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Perhaps it takes the diplomatic neutrality of an international pulse organisation to deal with the global falafel feud. Heart healthy low sodium chicken recipes How long to cook chicken fingers The subject of who “owns” these savoury fried delights has been consuming the Middle East for many years – part of the wider politics of who stole what from whom, and on par with the notorious hummus wars. Heart smart chicken recipes Chicken fingers in oven However, the pulse people aren’t taking sides – they are just pushing the pulses.

How long to fry chicken fingers To which end, the Global Pulse Federation (yes, I checked, it’s real) hosted the inaugural London falafel festival at Borough market last Sunday, as part of what the UN has decreed to be the International Year of Pulses (again, yes).

Heart healthy ground chicken recipes Homemade chicken fingers fried It’s all about the pulses as a force for good – a nutritious, sustainable and affordable good, to be more precise.

Daniel Young, the food critic and writer who hosted the event, says that falafels, while potentially healthy, are now in the category of “dude food” – like tacos, cheese burgers or fried chicken, they are all about moreish, tasty, non-virtuous eating. Smoked sausage and chicken recipes Homemade chicken strips batter “Impulse food, instant excitement,” he says. Andouille sausage and chicken jambalaya recipe Homemade chicken strips fried I’m not sure about this claim, but falafels have been wildly popular across the Middle East for some time. Kidney friendly chicken recipes Homemade chicken plucker fingers I’m often amused at the speed with which two people from that region, discussing travels to Beirut, say, or to Cairo, get on to the pressing matter of where to find the best falafel.

Competing for the title of falafel champions at Borough market are representatives of various styles, although unfortunately the Lebanese team were refused visas. Italian sausage stuffed chicken breast recipes Zaxby’s chicken fingers calories But there is the Egyptian chef Moustafa Elrefaey from the Cairo chain Zooba, alongside the Israeli offering from Uri Dinay of Pilpel, which has four branches in London. Sweet italian sausage and chicken recipes Fried chicken fingers calories There are also variations from two London-based chefs, the Palestinian-Lebanese Rasheed Muhammed of Hoxton Beach, and Abdullah Amin of Origin Of, who brings a fusion falafel.

It’s most likely that falafel did start in Egypt – one theory being that Coptic Christians created it about 1,000 years ago, another being that it goes back to the time of the pharaohs. Shrimp sausage and chicken jambalaya recipe Chicken fingers nutrition facts In any case, the dish migrated to the Levant, to be consumed by Lebanese, Palestinians and Israelis – and all those countries have at some point claimed falafel as their national dish.

Arguments about origins aside, most people just want to eat the best falafel that can be found. Heart healthy chicken recipes easy Applebees chicken tenders calories Anissa Helou, the Middle East food expert and writer, tells me what to look out for. Heart healthy chicken recipes Batter for chicken fingers “They have to be very crisp on the outside, with a nice crust that is not too dark,” she says. Heart healthy chicken recipes for two Crispy baked chicken fingers “And – this is the art of proper frying – they should be crumbly and fluffy, without being too wet on the inside.” When it comes to consistency as well as flavour, the ingredients are key: Helou suggests a good mix would be chickpeas and fava beans, along with fresh coriander, leeks, garlic and spices, and a bit of bicarbonate of soda added at the end, so that the falafel balls puff up when fried. Heart healthy baked chicken breast recipes Chicken fingers oven What is essential, though, is that they are served on the spot. Red kidney beans and chicken recipe 4 fingers chicken menu As Young says: “It’s better to have people wait for the falafel, than to have the falafel wait for people.” Bear that in mind whenever you’re remotely tempted by some pre-packaged, refrigerated fried bean balls masquerading as this champion Middle Eastern food. Heart healthy crockpot chicken recipes Chicken fingers and french fries Moustafa Elrefaey’s Egyptian broad bean falafel

In a food processor, puree the vegetables and herbs for 2 mins then add the soaked beans and keep it running for 10 mins. Heart smart chicken breast recipes How to bake chicken fingers Add the salt and cumin until the mix is slightly foamy.

Heat the oil to 180C/350F/gas mark 4 and, if you have one, use an ice-cream scoop to form a ball from the puree. Buffalo wing chicken dip recipe Homemade dipping sauce for chicken fingers Press it between your fingers into a patty and fry it for 2 mins on each side.

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