The tasty cheapskate_ homemade peanut butter cups

Yeah, these are good. Banana cake recipe easy and quick To say they are merely better than the store bought kind would be to stab me in the heart. Super moist banana cake recipe They are in a different league. Banana loaf recipe uk Also, they are easy to make.

Best moist banana cake recipe And gluten-free if you’ve got a Christmas friend in need of such a treat. Moist banana cake recipe My gosh, does that make them a health food? Just don’t ask your scale.

Seriously, though, if you’ve never made your own candy, you ought to give it a go. Moist banana cake recipe jamie oliver All homemade food is beautiful in its own right. Banana loaf recipe nz Which is partly what makes home cooking somewhat spiritual in nature. Best banana cake recipe moist To cook food is a small act of creation. Banana loaf recipe moist In this, as well as other ways, it can be deeply satisfying. Best banana chocolate chip bread recipe Which is why, even though there will be a fair amount of eating-too-many-of-these jokes throughout this post (because some in this family–who have metabolisms to handle it–can pop these babies into their mouths whole as though the peanut butter balls were wee chocolate chips), I usually just eat just one. Banana chocolate chip bread recipe Slowly. Banana nut bread with applesauce Happily. Best banana nut muffin recipe And that’s all I need.

It’s a much different experience that tossing something into your cart at check-out and, honesty–HONESTLY–it doesn’t take much longer. Banana cake recipe without butter Not including the periods of waiting for chocolate to set up, these probably took me 7 minutes to make. Healthy banana bread with yogurt Not counting chocolate melting times, they probably took me 4 minutes.

And if making your own food is good, is spiritual, decorating your food is just one step further. Banana bread with oat flour If it were perfectly healthy, it’d be, like, food nirvana. Banana bread cupcake recipe Beautification is its own little department in the bureau of home cooking. Banana bread recipe low sugar It’s not a step I always take, but with these it’s easy. Banana bread recipe no sugar The melted chocolate does all the work. Banana nut muffin recipe I believe that beautiful chocolates make women feel beautiful. Banana walnut muffin recipe If they made us feel like gross, piggy slobs, they wouldn’t be given on Valentine’s Day, now would they. Banana bread recipe oil Make them yourself and you’ll feel better than beautiful. Healthy banana loaf recipe You’ll feel powerful and beautiful. Banana cake no eggs Now that’s a food worth savoring.

If you’re using a mold (they cost a buck or two at Michael’s), you’ll fill them with melted chocolate on the bottoms and sort of paint it up the sides with your finger. Banana recipes without eggs Let it harden.

While the chocolate is setting, mix up the peanut butter filling. Banana muffin recipe without eggs It won’t be rock hard, but it’ll be rollable.

After they’ve set you can flip them over and do the bottoms, but by the time I got to that step there were only 4 left (true story) and that didn’t seem worth bothering about. Banana nut bread with pecans (Though I do like the contrast of the shelled outside and the soft middle–if, you know, you and yourn have 30 minutes or so of willpower.)

If you’d like the outside to be a thinner chocolate, put a smear of melted (and not extremely hot) chocolate in the palm of your hand and roll the ball around in it.

A note on chocolate. Banana bread nutrition You can buy tempered chocolate. Banana bread cinnamon rolls That way your chocolate won’t get light-colored splotches on it in a day or so. Banana bread recipe whole wheat (Also, I hear that using very high quality chocolate helps with splotching.) You can temper your own chocolate by cooling it off at the right rate. Moist banana bread sour cream I hear that this can be done by melting the chocolate (either in the microwave or over a double broiler), then taking it away from the heat source and adding about an ounce of hard chocolate and mixing it in until it’s melted.

But you’ll have to read up on the internet for more information on this because I never mess with it. Banana peanut butter muffins First of all, it doesn’t change the taste, only the appearance of the chocolate. Secondly, did you miss the part about how I couldn’t even do the bottoms of my chocolate balls because there were only four left. Banana bread recipe for bread machine Ahem.

Note: If using a mold or if you want a really creamy center, you can scale back the sugar to 2 C. Banana peanut butter chocolate chip cookies With the reduced sugar, you might have to get it good and cold in the refrigerator if you’re rolling it into balls. Banana peanut butter chocolate It will be worth it because it is so creamy and awesome, but it requires foresight, which can be lacking in this household.

Beat cream cheese and butter together. Banana peanut butter chocolate smoothie Beat in powdered sugar, then peanut butter.

Roll into balls and cover with melted chocolate. Banana peanut butter chocolate chip muffins You’ll probably use about 1 C or 6 oz. Banana cake with peanut butter frosting chocolate.

If you don’t have a double boiler or a microwave, you can put a bowl over a pan of boiling water (as in find a bowl with a top just bigger than your pan’s top so the bowl is suspended above the bottom of the pan). Banana bread sugar free Then get the water boiling and mix the chocolate in the bowl until it melts. Banana bread gluten free But seriously, this is the type of instruction that keeps people from doing this sort of thing. Banana peanut butter ice cream Just put it in the microwave. 20 second intervals.

noah cried when he saw these. Banana muffins with cream cheese frosting really. Best banana muffin recipe ever and begged me to make them. Easy banana muffin recipe hmmmm, we’ll have to see where that fits into this crazy christmas cooking schedule! maybe in the new year, right? Reply Delete

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