The norwegian phenomenon of brown cheese

Norway’s national diet harks back to its days as a poor country, with a focus on preserving fish and meats in salt, lots of potatoes and simple sauces. Adobo chicken liver and gizzard This heritage still dominates today with delicacies such as lutefisk eaten through choice rather than necessity.

One of Norway’s best loved culinary treats is also one of its simplest and I’m surprised it’s taken me ten months to write about it. What part is a chicken gizzard Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I present to you the Norwegian phenomenon of… brown cheese.

Shortly after I arrived in Oslo, my friend Stale decided to “treat” me to my first taste of this Norwegian phenomenon. Chicken gizzard in spanish I agreed, but on the condition that he try none other than Marmite on toast. Chicken gizzard nutritional info It was a cultural culinary exchange like no other!

In simplest terms, Brunost is a tan-coloured whey cheese with a distinctive caramel flavour. Chicken gizzard aralia plant Part of me feels it’s cheating to use the word cheese at all, because, well, it isn’t cheese! The production process is simple. What is a chicken gizzards function The water from the whey of goat’s milk is boiled down, which caramelises the sugars. What does the gizzard do in a chicken The resulting gloop is left to cool and bingo, brown cheese. Chicken gizzard dog treats It’s set in blocks, wrapped and can be eaten (and by some, enjoyed) immediately.

In Norway most brown cheese is produced by the national dairy TINE, although many regional variations exist. Purpose of chicken gizzard Everyone seems to have a favourite, but if there’s brown cheese on the lunchtime buffet, its fans will make a beeline for it whatever its origin. Calories chicken gizzards I’m not normally in that queue.

The most common way to serve brunost is with a unique cheese slicer, an integral part of every Norwegian kitchen. Calories in chicken gizzards You take a slice from the block and can eat it atop toast, a crisp bread with strawberry jam or with waffles, but I’ve seen it consumed in all manner of inventive ways.

Stale didn’t give up after my first taste of brunost ended with a screwed up face. Health benefits of eating chicken gizzard A few weeks later he tried again, this time incorporating some brown cheese into a sauce for pancakes. Recipe for pickled chicken gizzards This was much nicer and I recommend it as a good introduction to the unique flavour.

For me, the most off-putting aspect of brunost is the colour. Chicken gizzards rice and gravy During my first tasting session, I couldn’t help but notice the similarity in hue with my floor:

This is a difficult one. Chicken gizzards pressure cooker Back to Marmite, which is commonly described as a “strong yeasty spread”, which although accurate, isn’t descriptive enough for someone who’s never tried it. Fried chicken gizzards nutrition It’s exactly the same with brown cheese, you just have to try it.

The trick is to not think of it as a cheese at all. Baked chicken gizzards and hearts recipes If you are expecting to taste a fine cheddar you will find the taste repulsive! But if you expect to taste a creamy, caramel yet savoury mixture, you’re in for a treat! A few other blogs I’ve read describe the taste as “salty goat’s fudge” so I guess that’s as good a description as any.

Having been in Norway for just under a year I do now indulge in a slice from time to time and I do admit I’m slowly becoming accustomed to its charms. Fried chicken gizzards calories Note that’s very different from liking it! Most foreigners seem to acquire the taste over time, but is it more a case of caving in?

What do you think of brown cheese? Let me know in the comments below ?? About David Nikel

Originally from the UK, David now lives in Trondheim where he works as a freelance writer and communications consultant for Scandinavian companies that do business in English. Calories fried chicken gizzards He is a keen travel blogger, and is currently touring Norway working on the first edition of the Moon Norway guidebook.

Maybe I am wrong, but it seems what in Brazil it’s called “Doce de leite”, made with milk and sugar until the second one becomes caramelized enough to turn the white milk into a brown thing, that can be either solid or creamy.

Some people made ice cream with that, others eat it with mozzarella cheese and others simply spread it on bread.

It tastes good (I am not a big fan but its taste is not something awkward), almost like a caramel.

When in Norway in a couple of weeks I will find out if it really tastes like that.

I’m used to goat milk candy from Mexico, but I guess the process must be somewhat different, While having a familiar taste, both products, Latin American milk candy, and brunost, seem to have flavor and roles of their own.

When we were still living in the UK some Norwegian friends came over for our Wedding, they brought a Kransekake and a block of brown cheese. Chicken gizzard plant care We had a cheese and biscuit buffet in the evening reception and the brown cheese was cut into pieces and served with the rest of the cheeses. Recipe for deep fried chicken gizzards A lot of our guests thought at first that it was fudge and happily ate a piece believing that to be the case – well you can imagine their reaction at the taste!! Not good!!

