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The Guardian’s Audio Long Reads podcasts are a selection of the Guardian’s long read articles which are published in the paper and online. Nutrition facts on apples It gives you the opportunity to get on with your day whilst listening to some of the finest journalism the Guardian has to offer: in-depth writing from around the world on immigration, crime, business, the arts and much more.

To its critics, it is dangerous pseudoscience. Nutrition for apple To its supporters, it offers unique insights. Nutrition in a apple What is the future of this controversial psychological test? Read the text version

Clean ‘London Bridge is down’: the secret plan for the days after the Queen’s death – podcast

She is venerated around the world. Nutrition in an apple She has outlasted 12 US presidents. Nutrition in green apple She stands for stability and order. Nutrition info for apple But her kingdom is in turmoil, and her subjects are in denial that her reign will ever end. Nutrition of an apple That’s why the palace has a plan. Nutrition of apple Read the text versio

From a young age, humans love to press buttons that light up and make a noise. Nutritional value of an apple The thrill of positive feedback lies at the heart of addiction to gambling, games and social media • Read the text version

The problem of fake data may go far deeper than scientists admit. Nutritional value of apple cider vinegar Now a team of researchers has a controversial plan to root out the perpetrators • Read the text version

After more than a decade of being fetishised and then written off, grime now dominates British pop culture. Nutritional value of apple juice To understand why, you need to understand the man who created it Wiley: the enigmatic Godfather of Grime

Clean Vanishing point: the rise of the invisible computer – podcast

For decades, computers have got smaller and more powerful, enabling huge scientific progress. Nutritional value of green apples But this can’t go on for ever. Omega nutrition apple cider vinegar What happens when they stop shrinking?

Clean The spy who couldn’t spell: how the biggest heist in the history of US espionage was foiled – podcast

Ever since childhood, Brian Regan had been made to feel stupid because of his severe dyslexia. One apple nutrition So he thought no one would suspect him of stealing secrets

Clean How statistics lost their power, and why we should fear what comes next – podcast

The ability of statistics to accurately represent the world is declining. Recipe apple fritters In its wake, a new age of big data controlled by private companies is taking over – and putting democracy in peril

Clean ‘Is this what the west is really like?’ How it felt to leave China for Britain – podcast

Desperate to find somewhere she could live and work as she wished, Xiaolu Guo moved from Beijing to London in 2002. Recipe for apple fritters But from the weather to the language and the people, nothing was as she expected

Clean The neo-Nazi murder trial revealing Germany’s darkest secrets – podcast

The only known survivor of a far-right group accused of a series of racist killings is now on trial. Recipe for apple juice But the case has put the nation itself in the dock

For decades, Alan Yentob was the dominant creative force at the BBC – behind everything from Adam Curtis to Strictly Come Dancing. Recipe of apple juice He was a towering figure in British culture – so why did many applaud his very public slide from power?

Remembrance of tastes past: Syria’s disappearing food culture – podcast

For Syrians in exile, food is more than a means of sustenance. Red apple nutrition It is a reminder of the rich and diverse culture being destroyed by civil war

A single attorney has had more clients sentenced to death in federal court than any other defence lawyer in America. Red apple nutrition facts He’s part of a deeply flawed system that is about to get worse

Clean Life with migraines: ‘It feels like a creature is pushing itself through my skull’ – podcast

When I was 26, I started suffering from dizziness, brain fog, fatigue and chronic pain. Red delicious apple nutrition facts I’d had migraines since childhood, but these felt different

Explicit The shocking murder of Spain’s most flamboyant politician – podcast

The brazen killing of Isabel Carrasco scandalised the nation. Red or green apples But when police began to investigate, they uncovered an even darker story of power, corruption and betrayal.

Explicit The ruthlessly effective rebranding of Europe’s new far right – podcast

Across the continent, rightwing populist parties have seized control of the political conversation. Red vs green apples How have they done it? By stealing the language, causes and voters of the traditional left

Clean Still ticking: The improbable survival of the luxury watch business – podcast

In an increasingly digital world, people are still willing to spend huge amounts on analogue timepieces. Red wine vinegar vs apple cider vinegar health benefits The question is, why?

