The most moist banana bread _ welcome to a new friend_ mercedes _ hey sweetheart, get me rewrite!

Wishful Whisking A girl living in Santa Barbara who finds joy in the kitchen, traveling the world, beautiful interiors, beauty, art and fashion!

Growing up with a baking, pink-loving, antique-obsessed Mother, I quickly acquired a deep love for beautiful details.

I have a passion for delicious food with quality ingredients, cooking for my boyfriend, interior design, restoring old things to new, fashion, beauty, hobnail dishes, and baking for people.

I am convinced that happiness can be found in things such as: fresh flowers, a pair of incredible shoes, an effortless cat eye, finding something you love at an antique store, and a pie in the oven.

Banana and walnut loaf recipe It is all these little things combined that spark my creativity, bring me happiness and inspire me to be the best version of myself. Banana and walnut cake recipe I hope my perspective, trials, adventures, and ideas can inspire you to live the best life possible!

I am addicted to Chipotle – I want it everyday no exceptions.

I have a boyfriend. Banana bread with bread flour His name is Nathan and he is more than wonderful. Homemade banana nut bread He answers to: Chip, Bunny, Boo Boo, and Noodle.

I watch terribly depressing TV shows like Intervention, Cops, and Law and Order SVU.

I have a Chihuahua. Banana muffins with coconut flour His real name is Laurent but he has not been called that since the day we got him. Banana cake with plain flour He has taken on the following names: Raunt, Raunty, Louis, Naked Louis, Lupus, Ronis, Roodie and Ronet. Banana bread with coconut milk I am a freak but I believe one of my love languages is nick names.

I spend hours doing my hair but always end up putting it in a top knot.

I am obsessed with interior design, fashion, hair, and makeup.

I just have to say that I am so over the lace crop top trend. It has been done far too often and, honestly, I am ready for the trend to expire. Eggless banana cake with condensed milk However, when lace is worn right, there is nothing better. I am a total sucker for clothes that remind me of the 60’s. Banana poke cake with condensed milk Something about that period of fashion is so perfect and timeless to me. Banana pudding recipe with condensed milk and cream cheese I love the poofy hair, cat eyes and bold florals that are so emblematic of the groovy era. Healthy banana bread applesauce Whenever I find clothing reminiscent of that time I pounce! I know this top is tame, but it’s the cut reminds me of the 60’s. Bread machine banana nut bread The daisies are sweet and ladylike and the lace pattern is an interesting added detail. Recipe for banana chocolate chip muffins Did I mention I am also a TOTAL sucker for daisies? Another reason why I just love this shirt! For this look, pair it with simple skinny jeans, navy ankle boots, milk maid braids and a berry stained lip. Starbucks banana nut bread calories This top is completely season neutral. It would be adorable with daisy dukes but also works perfectly for fall with these ankle boots! I hope you are all enjoying your Saturday!

Continue on to see my outfit of the day! Chicken Soup with Avocado, Lime and Feta

Almost nothing is better than a hearty bowl of soup on a cold fall day. National banana bread day I also happen to think that avocado, lime and feta cheese make any meal 100 times better. Banana oatmeal bread recipe Combine these two simple truths and we get something truly divine. Chicken soup with lime, avocado and feta. Wow! It’s almost too good for words. Difference between banana bread and banana cake Make the soup, enjoy the September breeze and you won’t regret it. Banana recetas Happy Sunday!

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