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There I was, frantically plunging the bathroom toilet upstairs, trying to free the pipes and save the bathroom floor from being overrun by murky waters. Homemade pasta sauce recipe easy I succeeded – mostly. How to make chicken curry sauce recipe Until I didn’t. Jamie oliver curry base sauce recipe It seemed maybe a few too many “flushable” diaper liners and their contents from my kids’ cloth diapers had run their course in that bathroom, and the toilet finally decided to revolt. Trader joe’s green curry simmer sauce recipe I tried one last time to flush, convinced everything was cleared up and I just needed to do a final test.

The waters rose, I plunged with a vengeance, and suddenly toilet water covered my bathroom floor. Trader joe’s curry simmer sauce recipe Fortunately, it was mostly clean toilet water, but toilet water nonetheless. Trader joe’s thai red curry sauce recipe Minutes earlier, I had plopped my toddlers in their cribs in an effort to keep them out the way. Trader joe’s red curry sauce recipe I could hear them playing, and for the moment they were happy. Recipe for curry sauce Halleluja h. Indian curry sauce recipe But I was not.

I am so excited to share this post with you today! Instead of my photos accompanying a recipe post, my friend Anna Guziak is behind the camera to help me give you a glimpse into what happens in the kitchen when I create and photograph a recipe.

Anna and I met about seven years ago when she was my wedding photographer, and this past fall, she took family photos for us. Easy curry sauce recipe She is not only incredibly talented, but also probably one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. Curry sauce recipe easy I’m not used to stepping in front of the camera, but Anna has an amazing ability to put you at ease and capture beautiful, real-life moments.

As you scroll through these images, I want to note a few points about my food blogging process. Chicken curry sauce recipe First, I do not have a photogenic kitchen. Recipe curry sauce Anna makes it look good in her images, but you can very clearly see that I lack the Instagrammable white cabinets, marble countertops, and stainless steel appliances. Coconut curry sauce recipe So, when I photograph a recipe, I create a makeshift setup in my dining room that can be easily taken down when needed.

I move the dining table against the window for the best natural light I can get in my house and set up a few white foam boards for the photo backdrop. Basic curry sauce recipe For many of my posts, I style the food on top of a marble pastry board. Simple curry sauce recipe I also have a wood board, various linens, and a handful of other props that I use when I want to change things up.

Secondly, I am a complete mess when I cook and develop recipes. Best curry sauce recipe Even when I try the “clean as you go” technique, my kitchen looks like the aftermath of a hurricane. Quick curry sauce recipe For this post, I tried to straighten up as best I could while still keeping it real. Chinese curry sauce recipe But much of the time, my kids’ leftover breakfast sits on the counter alongside food-splattered Post-its with recipe notes, pages torn out of food magazines, and at least a couple cookbooks or my iPad opened for reference. Mild curry sauce recipe This particular day, I also had the help of family watching the kids while Anna and I worked, but normally I’m fighting to get it all done before the naptime clock expires. Indian curry sauce recipe easy I’m usually still in my pajamas, too…but I figured no one really wanted to see that much of real life.

Anna took all of the photos in this post, and in a second blog post, I’ll share a few of my photos plus the recipe for the dish you see in these pictures (Crostini with Caramelized Apples, Fontina + Rosemary). Spicy curry sauce recipe In Part 2, I’ll also share more about the photography equipment I have and links to resources you may find helpful if you’re getting started with food photography.

Want to know more about what happens behind the scenes in my kitchen? Feel free to ask a question in the comments section! And make sure to check out the rest of Anna’s work over at!

Our twins had finally arrived. Hot curry sauce recipe I never felt so tired and so joyful at the same time, so in love and so overwhelmed. Easy curry sauce recipe using curry powder I sat in the hospital bed under the fluorescent lights, tending to my babies and asking every “new mom” question in the book. Low fat curry sauce recipe I was exhausted and blissfully naive. Thai curry sauce recipe I had no idea what I was getting into — what we were getting into.

During those early days, several nurses commented that my husband and I worked really well together. Basic curry sauce recipe using curry powder He was hands-on right from the get go, despite never having changed a diaper in his life. Recipe for indian curry sauce His first diaper was for my newly circumcised son who made it a habit of projectile peeing on anyone within four-foot radius. Recipe for curry sauce for chicken My husband woke up with for every feeding for weeks, wiping spit-up, consoling babies, giving bottles — doing whatever needed to be done. Quick and easy curry sauce recipe He was, and is, a total rock star dad.

