken recipes indian style The dark soy sauce darkens the colour of the stir fry. Shrimp recipes indian style This can be substituted with ordinary soy sauce. Chicken recipes indian 4. Prawns kerala recipe This recipe makes one giant serving or 2 reasonable sized servings. Prawns recipes kerala style Complete the meal with a simple side of juicy slices of cucumber and tomato with no dressing – this is very Thai! Refreshing accompaniment to spicy Thai food.

Originally published in July 2014, updated with fresh new (better!) photos, new words, a recipe video and of course I added a Life of Dozer section!

Thai Chilli Basil Chicken nutrition per serving, assuming 2 servings.

Thai basil chicken is one of my absolute favorite take out recipes too, but I’d far rather make it myself. Chicken recipes indian style sanjeev kapoor Especially when it comes together in 15 minutes! I love all fresh basil, but especially Thai basil because I love the lean toward licorice. Shrimp recipes cooking light This went straight on to next week’s menu.

I promise you, this is 100% free. Shrimp recipes cooked in oven There is no cost t o you at all, ever and there are no catches. Chicken recipes ingredients I made the free e-cookbooks to encourage people to join my mail list because I wa nt more people to share my recipes with! I also promise that I will protect your email – I will never, ever share it with anyone. Shrimp recipes shrimp scampi I pay for a service to protect the security of my mail list details! – Nagi xx x

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