I don’t really mind brown cheese but I think you have to be in the mood for it – and know what you are eating lol!

Marmite on the other hand is something I make sure I stock up on whenever we are back in the UK!

Interesting article. Baked chicken gizzards You make brown cheese sound delish! But I think when people hear the word cheese, their brains kind of scramble on anything that doesn’t fit the bill. Nutritional value of chicken gizzards Oh, and I’ve tried vegemite (marmite the same thing?) although it has been more than a few years. Chicken gizzards in pressure cooker Too me, it was like spreading salty mashed bouillon cubes on bread – horrid! I imagine that the taste has to be acquired, and I wonder if the climate in Australia has anything to do with its consumption. How many calories in fried chicken gizzards I’ve noticed that when I’m home in Hawaii, I eat and crave food differently then when I’m on the mainland, US.

I am a Norwegian who enjoy reading foreigners blogging about Norway, makes me see my own country and culture in a new light (and makes me stop and think about things that have always just seemed natural to me). Calories in fried chicken gizzards I will be moving to Dublin in the fall as an exchange student and I am expecting a bit of a cultural shock myself, but I do love the pub culture in Britain and Ireland, in addition to the good old drinking binges of my home country (helgefylla is a way of life), so I suppose I will do just fine. Calories in boiled chicken gizzards As long as I try to avoid politics, views that are completely normal in Norway seem controversial or shocking to a lot of people living in other places. Chicken gizzards healthy Even small things, such as the tip often being collected by the restaurant and then distributed equally amongst the staff (waiters, chefs etc.) seems so shock and provoke a few people. Chicken gizzards and hearts Cultural differences are always weird!

One thing I never wrap my head around, though, is why people DON’T like brunost. Best chicken gizzards I’ve had several international guests and very few of them liked it. Italian chicken gizzards A couple of them liked it a lot and wanted to bring it home with them, but many people just didn’t like it. Health benefits of chicken gizzards I find it delicious, and it really fills you up – eating a slice of bread with brunost is a decent “in-between-meals”-meal. Benefits of chicken gizzards It feels great to eat, especially during winter for some reason, and you can enjoy it in itself – I sometimes slice off slices just to eat as “snack” when I have a craving for something sweet but doesn’t want to eat candy.

I grew up in a small Norwegian community (Lake Telemark) in northern New Jersey. Recipe for fried chicken livers and gizzards I discovered your comment after searching for brunost articles. Chicken gizzards for dogs Having consumed that delicious brown ‘cheese’ almost daily for the first 25 years of my life I have of late (40 years later) been craving it. Oven baked chicken gizzards I enjoyed your comments and best of luck in Dublin. Chicken gizzards for catfish bait Be careful with your helgefylla sessions – lost a lot of friends to that.

Hi, about 2 years ago we had a very lovely young lady from Trondheim come stay with us and she brought over some brown cheese for us to try…. Best recipe for chicken gizzards I love it!! I’m lucky she keeps sending blocks of brown cheese over to me in New Zealand…. Chicken gizzards in a pressure cooker which I’m eating at the moment yummy !!! Would love to see if some goat farmer here in NZ could made it. How to bake chicken gizzards and hearts off to enjoy a other slice of yummy brown cheese!! ??

Friend from work brought some “brown goat’s cheese” back from a trip and laid it on the SHARE counter. Are chicken gizzards healthy for dogs I like cheese so I figured what the heck….cut off a smallish slice (just in case) and tossed it into my mouth. Are chicken gizzards healthy for you Started making all these EEEUUUUUU faces, but the longer I let it melt on my tongue the better I liked it and actually had another small slice just to be sure I wasn’t crazy. Are chicken gizzards healthy to eat It’s very strong tasting and salty, but strangely addicting. Nutrition facts chicken gizzards I can easily see it on bread with a fruit jam for the sweet to offset the salty.

Tried it in July ’15 on a trip to Norway. Boiling chicken gizzards and hearts Absolutely loved it at first bite. Cooking chicken gizzards recipes Hard to find here in the US but a friend gifted us some and we usually have it at Happy Hour paired with a nice Bourbon. Crispy fried chicken gizzards The caramel flavor of the cheese pairs very nicely with the Bourbon.

