The walking dead season 8 episode 10 review the lost and the plunderers indian recipes with sweet potatoes

This episode focused on six specific characters, showing their names before their mini-story was explored. Said characters were michonne, negan, enid, simon, jadis, and rick. For the most part, their storylines intertwined and were shown in chronological order. Enid’s the exception, as we last saw her heading to oceanside with aaron. Michonne reflects

We pick up very close to where the last episode ended, with michonne and rick finishing filling carl’s grave. Alexandria is destroyed and overrun by walkers, so it is definitely time for the two to head out. Michonne’s heartbreak is palpable as she comes across painted handprints made by carl and judith, and sees a burning gazebo that carl used to sit on top of. She and rick try to put the fire out, but with all the walkers there’s just no time.Carl dead

As they leave, michonne looks back at alexandria’s sign, which reads, “welcome to the alexandria safe zone.

Mercy to the lost. Vengeance for the plunderers.” the tone of this episode and perhaps the rest of the season begins to form. The lost — rick and the survivors we’ve come to know and love — will find mercy (hopefully). The plunderers — negan and the saviors — have trouble coming their way.

Michonne’s scene is heavy with reflection. The only lengthy conversation she has is when she asks rick if he thinks carl truly wanted them to stop fighting and make peace. Fans wonder this too, as the rest of this season could focus on vengeance or rebuilding a community together.

Rick makes it pretty clear he wants vengeance, ignoring michonne and instead saying they’re going to see jadis to get more weapons.Clear wants as they head on to the scavengers, michonne adds that amongst carl’s letters, there’s one for negan. Negan means business

Negan is on the hunt for the missing alexandrians, not to happy that they found a way to escape. Unaware of carl’s death, the head of the saviors jokes about how rick’s “little one-eyed pride and joy” played him.

Simon seems antsy and annoyed around his boss, asking why he was asked to come meet with him. Negan, also unaware of gavin’s death, jokes that gav likely got things handed at the hilltop. That just leaves the scavengers to visit.

Simon perks up at the mention of this group who just betrayed them, saying he can go and clear them out. Negan, however, is absolutely against this idea. He makes it clear he wants no mass punishment for the double-crossing.Completely alone simon is instead ordered to take out one person, per savior usual, to make a point. Despite being completely corrupt, negan still sees communities around him as resources that should be used to his advantage. That can’t be done if they’re all dead.

The right-hand man isn’t too happy with this decision, suggesting it may be time to just cut their losses and move on to another area, take over new communities. Negan notes that “killing everyone to solve the problem… is the easy way. Not our way. What we do, saving people, it is hard. But it damn well works.”

To his point, a coffin is brought in that was sent from the hilltop. Inside is a dead savior, turned walker. A message written on the coffin reads, “we have 38 more. Stand down.” simon is enraged and wants revenge, but negan smacks lucille down, shouting “you will do your job.”

completely alone

This solidifies the very obvious tension between the two. Negan believes he’ll get control of everything again. Simon isn’t too confidant, and that is going to be a real issue when it comes to working together moving forward.

Ross marquand as aaron, katelyn nacon as enid – the walking dead _ season 8, episode 10 – photo credit: gene page/AMC enid (and aaron) escape oceanside

Enid’s storyline was a very odd addition to this episode. All of the other characters are interacting with each other at some point. However, enid and aaron are seen being tied up by the oceansiders. They’re about to be killed when enid works out a deal to be let go, so long as they don’t come back. The one maybe useful part of this story is enid explaining to cyndie that the oceansiders should know the difference between strangers and enemies.Completely alone

That’s about it for these two. Honestly, if the oceansiders never appeared again — like ever — I think TWD would be just fine. Though they could help rick and everyone else, it seems like they want to be left alone and maybe that’s how it should be. Simon lies

His order from negan was to go and make an example of one scavenger. When the saviors do show up, jadis lies about the betrayal, saying she was going to deliver rick to the saviors but they fired on her people.

Simon, pretty ticked off at this point by negan, is not the person to mess with. When jadis doesn’t give him the apology he asks for — replying only with “there is remorse” — simon takes it out on her people. All of them. Every. Single. One.

When simon gets back to the sanctuary with all of the scavenger’s weapons, negan asks how things went.Clear wants before they can discuss what happened more (or really, before negan can interrogate simon and figure things out), a call comes in.

As negan walks off with the radio, simon glances down at his shoe — covered in blue-paint from his skirmish with jadis earlier. She’d kicked him over by some paint before he took her people out. While it doesn’t seem that big of a deal, its evidence of something. Knowing negan, he’ll figure things out soon enough.

Rick and michonne were able to get into the scavengers’ camp and were immediately overrun with walkers. When we saw them earlier in the episode, it was a quick glance. Now, it’s revealed all of these walkers aren’t a trap but instead the ones simon and his team killed.

No longer a leader, completely alone, jadis’ whole character changes.Completely alone she is weak, fragile and for the first time, speaks in full sentences. She explains that this garbage dump served as a canvas for her, where she’d come to paint. After the walker chaos began, she and her community came together here, seeing themselves as a canvas of sorts. As poetic as this is, rick is not here for it.

He sees her as treacherous and not worth saving, thus finds a way out with michonne and leaves jadis behind. As they get out, he shoots a warning shot above jadis’ head, a message to not follow them. This — we’ll get to in a second.

The next thing we see is by far one of the most chilling and disgusting scenes of TWD. Terminus and the governor’s floating heads are up there, but uh… this was pretty gruesome. Jadis literally draws her people towards a disposal.Carl dead they fall into it, are completely churned up, and turn into — well — something of a river of body gunk. Yup.

Our final depiction of jadis is her pulling a box of applesauce out to eat, completely alone in her garbage wasteland. This was one of the better character twists of the season — for jadis to start so strong and end up so destroyed — but to have her scene end on such an odd note seems so wrong. We hope she gets some redemption, or at least some better clothes and food?

Pollyanna mcintosh as jadis, andrew lincoln as rick grimes, danai gurira as michonne – the walking dead _ season 8, episode 10 – photo credit: gene page/AMC rick wants rick-venge.

His dying son basically begged him to become better, to seek peace instead of going on with war and anger.Completely alone so what does he do? He seeks weapons, doesn’t get what he wants, then abandons a woman in a dump filled with walkers.

Nice going? Michonne even calls him out, saying carl was clear about people — especially them — having a choice. They could treat people well or treat them, well, like garbage.

A quick glance (and a few pauses of the DVR) show the letter having phrases for negan like: “I got bit… I was just helping someone… maybe you got out… I think you have to be who you are… is this what you wanted… I wanted to ask you.” ( note: this comes from blurry screen readings, so some of the phrases may not be exact.)

Rick reveals that carl is dead and that there was a letter for negan. The news hits negan hard, and this isn’t surprising since the two had formed an oddly close relationship.Completely alone rick explains that carl wanted there to be peace between the two, but “it’s too late for that.”

This arguably is one of the most emotional conversations between the two. Most of their time has been spent fighting and battling, but a discussion of carl puts things in perspective. Rick says carl was just bitten while trying to help someone; it wasn’t anyone’s fault.

The two seem to almost be at a point where they could make amends, stop the anger in the name of carl. Negan even expresses “that kid was the future.”

And here it is. The vicious cycle these two may never get out of. Their anger and hate for each other trumps anything carl asked for. The two go at it — rick continuing he is coming for negan; negan saying carl is dead because of rick.Carl dead on and on it goes.