The best way to make creamy lemon pasta – quick genius recipes

This might be the most luxurious-feeling dinner you can conjure from near-thin air. Causa recipe peruvian food It takes something like 15 minutes and three ingredients (no, not counting salt and pepper—you have those), and it sparkles in just about any situation you can hurl its way. Peruvian christmas dinner recipes It’s good for a dinner party, good for making the masses at the table happy, good for when you’re feeling off-kilter and need righting. Famous peruvian recipes It’s just good.

Its ease is all thanks to the acid in lemon juice, which, as we’ve seen before, naturally thickens heavy cream without curdling. Peruvian vegetarian food recipes So all you need to do is warm up a cup of cream with some lemon zest, salt, and lots of black pepper, dump it over just-cooked egg noodles, add some lemon juice and cook until it’s as thick and glossy as you like.

Kafka had no use for fancy zesting gadgets in 1999. Peruvian vegan recipes “I use a sharp vegetable peeler, which removes zest easily and provides 10 to 12 strips, two inches long and a half inch wide, per lemon,” she wrote, slicing these down further into skinny 1-inch strips for the pasta. Mexican food recipes easy I suspect this is partly because Microplanes hadn’t taken off just yet—by the time she wrote Vegetable Love in 2005, she was on board. Mexican food recipes easy with pictures Both forms of zest will work here, though the hand-sliced version will add a little more texture and spikes of color that you might like (and extra handy if you don’t have a Microplane).

When Molly Wizenberg wrote about this pasta over at Orangette, she was pretty adamant about topping with Parmesan. Mexican cooking recipes Kafka advises that you can stir in peas or asparagus, or serve it alongside roast chicken or broiled fish. Mexican cooking recipes for beginners But if we can interpret the definition of complete meal to mean feeling complete, you can also just stop right here.

Zest and juice of 2 lemons; zest removed with a vegetable peeler and cut in very thin strips 1 inch long (see note)

Got a genius recipe to share—from a classic cookbook, an online source, or anywhere, really? Perhaps a genius dessert? Please send it my way (and tell me what’s so smart about it) at [email protected]—thanks to Food52er Heidi Reinberg for this one!

I’m an ex-economist, ex-Californian who moved to New York to work in food media in 2007. Mexican seafood recipes Dodgy career choices aside, I can’t help but apply the rational tendencies of my former life to things like: recipe tweaking, digging up obscure facts about pizza, and deciding how many pastries to put in my purse for “later.” Past articles from this author you’ll love:

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Less pith on the pictured zest and a finer (thinner) strip would make for a more elegant, palatable result. Mexican seafood recipes shrimp Zesting wins over microplaning for this minimalist recipe IMO. Italian pasta recipes with sausage Great recipe, thanks!

Oh no, not again. Italian pasta recipes with ground beef Now we’re battling over the word kosher? Can’t I go anywhere without people bringing their petty ethnic grievances to the table? Are people REALLY squabbling over this? Kosher, sea salt, coarse salt, iodized, no iodine, who gives a damn? Just salt or DON’T SALT to taste with a few grains of whatever salt you’ve got because NOBODY CARES. Italian pasta recipes with pancetta Give it a rest. Italian pasta recipes with pictures PLEASE.

Sorry you feel that way, but please remember that 1 t. Italian pasta recipes table salt is NOT the same as 1 t. Mexican recipes with quinoa kosher salt. Indian recipes with quinoa Different size crystals = different amount of salt. Mexican recipes with chicken Also, the crystal size is supposed to affect how the salt does its job in different situations.

So just calm down and for pete’s sake, this is NOT a damned ethnic issue.

Thank you, but I don’t need your lecture on how to use SALTS. Mexican recipes with chicken thighs If you read some of the comments, some people MADE it a silly ethnic issue. Mexican recipes with chicken breast Of course, it isn’t. Mexican recipes with chicken and black beans FOOD52 has been invaded with this sort of thing lately and it’s spoiling the joy of being here. Mexican recipes with chicken and rice What’s really important is with a plate of noodles and cream it doesn’t really matter what salt you use. Authentic mexican food recipes easy It won’t make or break the dish. Mexican side dish recipes Frankly, I don’t want to crunch on kosher salt in this simple Cooking 101 plate of food. Mexican side dish recipes corn I wouldn’t use it. Italian side dish recipes The choice is for everyone to make for themselves.

I sauteed 3 cloves of garlic and 1 tsp of lemon zest in 1 TB of butter before adding the cream and the rest of the lemon zest.

