The miracle of pedialyte _ hangovers, pets, and more

There are several articles that discuss the benefits and other issues related to electrolytes and recovery, Pedialyte ingredientsand chemistry, and issues with making your own electrolyte solution similar to Pedialyte on this site that you might want to check out as well. Orange juice cake recipe from scratch While Pedialyte is great for cats and dogs who have suffered illness and dehydration due to vomiting or diarrhea, it also has some unique benefits for humans, especially young children and adults who have been sick or are suffering from a hangover.

Pedialyte Boosts Health in Adults, Is Great for Hangovers, and Helps Sick Children and Even Pets Recover Faster

We all know that Pedialyte is used for children suffering from hydration and even, as some studies suggest, acting as a sort of pain reliever due to its sucrose content. Punch recipes with orange juice and lemonade The fact is, Pedialyte is a miracle solution for almost everyone as it is easy to digest, easy on the stomach and can be safely consumed by almost anyone, including the main target for the product, children.

Chicken recipes with orange juice Adults have discovered that Pedialyte is a great hangover cure and after a pleasant night of binge drinkingand easier to handle than Gatorade and other sports drinks that are laden with sugar and other nasties, especially for youngsters who have suffered from persistent diarrhea or vomiting.

It is perfectly safe for adults for drink Pedialyte, after all, it’s designed for infants so why wouldn’t it be safe for adults too? As proof of the power of Pedialyte, indulge in a few Pedilyte pops to cure a hangover after too much alcohol or to recover from the flu or other illness and in fact, drinking Pedialyte to cure a hangover is much better than drinking Gatorade or other sports drinks because Pedialyte has fewer complex sugars for your body to absorb and for that matter, is lower on calories and has roughly the same amount of electrolytes, which is one of the key ingredients in Pedilyte that make it so hydrating and useful for children, especially children who’ve contracted the common rotavirus or other stomach illness that causes diarrhea or vomiting. Chicken recipes using orange juice Additionally, if you look at the nutrition information for Pedialyte and examine the ingredients in Pedialyte, you’ll find that there are essential vitamins and minerals; another ingredient in Pedialyte that sports drinks like Gatorade lack.

For adults with hangovers, Pedilyte is the best alternative, especially if vomiting and related stomach issues have occurred. Baked chicken with orange juice recipe It is not only easy for your body to take in and process, it’s actually pretty decent tasting as well. Simply orange juice recipes For those adults with hangovers drinking Pedialyte who can’t stomach any different taste, try the Pedialyte popsicles as they taste just like the Flavor-Ice most of us had as kids with the slightly medicine-like taste zapped by the cold.

Many people phone their vet offices asking, is Pedilyte safe for dogs or cats and the answer is always yes, especially in the case of Pedialyte for dogs. Best margarita recipe with orange juice Just as is the case with children, if your dog or cat has been frequently sick with v omiting or diarrheaand has lost a great deal of fluids, it is nearly impossible to get them to drink water if they don’t want to. Fresh margarita recipe with orange juice As a result, you will need to force fluids and the best way to do so is through Pedialyte. Perfect margarita recipe with orange juice For cats, trying making a soft wet food out of crunchy cat food and Pedialyte. Apple cider with orange juice recipe It’s much easier for dogs, however, as they tend not to be quite as picky as cats and can stomach just about anything. Orange and apple juice recipe For dogs, the Pedialyte popsicles will do as most dogs enjoy eating these. Orange juice smoothie recipes easy There are no ingredients that are harmful to dogs in Pedialyte and again, they are just like children in the sense that when they are sick, coercion is necessary to get them to enough fluids. Easy orange chicken recipe with orange juice When giving Pedialyte to dogs who have had stomach trouble, you can do the same thing as suggested for cats in mixing the unflavored solution in regular dog food, making a kind of paste out of it. Easy orange juice cake recipe Remember that the same ingredients in Pedialyte that help children and infants are the same that will help your dogs and cats (or pets of any kind, except perhaps fish) in their time of need.

Technically, it is possible to overdose on Pedialyte and in the same sense, you can overdose on water. Recipes using fresh orange juice Whether we’re talking adults or infants, too much of anything, especially liquids, can cause severe medical situations as your cells will not be able to cope with the amount of water being let in through the process of osmosis. Recipes with fresh orange juice However, one of the main helpful ingredients in Pedialyte that makes it a good solution for a hangover, for illness in pets or children, and to rehydrate after extreme sports activity, are the electrolytes. Apple cake recipe orange juice If you read the back of the Pedialyte containter, you will probably balk at the recommendaed dosage, even for children. Cake recipe with orange juice They suggest children who have lost fluid should consume up to 2 liters per day, which is quite a lot and almost impossible for any child to do without being completely forced into it. Orange juice bundt cake recipe from scratch The same is true with the Pedialyte pops, which they suggest a child should have between 18 and 30 per day—a staggering number. Pineapple orange banana juice recipe In short, while it is possible to overdose on Pedialyte, it is just as likely that you would do so with water. Orange apple juice recipe The ingredients in Pedialyte are gentle and can be handled in large quantities.

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