The family nutrition guide

and nutrients needed during the day to cover the dietary requirements of the

person eating it. Banana bread recipe yogurt A balanced diet must be composed of a variety of different

foods from different food groups so that it contains all the many macronutrients

circles indicates the approximate, recommended (or tolerable, as in the case of

sugars) amounts of each of these food groups in a healthy diet.

Topic 1 listed the main groups of foods. Banana bread recipe with yogurt Topic 3 shows how to

combine foods to make healthy, balanced diets. Sugar free banana bread recipe It discusses how to share meals

so all of the family members get enough to cover their dietary needs.

different foods. Healthy banana bread recipe yogurt Figure 5 on page 34 shows the wide variety of foods needed to

Look at the list of staple foods in Topic 1, page 19, and see if it contains the

energy and improve taste. Banana bread recipe with greek yogurt Most of the fat or oil should be from foods containing

drink plenty of water during the day. Banana bread with sour cream recipe Avoid drinking tea or coffee until 1-2

hours after a meal (when food will have left the stomach) as these reduce the

fruits at different meals because different vegetables and fruits contain

daily if possible because these foods are the best sources of iron and zinc

(which are often lacking in diets, especially the diets of young children and

foods that make good snacks, particularly when more than one food is


which may lack food energy and nutrients. Buttermilk banana bread recipe However, people should also know that

eating often throughout the day increases the risk of tooth decay, particularly

where oral hygiene is poor. Banana bread food network This is particularly true for sweet (sugary) foods

Many people buy meals and snacks from vendors or eat in bars,

restaurants or hotels; some students receive snacks or a meal at school. Banana bread donuts While

eating out can be a special treat, eating outside the home too often can mean

getting too many calories, fat and salt and not enough fruits, vegetables and

essential nutrients. Banana bread recipe using sour cream The nutrient composition of food eaten away is often not of

mixture of nutrients, especially if they regularly eat away from home.Warn them

not to eat too many fried street foods as these may contain unhealthy fats and

increase the risk of overweight. Banana bread with sour cream and oil Encourage people who make and sell meals and

snacks to prepare good-quality foods in a hygienic way (see Topic 4). Original betty crocker banana bread recipe Sharing meals

nutrient needs of children, women and men of average size. Banana bread 1 egg If we change these

nutrient needs into food needs, we find that families should:

and legumes according to energy needs (see Figure 6). 4 ingredient banana bread Children aged 1-3 years

need about a third of the amount needed by men. Moist banana bread recipe with sour cream Note that energy needs increase

greatly during puberty and adolescence, especially for boys, and during

almost equally among all family members but make sure pregnant and breastfeeding

iron-rich foods (meat, offal, poultry and fish) to older girls and women,

especially when they are pregnant.Young children are often anaemic and need a

plenty of fat-rich foods, such as milk, groundnuts, oils and fats that give them

enough energy even though they eat smaller amounts of foods. Banana bread sour cream recipe Sugar, jaggery and

honey are also ways to increase the energy content, and they can be added to

bowl or plate. Chocolate banana bread pudding This allows them to get their share of the food if the rest of

nutrients in it. Banana bread recipe taste For example, some vitamin C and folate are lost during cooking.

vegetables and fruits on the day you use them and storing them in a cool

vegetables and fresh starchy roots immediately before cooking;

water or with a stew until just tender; other cooking methods for vegetables

that preserve nutrients are stir frying (i.e. Betty crocker banana nut bread recipe frying very quickly over high

heat), or sauteing (i.e. Banana bread recipe buttermilk cooking in fat or oil in a pan or on a

We absorb the vitamin A in plant foods better when the food is

We all enjoy our meals if they are tasty and we eat them in a

comfortable happy environment. Best moist banana bread Mealtime can be a time when families talk

together, entertain guests and teach young children good habits and customs. Banana bread muffins with applesauce It

is a time when parents can give children loving attention as they encourage them

different meals. Banana bread with 2 bananas What types of snacks are eaten. Banana bread and butter pudding Which foods need promoting.

What the different foods eaten by different family members are. Banana bread recipe without baking soda How food is

shared. Banana chocolate bread pudding What foods are eaten away from home. Banana bread with chocolate chips recipe What the cooking facilities are.

Whether people have enough different foods to make healthy meals. Super slice banana bread If not, why

prepare family meals, food vendors, cooks, and school-age children.

discussions and demonstrations of meal planning with women?s and other

only a few questions that deal with the information families need

Which combinations of local foods make good meals? How many of

What can we do to improve our family meals? Which foods should

How do we share meals among the family? Do young children and

women get their fair share? Demonstrate how a local meal should be shared. Frozen bananas for banana bread Do we

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