Explicit A lynching in Georgia: the living memorial to America’s history of racist violence – podcast

There are still no national monuments to the thousands of black Americans killed during a century of lynchings. Small apple nutrition But for 12 years, activists in Georgia have been re-enacting the infamous 1946 murders of two black men and their wives.

Led by a class of omnipotent central bankers, experts have gained extraordinary political power. Small gala apple calories Will a populist backlash shatter their technocratic dream?

Clean Is China’s gaokao the world’s toughest school exam? – podcast

Chinese children must endure years of stress and impossible expectations preparing for their final school exam. Small green apple calories The students who do best can look forward to glittering careers and even good marriage prospects. Unsweetened applesauce nutrition facts But for the less successful, the system is br

Explicit Crash: how computers are setting us up for disaster – podcast

We increasingly let computers fly planes and carry out security checks. 1 apple nutrition Driverless cars are next. 1 apple nutrition facts But is our reliance on automation dangerously diminishing our skills?

When the battered body of a Cambridge PhD student was found outside Cairo, Egyptian police claimed he had been hit by a car. 1 green apple calories Then they said he was the victim of a robbery. Apple carbs Then they blamed a conspiracy against Egypt. Apple carbs per serving But in a digital age, it’s harder th

Rats spread disease, decimate crops and very occasionally eat people alive. Apple cider health benefits For centuries, we have struggled to find an effective way of controlling their numbers. Apple cider health benefits list Until now…

The discovery of Hawaii Sign Language in 2013 amazed linguists. Apple cider juice health benefits But as the number of users dwindles, can it survive the twin threats of globalisation and a rift in the community?

Clean Truth, beauty and annihilation: my quest for chess mastery – podcast

When I hit a slump in middle age, I set out on a quest to see if playing better chess would make me a better person. Apple cider nutrition facts I was unprepared for the pain of defeat

Clean How the ‘Great Paradox’ of American politics holds the secret to Trump’s success – podcast

In the heartland of the American right, people harmed by polluting industries have instead come to hate the government whose environmental regulations protect them. Apple cider vinegar contents Now they’re voting for Donald Trump

How did one of the worst paedophiles in history get away with his crimes? – podcast

For more than 40 years, William James Vahey drugged and abused hundreds of pupils at international schools around the world. Apple cider vinegar health benefits liver A Guardian investigation reveals that, despite numerous opportunities to stop him, nothing was done

When Kate Clanchy began teaching the children of refugees, she sought out those silenced by trauma and loss. Apple cider vinegar health benefits mayo clinic Their weekly sessions released a torrent of untold stories

Clean Magic out of mould: inside the world’s wildest restaurant – podcast

In an age when chefs are regularly compared to artists and philosophers, Magnus Nilsson is among the world’s most renowned. Apple cider vinegar health benefits weight loss But is the simple act of cooking ever worthy of such veneration?

Social media has swallowed the news – threatening the funding of public-interest reporting and ushering in an era when everyone has their own facts. Apple cider vinegar nutrition facts But the consequences go far beyond journalism

When Ada Colau was elected mayor of Barcelona, she became a figurehead of the new leftwing politics sweeping Spain. Apple cider vinegar nutritional information The question she now faces is a vital one for the left across Europe – can she really put her ideas into practice?

On the day after the EU referendum, many Britons woke up feeling that the country had changed overnight. Apple cider vinegar tablets reviews But the forces that brought us here have been gathering for a very long time

Explicit A radical approach to gun crime: paying people not to kill each other

Richmond, California had a murder rate 11 times higher than New York City. Apple country animal hospital A controversial scheme cut the number of victims in half – but not everyone is happy

It seems like the concept of the biological clock has been with us for ever. Apple country club plaza In fact, the metaphor was invented in the late 1970s. Apple country farm market And it has been used to reinforce sexist ideas ever since

The retired cops investigating unsolved murders in one of America’s most violent cities

A former murder capital of the US, Camden, New Jersey has created its first cold case squad. Apple country realty Can solving old killings help restore an embattled community’s trust in law and order?

