The best ever upside down banana bread – easy and delish

Who doesn’t love bananas? I am just crazy for bananas and many other tropical fruits, as you already know. Easy banana bread pudding What’s more, from fruit salads to desserts, bananas also deliver, big time. Banana chocolate chip bread pudding A great example is this scrumptious, caramelized upside down banana bread — a recipe adapted from Dessert Before Dinner, the blog that I have been assigned to for this month. Banana bread recipe betty crocker Yeah, baby! Today is SRC– Secret Recipe Club day!!!

Although the original recipe is a simple yet delicious banana bread, it caught my eye. Banana bread easy healthy It looked quite comforting, moist, and versatile since banana bread can be served either for breakfast or as a dessert — especially if paired with ice cream.

Moist banana bread recipe with oil ?? In my home country, Brazil, this upside down banana bread would be enjoyed with cafezinho (a small cup of our strong coffee) or alternatively, with a cup of tea. Moist banana bread recipe sour cream Our upside down banana bread is still baking in the oven but I am already daydreaming about it.

Dessert Before Dinner is a blog authored by Stephy, a home baker from Arlington, Virginia. Best banana bread maui Although I do appreciate her recipe as it is, I had to put my own little spin on the recipe in order to make it my own. Moist banana bread with sour cream In this way, her Best Ever Banana Bread became our Upside Down Banana Bread. Homemade banana bread calories A few alterations were made to the original recipe, particularly the addition of a banana topping with caramel sauce. How to make banana bread more moist As always, you are welcome to try either recipe, or to put on your own personal touch(es) as well. How to make banana bread muffins I also have to say that following Stephy’s banana bread batter recipe yielded some surplus batter. Bread banana pudding I mixed this extra banana bread batter with Nutella and baked in a mini muffin pan. Banana nut bread muffins recipe The leftovers were quickly taken care of and very much appreciated! ?? My kids can vouch for that!

For now, enjoy our scrumptious upside down banana bread. Eggless banana bread recipe Its wonderful aroma is calling my name… I can barely await for it to cool down bit and to get a big slice of this upside down banana bread. Best ever banana nut bread ??

• To prepare the banana bread batter: Preheat oven to 325 degrees F (about 163 degrees C).

• In a large bowl, sift the flour and mix with baking soda, salt, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Best banana bread pudding recipe Set aside.

• In a bowl of an electric mixer, cream together butter and both sugars. Easy banana bread muffins recipe Add eggs, one at a time, beating after each addition until just incorporated into the batter (please, do not overbeat!!). Banana nut bread recipe with buttermilk Beat in half of the flour mixture at low speed just until incorporated into the batter. Peanut butter banana bread recipe Beat in half of the applesauce. Banana nut bread recipe with sour cream Beat in the remaining flour mixture, and then the other half of the applesauce until just incorporated. Easy healthy banana bread recipe Mix in both the mashed bananas and vanilla. Best ever gluten free banana bread Set batter aside.

• To prepare the banana topping: In a large, non-stick frying pan, heat sugar and water over medium-high heat until sugar melts and acquires a golden brown color. Best banana bread recipe in the world Reduce heat to low, stir in butter, and then lay banana slices, flat side down, in caramel mixture. Easy banana bread recipe for kids Let bananas cook for approximately 1 minute. Best healthy banana bread recipe Remove bananas from the pan and lay them flat side down to line the bottom of a loaf pan. Healthy banana bread recipe applesauce Pour remaining sauce over bananas.

• Pour batter over bananas and bake loaf for 55-70 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean (NOTE: To avoid the top of the upside down banana bread loaf becoming too brown, cover loosely with a sheet of aluminum foil after halfway baked). Simple banana bread muffins Use any remaining batter to make muffins. Easy gluten free banana bread recipe Let upside down banana bread loaf cool in pan on a rack. Better homes and gardens banana bread recipe Use a knife around the edges to loosen loaf from the inside of the pan and invert onto a plate. Best ever moist banana bread Enjoy upside down banana bread warm by itself, with a dab of peanut butter or nutella (for breakfast), or with vanilla ice cream (as a dessert)!

I think you improved on my recipe immensely! I’ve never thought of make upside down banana bread but this looks absolutely wonderful! I will absolutely make it this way the next time I make banana bread.

Thanks so much, Amira! My eldest daughter hates bananas since she was little. Moist banana bread with sour cream recipe I gave her a piece of this bread and she loved so much that she asked me to make this again. Best gluten free banana bread recipe I am glad that she at least enjoys bananas in baked goodies.

Hi!!! Yes, you can replace sugar for honey or maple syrup. Calories in homemade banana bread But please follow these guidelines and make the necessary adjustments to the recipe:

1. Healthy moist banana bread recipe Honey and maple syrup are sweeter than sugar, so use less honey or maple syrup for each cup of sugar. Healthy moist banana bread NOTE: Since the recipe calls for 1 cup of granulated sugar and 1/2 cup of brown sugar, use in total about 1 cup of honey or maple syrup in the BATTER of this bread.

2. Best ever banana bread recipe If baking with honey or maple syrup, reduce the oven temperature by 25 degrees Fahrenheit, since maple syrup and honey will tend to caramelize and burn faster than granulated sweeteners. How to make moist banana bread NOTE: Instead of preheating the oven at 325 F, preheat at 300 degrees F. Banana bread cake mix Since the temperature is lower, it will take more time to bake this banana bread. Best healthy banana bread Do the toothpick test!!!

3. Banana bread bread machine Since maple syrup and honey are somewhat acidic, when baking, you will need to add 1/4 – 1/2 tsp baking soda per cup of honey or maple syrup to the batter so it will rise. Extreme banana nut bread NOTE: I think the recipe calls for enough baking soda (1 tsp) for the amount of honey or maple syrup you will be using.

4. Eggless banana bread recipes moist For this banana bread topping, use preferably maple syrup (it is more flavorful and less sticky than honey). Eggless banana bread with yogurt You can heat about 1/4 to 1/3 of a cup of maple syrup (add a few drops of fresh lemon juice) and stir in 2 TBSP of butter, in order to brown or caramelize the sliced bananas. Can i make banana bread without baking soda Then, follow the instructions stated in the recipe.

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