I agree with those nurses; we did work well together. Yellow curry sauce recipe Before my kids’ birth, I was warned that having kids could shake a marriage. Curry sauce recipe using curry powder Maybe we were the exception. Green curry sauce recipe Maybe we could glide through the struggles that supposedly came with having newborns.

As weary as we were those first few weeks, a mix of adrenaline and euphoria fueled us. Creamy curry sauce recipe Then, we got tired of being tired. Curry cream sauce recipe Family and friends no longer stayed over, which meant the social buffer keeping us on our best marital behavior left with them. Recipe for chicken curry sauce My husband went back to work and I had to figure out how to do this whole mama thing by myself. Healthy curry sauce recipe But it wasn’t just the learning how to be a mother; it was learning how to parent and be a wife.

I love going out for a big dinner, but there’s something extra comforting and cozy about setting the table, lighting a few candles, and enjoying a meal in your own home. Recipe for curry sauce using curry powder My husband and I try to have a “date-night-in” periodically. Authentic indian curry sauce recipe They can be a little easier to pull off when the budget or babysitting logistics add an extra challenge to going out. Curry base sauce recipe Or, let’s be honest…sometimes I just want to eat dinner in my sweatpants (romantic, right?).

There are challenges to staying in, though. Curry sauce recipe coconut milk For our annual Christmas date-night-in, my daughter decided it was a good night to stay awake in her crib crying, so she ended up joining us for dinner. Easy recipe mild curry sauce Not quite what we had in mind, but fortunately that doesn’t happen most of the time (and she was quite happy when she realized she won the bedtime battle, so it was kind of cute having her sitting with us.)

Sometimes we order out from a favorite restaurant, other days we cook a special meal outside our normal dinner rotation, or we combine a bit of both – like takeout for dinner and then a homemade dessert.

This recipe for Roasted Pears with Buttery Chocolate Sauce + Smoked Sea Salt is the perfect addition to any date-night-in menu. Authentic curry sauce recipe It’s warm, sweet, and irresistibly decadent. Easy indian curry sauce recipe Add toasted hazelnuts for a bit of crunch and finish the dish with a hint of smoked salt. Easy yellow curry sauce recipe It’s a combination of flavors worthy of any special occasion.

Are you a fan of doing date nights in? Do you have any favorite date-night-in recipes? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Red curry sauce recipe Cut the pears in half and scoop out the seeds. Indian basic curry sauce recipe Place them cut side up on a baking sheet. Curry sauce for chicken recipe (Line the sheet with foil or parchment for easy clean up.)

Brush the cut side of the pears with the melted butter, and sprinkle the sugar evenly over the buttered side of the pears (about ? a teaspoon of sugar per pear half).

Roast for about 30 minutes, or until the pears are slightly browned.

While the pears are roasting, make the chocolate sauce (see recipe below), and toast the hazelnuts. Tomato based curry sauce recipe To toast the hazelnuts, add them to a small pan on the stove over medium-high heat. Red thai curry sauce recipe Stir or shake frequently for about 5-7 minutes, until the nuts are fragrant and slightly browned. Curry sauce recipe curry powder Remove from heat and let the nuts cool enough to handle. Thai coconut curry sauce recipe If you like, you can rub the skins off the hazelnuts with a dish towel (I personally don’t mind leaving a bit of the skins on). Curry sauce recipe for chicken Roughly chop the nuts and set aside until the pears are ready.

When the pears have finished roasting, transfer them to individual plates and drizzle with the chocolate sauce. Recipe for thai curry sauce Top with the chopped, toasted hazelnuts and a pinch of smoked sea salt. Thick curry sauce recipe Serve with vanilla bean ice cream, if desired. Basic curry base sauce recipe Enjoy!

*You can substitute regular sea salt, but the flavor of smoked sea salt definitely takes this dessert up a notch.

Add the chocolate, cream, butter, and salt to a small saucepan. Recipe for coconut curry sauce Heat very gently over low heat, stirring constantly, until the chocolate and butter are melted and the ingredients are fully mixed. Recipe for red curry sauce Remove from heat and set aside until you’re ready to use.

Note: This sauce is meant to be served very warm. Indian curry base sauce recipe If you make it in advance and the sauce cools completely, the chocolate and butter will separate and harden. Thai curry sauce recipe coconut milk You’ll just need to rewarm it before serving.

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