In the bleak flatlands of East Anglia, migrant workers are controlled by criminal gangs, and some are forced to commit crimes to pay off their debts. Apple dietary fiber This is what happens when cheap labour is our only priority

Long before Edward Snowden went public, John Crane was a top Pentagon official fighting to protect NSA whistleblowers. Apple fiber Instead their lives were ruined – and so was his

Our fixation with the sexy powerplays of the Tudor court shows no signs of fading. Apple fiber content What is it about this 16th-century dynasty that still obsesses us?

Clean Offshore in central London: the curious case of 29 Harley Street

On a central London street renowned for high-class healthcare sits a property that houses 2,159 companies. Apple fiber count Why has this prestigious address been used so many times as a centre for elaborate international fraud?

Britain’s biggest pharmacy used to be a family business, dedicated to serving society. Apple fiber powder Now, many of the company’s own staff believe that its relentless drive for profit is putting the public at risk

Investors are pouring money into apps that allow women to track their fertility. Apple fruit nutrition Can tech companies use data to change the world of women’s reproductive health?

Clean Death by gentrification: the killing that shamed San Francisco

Alejandro Nieto was killed by police in the neighbourhood where he spent his whole life. Apple juice nutrition facts Did he die because a few white newcomers saw him as a menacing outsider?

In 2014, an American dad claimed a tiny parcel of African land to make his daughter a princess. Apple juice nutrition label But Jack Shenker had got there first – and learned that states and borders are volatile and delicate things

They have committed unspeakable crimes that demand harsh punishment. Apple muffins But most will eventually be set free. Apple muffins healthy Are we prepared to support efforts to rehabilitate them?

Clean The cult of memory: when history does more harm than good

It is a truism that we must remember the past or else be condemned to repeat it. Apple muffins with applesauce But there are times when some things are best forgotten

Clean The Black Fish: undercover with the vigilantes fighting organised crime at sea

Illegal fishing controlled by organised crime is a growing menace, offering big rewards for low risk. Apple nutrition But the seaborne raiders have a new force to contend with. Apple nutrition carbs An army of amateur sleuths are spending their holidays fighting back

The debate is not simply about submarines and missiles. Apple nutrition chart It touches almost every anxiety about the identity of the United Kingdom. Apple nutrition data The decision may tell us what kind of country – or countries – we will become

In the tight-knit online gaming community Epic Mafia, Eris was an infamous celebrity. Apple nutrition facts So when news of his suicide reached the forums, many players were grief stricken. Apple nutrition facts and benefits But in a virtual world where it pays to lie, could it really be true?

Using undercover agents, the DEA spent four years trying to bring down a cocaine trafficking gang in Liberia. Apple nutrition facts and health benefits Was the operation a triumph in the global war on drugs or a case of American overreach?

The most potent, permanent and elusive figure in British politics

His enemies call him the ‘PM’s puppet-master’. Apple nutrition label Blair, Brown and Cameron all found him invaluable. Apple nutrition oconomowoc He’s been at the heart of the most controversial political episodes of recent times. Apple nutritional benefits Just who is Jeremy Heywood?

Asunta Fong Yang was adopted as a baby by a wealthy Spanish couple. Apple nutritional content Aged 12, she was found dead beside a country road. Apple nutritional value Not long after, her mother and father were arrested

Her champions regard Katie Mitchell as Britain’s greatest living stage director – but her critics see a vandal smashing up the classics. Apple peel nutrition After staging her most ambitious work in Europe, can she make a triumphant return home?

This week, the inquiry into the death of Alexander Litvinenko will deliver its findings. Apple pie nutrition facts The former Russian spy was poisoned with a cup of tea in a London hotel. Apple protein Working with Scotland Yard detectives, as he lay dying, he traced the lethal substance to a f

Our relationship with food has become disordered and obsessive. Apple protein content As the new year brings diet madness, it needn’t be such a struggle to learn good eating habits

Finally I get audio versions of great Guardian articles, my daily drive just got a lot easier – thanks! Really like the readers voices too and the world of audiobooks just got more interesting, I’ve never heard a review of audiobooks before, so that’s great too. Apple protein shake Keep up the good work and maybe make it an even longer listen at some time?

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