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As you might have noticed, I have an innate desire to take awesome things and figure out how to make them even more awesome.

Do you know what’s awesome (besides me, cauliflower crust, and basically everything else that I’ve previously declared as such)? Banana pudding.

And do you know what you need to make banana pudding? Nilla Wafers.

And do you know how much crap there is those vanilla cookies that have been around for years? Too much — including stuff like partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil (a trans fat, one of the real villains of nutrition.)

But notwithstanding the shady ingredients, Nilla wafers are still pretty cool, so cool somebody even wrote a song about them, here’s the YouTube video “Nilla wafers top hat time, it’s best time in the history of mankind”. Banana bread machine recipe BEST.LYRICS.EVER.

Anywayssss…since my craving for banana pudding is non-negotiable + to make banana pudding you need Nilla wafers, I have but one solution: to make Nilla wafers from scratch.

And as me likes me food to be paleo-friendly too, here I present you with my very own Paleo Nilla Wafers.

One bowl, a couple of ingredients and you’re pretty much good to go.

These almond flour “wafers” are close relative of shortbread, have a nice bite to them, and are not overly sweet (which I enjoy).

They do resemble quite a bit to the original Nilla wafers, but they definitely taste more almondy.

I need to make me some banana pudding with these wafers (which you’ll hear all about in due time!)

? cup / 4 tablespoons virgin coconut oil, melted (or olive oil)

In a bowl combine almond flour, coconut oil, egg yolks, vanilla, baking powder, salt and honey.

Mix until a dough comes together. Calories in banana bread It should be moist and slightly sticky.

Place the dough in a large piece of parchment paper and form into a cylinder (it should be about 9 inches / 22 cm long).

Wrap tightly and place in the freezer for at least 30 minutes or in the fridge for at least 1 hour.

Remove the dough from the freezer/fridge and with a sharp knife cut into ?-inch rounds.

Transfer to a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Banana bread receta If the wafers aren’t round after slicing, you can reshape them on the baking sheet using your fingertips.

Let wafers cool on the baking sheet (without touching) for 15 minutes, then with the help of a spatula place cookies onto a rack and let cool completely.

One wafer yields 121 calories, 9 grams of fat, 9 grams of carbs and 3 grams of protein.

I used to love Nilla Wafers but I never bothered to look at the ingredients. Easy homemade banana bread Good grief, they’re full of junk, from now on I’ll be baking them with your recipe. How to bake a banana bread Thanks for sharing! Reply Delete

When I saw the title of your post ‘Nilla Wafers’ I thought that will be perfect for banana pudding (great minds think alike and all)! So, I’ll be expecting to see something along those lines soon! I’m soo… Banana bread allrecipes excited about these, the texture looks soft, like a combo of cookie and shortbread! Reply Delete

Yum. Recipe for banana bread muffins I am definitely going to share this with my youngest. Whole wheat banana bread recipe She loves Nilla wafers, but as you know is GF. Banana bread with nuts She cannot have egg whites nor honey, so yolks and maple syrup will work!!! She loves to bake!!! Reply Delete

Love love love the almond flavor so I think I’d enjoy these! They look x1000 times better than the stoprebought crap, and the ingredient list is flawless. Banana bread recipe with baking powder You’re so good healthifying everything I’m in awe!

Mike, I think I need you to make me a batch of these cookies. Home made banana bread Banana pudding is one of my all-time favorite summer desserts…but I’ve never made it with homemade Nilla Wafers. Recipe for homemade banana bread This needs to be fixed soon! Reply Delete

Dude! You know what else you can make with these nilla wafers?!?! Have you ever been to Big Gay Ice Cream in the West or East Village? They have something called the “Bea Arthur” there… How do u make banana bread soft serve with dulce de leche and nilla wafers. Chocolate chip banana nut bread recipe I expect to see “The Iron You” version by next week. Easy banana bread 2 bananas Make it happen Alpha. Banana bread 2 bananas Hahaha, or I’ll take some banana pudding 🙂 Reply Delete

These look amazing, so I had to try making them! Unfortunately mine didn’t look like yours at all… Ingredients to make banana bread Mine looked like a pressed wallboard, and were just as dry as one… Banana bread with baking powder 😉 Well, I am not giving up, I have to try it again. Banana bread machine Here in Norway, the almond flour is fat reduced, with 11% fat, do you think that’s the reason? Thank you for sharing your delicious, healthy recipes! 🙂

I’ve honestly never heard of reduced-fat almond flour before and I think that’s why yours were dry. Sour cream banana bread recipe Why don’t you buy some was blanched almonds and ground them yourself in a food processor. Banana bread recipe with 2 bananas I do it all the time and it works perfectly.

Because seriously. How to make the best banana bread these paleo nilla wafers are anything but dry; quite the opposite, they’re super moist. Banana bread re Delete

Wow. The best banana bread recipe ever These are sooo impressively good! I’ve tried many Paleo cookies, and these are my favorite by far! I am also in love with your cauliflower crust white pizza. Banana bread reteta Thank you! Reply Delete

One wafer yields 121 calories, 9 grams of fat, 9 grams of carbs and 3 grams of protein? That does not add up.

Your recipe hypothetically yields 36 cookies (a 9 inch roll, cut in to 1/4″ rounds). How to make simple banana bread That means the entire recipe is 4356 calories, 324 grams of fat, 324 grams of carbs and 108 grams of protein. Banana bread with How is that possible? Reply Delete

The recipe yields 20 wafers (it says it right under “Ingredients”).

This means the entire recipe is 2416 calories, 180 grams of fat, 185 grams of carbs, and 53 grams of protein.

Divided by 20, the result is 121 calories, 9 grams of fat, 9 grams of carbs, and 3 grams of protein per wafer.

I wound up needing another 3/4 cup almond meal to make them firm. Best moist banana bread recipe ever After freezing for two hours, it was still not firm enough to slice so I made balls which I pressed. Bread machine banana bread recipe They did not cook thoroughly, though they did burn at the bottom (as I also suspect in the author’s photos). How long to bake banana bread Taste was bland, texture grainy. Banana bread baking powder Overall, a grand waste of very expensive almond meal. How to do banana bread I cook every day and bake often. Banana banana bread recipe These are nowhere near the category of ‘Nilla Wafers’ or any cookie, which by default, that is enjoyable to eat. One banana banana bread Reply Delete

I made these wafers last night as an experiment as to whether I could make them just before Christmas and refresh them on the day. Banana bread 3 bananas Yes, the mixture was sticky and I was unsure as to whether it would work, but I persevered and the end result was fantastic. Banana bread recipe with milk They were delicious last night; went a little soft overnight but I refreshed them for a few minutes in the oven today and they were even better than yesterday. Banana bread recipe with butter They are a ‘definite’ on my list for serving with a dessert at Christmas. Banana bread without brown sugar Reply Delete

The wafers are delicious, but I wonder if I missed something somewhere–they spread out a LOT, so the sheets were just one big cookie that had to be cut after it cooled. Banana bread with two bananas We used it with a super basic banana-coconut-chia pudding, crumbling in the cookies trifle-style. Banana bread with butter The kids I was baking for ate and liked it, though, so it’s a win. Best banana nut bread recipe ever Thank you! Reply Delete

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