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Oh, how cute! This drink is pink–with bitters. Damson gin recipe delia smith Such a dry and herbal bitter cocktail deserves to be named after a widow. Damson gin recipe waitrose Vigilant gin is an intense botanical lift to any cocktail.

Sloe gin cocktail recipes uk I also used the last of my Mancino vermouth with its 22 botanicals, so there’s plenty of herbs and spice here. Sloe gin recipe waitrose Then add Pernod for its anise and herbal flavor and Peychaud’s bitters–three to five dashes means all five for me–and you get a pink color and citrus and absinthe herbal bitter notes. Damson gin recipe bbc The effect is a drink that looks sweet but knocks you out with the first sip.

Combine all ingredients except lemon twist in a shaker with ice. Kilner sloe gin recipe card Shake and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Damson gin recipe uk Garnish with lemon twist.

I’ve been waiting to make this drink a long time. Recipe for making sloe gin This is mostly due to my need of yellow Chartreuse. Sloe gin recipe 70cl bottle Yellow Chartreuse is still the herbaceous and fruity alpine liqueur from Carthusian monks in France. Best recipe for sloe gin It is less potent and is sweetened with honey, so it is sweeter and lighter than the green variety.

The Golden Dragon is the companion of the Rocky Green Dragon, not the Green Dragon, which is a Chinese-themed cocktail with green creme de menthe. Recipe for sloe gin This cocktail can be classified by its makeup of cognac and Chartreuse. Sloe gin fizz recipe So the Golden Dragon and Rocky Green Dragon belong to their own family of French cocktails (although it is a very small family of only two drinks.)

Both of these dragon drinks with their medieval-era liqueurs and lush cognac really play up the sense of high fantasy. Recipe sloe gin It is easy to imagine while drinking this potion that characters in The Lord Of The Rings might enjoy something with these magical flavors. Best sloe gin recipe D’usse cognac has a fantasy-like bottle that goes well with this theme–a hammered and etched metal cross label on the front of a blown glass beaker. Recipe for sloe gin fizz Even the lemon twist has a scaly, golden look to it.

Combine Chartreuse and cognac in a mixing glass with ice. Sloe gin recipe 70cl Stir and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Sloe berry gin recipe Garnish with a lemon twist.

This coffee drink uses real coffee rather than a coffee liqueur. Easy sloe gin recipe The coffee presence is strong and even the caffeine effect is noticeable. Sipsmith sloe gin recipe American brandy (or non-cognac brandy) and kirschwasser give it alcoholic oomph. Recipe sloe gin fizz The lemon twist is a nice touch, like the twist with espresso coffee. Best sloe gin fizz recipe It brightens the scent of what tastes like a roasted bean bitterness and cherry sweetness.

Califia Cold Brew coffee is a great addition to this drink. The best sloe gin recipe Cold brew coffee is brewed longer with cold water. Gordons sloe gin recipe The process extracts a lot more flavor, so the coffee notes are intense when used in a drink. Simple sloe gin recipe There’s less of a sense that coffee dilutes the cocktail when cold brew is used.

Combine liquid ingredients in a shaker with ice. Make sloe gin recipe Shake and pour into a chilled Old Fashioned glass. Sloe gin recipe gordons Garnish with the twist.

This is a great, potent gin cocktail with lots of character. Dried sloe gin recipe The name just suggests a farm, though apricot brandy and dry vermouth still seem a little too sophisticated for a farm. Kilner sloe gin recipe That’s why I chose Sunset Hills Farm gin from Fredricksburg, VA. Sloe gin fizz cocktail recipe This is a citrus and floral gin that is similar to a London dry gin, except that there is a strong lime zest presence.

Strangely I keep thinking that orange juice or something else would help balance this drink and give it more color, but as it stands, there’s a lot of herbal and spring flavors to keep you interested.

Shake all ingredients except cherry with ice in a cocktail shaker. Sloe gin recipe sipsmith Pour into an Old Fashioned glass. Sloe gin recipe almond Garnish with cherry.

This “lemonade” drink (I use quotes because it is pretty much like calling a Long Island Iced Tea a “tea” drink) is the cocktail equivalent to Picasso’s Guernica. Sloe gin and tonic recipe Its a modern masterpiece with so much texture, a collage of flavors from different countries. Quick sloe gin recipe It is called Post-Modern because, like the literature and art categorized in this period, it represents a blend of nationalities and a multiplicity of points of view. Sloe gin recipe uk Were Picasso to paint this drink, you would see it repeated in various perspectives and colors.

Sloe gin, a British country spirit, adds sweetness, while slivovitz is a plum brandy from the Czech Republic. Sloe gin recipe river cottage Aquavit (or akvavit) is a gin-like spirit made from cumin, coriander and fennel. How to make sloe gin recipe This is the akvavit kit from Osterlenkryddors that I made a few weeks ago. Sloe gin recipe hugh fearnley whittingstall It stands out under all the liqueurs and brandies, not to mention lemonade, in this cocktail. Sloe gin recipe jamie oliver Then there’s dry sherry, the fruity fortified wine of Spain that goes well with citrus juice. Recipe for sloe gin river cottage All of these come together in a sparkling lemonade, the fizz lifting some flavors to the forefront while you sip. Sloe gin recipe bbc It took a while to acquire all these ingredients, but this drink was well worth the effort.

Combine all ingredients except sparkling water and lemon twist in a shaker with ice. Sloe gin fizz drink recipe Shake and strain into a Collins glass full of fresh ice. Sloe gin fizz recipe egg white Top with sparkling water and garnish with the twist.

This is a cherry bomb of a cocktail. Recipe for sloe gin jamie oliver I haven’t made it for a long time because I was waiting until I got some Heering cherry brandy. Sloe gin jam recipe This liqueur is really not quite a brandy, but it is exactly what is called for in this Danish-themed drink. Jamie oliver sloe gin recipe I also used Common Wealth Gin, which has a very American character and less of a juniper presence so that it wouldn’t get in the way of the cherry flavors. Best sloe gin recipe ever kirschwasser, even so small a proportion, really changes the mouthfeel to something stronger and thicker than a gin and liqueur drink.

Combine liquid ingredients in a shaker with ice. Sloe gin ice cream recipe Shake and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Bbc sloe gin recipe Garnish with the lemon twist.

A spicy and tropical brandy cocktail, the East India seems to hint at colonial drinks of the broader British Empire. Sloe gin jelly recipe Really, though, I think that it is a pre-tiki cocktail because of its use of triple sec, pineapple juice and Angostura bitters. Sloe gin hugh fearnley whittingstall recipe This combination is really different and strikes the drinker as exotic, not at all colonial American. Recipe for sloe gin fizz drink But of course, all of these ingredients would have been available in the Caribbean, though not so much in East India.

Combine all ingredients in a shaker with ice. Recipe for a sloe gin fizz Shake and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

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