When the cream was just starting to thicken, I added 2 egg yokes, a splash of fish sauce (anchovies would be a great too!) and a pinch of red pepper flakes to the sauce.

Right before serving I topped the pasta with Parmesan cheese and fresh parsley! It was delicious!

For the person who asked for my lactose free recipe –here it is: use best ingredients–Kerrygold butter, Parmigiano reggiano , Meyer lemons ( if possible) and Cipriani tagliatelle. Easy peruvian recipes desserts Per person: one lemon–zest and juice into small saucepan with 4 TBS butter add 1/4 cup or more fresh grated Parmesan. Mexican cooking recipes videos Cook tagliatelle in salted water, cook to just shy of al dente. Mexican easy recipes Heat lemon juice,butter and cheese to gentle bubbling, add cooked pasta (do not drain) directly to lemon juice with the grated cheese . Peruvian food easy recipes Stir to coat completely If too dry, add pasta water by the tablespoon.I f too watery, add more cheese. Indian desserts recipes easy The cheese ,butter, pasta water and lemon juice will form a lighter brightly flavored sauce. Mexican recipes in english and spanish Add cheese per taste, salt and pepper. Mexican recipes in english Hope you enjoy it.

I made this pasta a few nights again and it came it heavenly! The only think I did differently was I sauteed about 5 cloves of garlic in a bit of butter before adding the heavy cream to the pan.

Kosher salt is generally preferred by chefs for a variety of reasons including, but not limited, to its coarser grains. Mexican recipes chicken fajitas It’s also iodine free (iodine has a slightly bitter taste, which occasionally becomes enhanced when combined with certain foods).

Here in the US (where we have freedom of religion), the term “sea salt” generally refers to an imported specialty item which is reflected in its price. Mexican recipes chicken enchiladas Most chefs, and home cooks, use products such as Maldon and Fluer de Sel as a finishing salt.

You know, growing up as the only Jewish kid in a very conservative rural town, the kind where I was in the biblical Christmas play in the (public school) third grade because being not being in it was not an option and prayers were said on the loudspeaker before ball games, I never specifically felt any anti-Semitism, rather a benign ignorance. Mexican recipes chicken Until today. Mexican recipes chicken mole If kosher salt offends you that much, send it to me: I’m sure it’ll be happier here with a cook who appreciates it.

Religion will be removed from the kitchen when food traditions are removed from religion. Mexican bread recipes bolillos So, likely never.

Kosher salt refers to the salt that is used to Kosher meat and is a common term used in the US to distinguish a large grain salt recommended for cooking as the taste is more subtle than table salt. Mexican bread recipes I assume that you joined this list today to learn and share your ideas about cooking and food but you are registering your personal offense at a common term used in the food world among others while referring to a member as dumbo. Mexican bread recipes conchas How about backing up and redoing your first remarks….you sound a little trollish.

Please bring your manners to the community. Indian cooking recipes for beginners There is no need for name-calling. Italian pasta recipes video We are here to learn and enrich other’s lives by way of our shared love of food. Italian pasta recipes easy Ingredients have different names sometimes depending on geography.

I’ve begun a list of foods and ingredients with cultural heritage modifiers, such as Kosher salt, Easter bread, Dutch apple pie, Swedish pancakes, Mexican chocolate, New York cheese cake, Indian corn, Greek salad, Hungarian goulash, Italian sausage. Italian pasta recipes from italy So many more, what’s your favorite?

I make a lemon pasta that uses no cream . Indian food recipes in english Just lemon juice, zest and butter and Parmesan. Chinese food recipes in english The pasta water transforms the ingredients into a creamy loveliness. Mexican food recipes in english Very brightly flavored. Italian pasta recipes chicken Never over egg noodles. Mexican drink recipes non alcoholic This is more of an unbaked kugle than a pasta recipe.

I’ve made a similar dish for years–my recipe came from a little booklet of recipes put together by the cooks at Georgetown University’s Villa de Balze, their Florence center. Mexican drink recipes alcoholic Their version includes a little grated nutmeg and also a toss with Parmesan at the end. Mexican drink recipes for kids So simple, it was one of the first dishes my daughter routinely made herself. Mexican drink recipes And so luscious!

I love my microplane. Chinese side dishes recipes Gets the zest to a feathery texture and I don’t have to dirty 2 (maybe 3, if you count the cutting board) kitchen tools.

I make this pasta with creme fraiche which I always have around and is a bit more stable than cream.

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