Many years ago my Dad would bring home a small block of a brown cheese, which I thought he called Premost. Cooking chicken gizzards in a pressure cooker It was creamed with fresh cream and delicious on toast. Raw chicken gizzards for dogs Long after he was gone, I tried to find it in grocery stores but they had never heard of “premost”. Chicken gizzards good for dogs I found a recipe un an old Norwegian cookbook that simmers a quart of buttermilk and adds a fourth cup of brown sugar. Cooking chicken gizzards for dogs Does anyone know if I am remembering the name wrong? I really enjoyed this brown cheese when I was a little girl.

I adore brunost and eat it when I visit with my family in Norway. Are chicken gizzards good for dogs However, I an unable to digest cow products so they always get me the pure traditional goats cheese. Chicken gizzards and hearts for catfish bait They’re in northern Norway and its readily available. How to make chicken gizzards and hearts They always laugh at me because I have it with my aunts strawberry jam and smoked salmon on bread. Cornbread stuffing with chicken gizzards It is my bizarre little concoction but don’t mock it till you’ve tried it! I am obsessed with it.

Unfortunately in Australia the only brown cheese I can get is Ski Queen brand gjetost and it’s cut with cows milk so I can’t have it.

If anyone reads this and knows SOMEWHERE that you can get pure goats milk brunost please let me know! And yes I’ve tried David Jones food hall / The Cheese Shop in Mosman (Sydney, NSW) and online. Recipe for fried chicken gizzards So annoyed!!!

What a fantastic memory you have stirred. Recipe for fried chicken gizzards and hearts My mouth is watering just thinking of it. How many calories in boiled chicken gizzards I first had it in 1955 when I went on a hitchhiking holiday with my Norwegian friend. Protein in chicken gizzards I always ate it at breakfast on very dark brown bread. How much protein in chicken gizzards I loved it. Is chicken gizzards good for dogs Sadly my friend is dead now otherwise I’d get her to send me some.

It’s awesome. Recipe for tender fried chicken gizzards I love the stuff. How much protein is in chicken gizzards I agree with you on the weird color. Recipe for cooking chicken gizzards I don’t mind now, but the first time I ate brunost I thought it tasted great, but I was put off by the consistency and the color. Are chicken gizzards good for you Now, I can’t stop eating it.

I love it. Chicken gizzards and hearts recipes I first had it in 1990 when my Norwegian flatmate at Uni brought some back after Christmas. Chicken gizzards and hearts for dogs I loved it. Fried chicken gizzards and hearts recipes I couldn’t believe it when I spotted some on Amazon a few weeks ago, and so, 26 yrs after my first taste, I had my second. Are chicken gizzards and hearts good for dogs Totally delicious.

We loved the brown cheese when we visited Norway and brought a couple of blocks back with us. Recipe for chicken gizzards and hearts One of them has this on the label: Flotemysost – A lighter brown cheese made from cow’s milk, with a mild and sweet taste of caramel.

Great article, good humor. Cooking chicken gizzards in pressure cooker I just blogged about my trip to Norway and mentioned the brown cheese. Picture of a chicken gizzard I linked to your article since it was so great. Fried chicken gizzards recipes It was not only the color that is a challenge, but the plastic quality. Chicken gizzard recipe vahrehvah It reminded me of the “play” cheese comes with kid’s kitchens along with the other plastic food. Chicken gizzard recipe spanish I liked it when I tried it though! Here is the post with the link to your article,

We had brown cheese this week on a breakfast buffet at EPCOT in Orlando, Florida. Chicken gizzard recipe filipino Three of the 4 adults loved it at first bite. Chicken hearts and gizzards soup recipe The 4th adult wasn’t crazy about it, and the two children wouldn’t try it.

I’ve been eating gjetost since I was a child. Chicken giblet gravy easy Love it. Chicken giblet gravy recipe easy My dad explained most goat cheese in America is part cows milk. Chicken giblet gravy recipe He said pure was called ekte. Chicken giblet gravy Went to Norway in 1997 and was surprised to find several kinds. Chicken gizzard stuffing recipe All great. Chicken giblet stuffing Another nice find was tutteberry. Chicken gizzard dressing I always have a block or three of gjetost in my fridge.

Love it. Chicken giblet stuffing recipe Not hard to find in stores here on the East Coast (DC area) maybe it is the international flavor of this area. Chicken gizzard dressing recipes Have eaten it all of my life but my kids always called it caramel cheese and would eat the whole block after school if I didn’t hide it. Pressure cooked chicken gizzards recipe I grew up in Northern Wisconsin with Norwegian Grandparents nearby.

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