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The mainstream media pile-on of the Department of Homeland Security for its directive banning laptops, tablets and other electronic devices on direct flights from cities in eight predominately Muslim countries to the United States follows a familiar pattern.

Rape was once a capital crime almost everywhere. Vermouth gin cocktails But the politically correct culture, with its gift for dumbing down everything, regards rape now not as a felony, but a misdemeanor, something like shoplifting.

Just as it would be impossible to sell a cake containing all the wrong ingredients, it’s not possible to sell a school-choice scheme that is as far removed from school choice as East is from West. Rose vermouth cocktails Not only does school choice not have to cost one dime, but it will save countless billions for hardworking taxpayers and provide every child the opportunity for a quality education that meets their needs, talents and faith. Bianco vermouth cocktails This will result in fewer dropouts, less crime, fewer gangs and less need for welfare, government health-care, abortions and prisons. Cocktails mit vermouth It will surely usher in a new era of liberty, justice, prosperity and domestic tranquility.

Like an overbearing parent, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu prescribes how Cypriots must obey Turkey in order to have a future (“Turkey’s vision for Cyprus,” Web, March 19). Vodka and vermouth cocktails Yet the progress made in the negotiations between Turkey and Cyprus is a result of the leaders of the Cypriot communities taking ownership of the negotiation process and painstakingly defining their own common vision for the future, one in which they share the duties of running a country.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu’s “Turkey’s Vision for Cyprus” (Web, March 19) represents nothing but transparent, shameful, official propaganda of the government of Turkey. Cocchi vermouth cocktails It is a dismal effort to justify Turkey’s ongoing, brutal military aggression against Cyprus (including invasion, occupation, colonization, forcible division, ethnic cleansing, massive violations of human rights, destruction of cultural property, attempted secession, usurpation of property and more).

After the White House announced that a meeting between President Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, was in the works, speculations from scholars came in quickly, especially regarding the possibility of Trump and Xi signing a fourth U.S.-China communique. Sweet vermouth cocktail recipes Even in Taipei there is an extremely high degree of anxiety about this summit, slated for Mar-a-Lago next month.

News good and bad travels quickly. Cocktail with sweet vermouth crossword Donald Trump pledged to secure the southern border, and thousands of prospective illegal immigrants began reconsidering their travel plans. Vodka and sweet vermouth cocktails Even before President Trump has had time to roll up the welcome mat put out by his predecessor, the number of illegals crossing into the United States has fallen dramatically.

The Senate did the right thing this month when it voted to discard the Obama administration rules that would have increased federal standards for the training of teachers in elementary and secondary schools.

I have a rare brain disorder called idiopathic intracranial hypertension. Martini with dry vermouth It affects one in 100,000. Drinks with dry vermouth only My brain thinks it has a tumor but it doesn’t and for some reason it increases production of cerebral-spinal fluid, causing intense spikes in pressure in my head. Cocktails with vermouth and gin It has been so bad that the fluid has twice leaked out my ear and I have had to undergo brain surgery to repair the leaks. Cocktails with vermouth and vodka Doctors tried installing a shunt to direct the extra fluid into my stomach, but that shunt has now failed and I’m awaiting a surgery date to have it removed.

For decades George Melloan has been the insightful pater families of The Wall Street Journal’s editorial pages. Cocktails with vermouth dry Recently he retired as deputy editor and columnist, although he continues still to contribute commentary to the paper. Cocktails with vermouth rosso Yet, he also has taken time to research, report and create this charming and penetrating memoir of his life during the Great Depression and its parallels to Washington’s continuing irresistible impulse to shape America to the liking of our political elites, left or right.

When quotes like Rep. Martini vermouth recipe Steve King’s show up in the news, it threatens the very diversity of the generations of immigrants who expanded this country into what it is today (“White House dismisses Rep. Martini extra dry vermouth cocktails King’s comments about ‘someone else’s babies,'” Web, March 14). Best sweet vermouth cocktails When these statements are offered by an elected official charged with making decisions about modern families, it concerns child welfare advocates because it harms kids. Drinks with vermouth and bitters It is critical for those in power to remember that the people of this country aren’t always a mirror image of those who lead.

Washington has a bad case of whiplash. Martini with red vermouth Barack Obama spent eight years pushing the nation toward the radical transformation that he couldn’t openly talk about. Martini with vermouth and vodka Now President Trump is attempting to stop that train in its tracks.

Donald Trump’s greatest legacy (it’s not too soon to speculate) is likely to be the end of the dependency of the rest of the world on the United States. Martini with sweet vermouth This peculiar relationship was itself a legacy of World War II. Martini with sweet vermouth recipe Europe had been decimated by an earlier world war inflicted on an earlier generation, and the moral bankruptcy that followed enabled the ascendancy of the Nazis and the destruction of the Jews in Europe.

A lot of folks are calling for “evidence” of the Trump Tower wiretaps. Manhattan cocktail recipe with dry vermouth You don’t start an investigation with evidence. Sweet vermouth recipes food That’s what the investigation develops. Mixed drinks with vermouth You start with indications and develop the evidence or lack thereof. Mixed drinks with sweet vermouth However, regardless of what the investigation unearths, President Trump’s tactic and timing were brilliant.

Big Bird doesn’t live at the Public Broadcasting System anymore, but some people have not got the word. Antica formula vermouth recipes Big Bird has moved uptown to new digs at Home Box Office, a subsidiary of Time Warner. Martini rosso vermouth recipes They’ve even moved the street where Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch live. Martini rosso vermouth price Sesame Street runs off Columbus Circle in Manhattan now.

If demography is destiny, in North Korea the guiding force is ancestry. Martini rosso vermouth sweet Like his grandfather and father before him, Kim Jong-un suffers delusions of grandeur, surrounded only by frightened sycophants, coveting a place among the world’s important nations. Drinks with dry vermouth As Pyongyang edges closer to building a working nuclear missile capable of reaching the United States, Mr. Martini bianco vermouth recipes Kim must get the right response to his vow to annihilate his enemies. Martini rossi vermouth recipes Tough talk from the United States and its allies is only a stopgap. Gin martini recipe no vermouth The solution, short of war, lies with China.

The rule of law is under serious assault by the mainstream media and liberals. Gin martini recipe sweet vermouth The fact that more than 500 municipalities throughout the United States are now declared “sanctuary cities” is outrageous.

Republicans in support of “Trumpcare” are walking on thin ice. Dry martini recipe gin vermouth Democrats despise the bill (no surprise there) but even Republicans, the party of the bill’s origin, differ in opinion. Cinzano bianco vermouth recipes As a member of the latter group, I say, Back to the drawing board.

Some of the Democrats trying to come to terms with their new home in the wilderness have chosen Ivanka, the president’s accomplished daughter, as their “lifeline” to the past. Martini rossi red vermouth They see her as the only vestige of light in an otherwise dark, alt-right Trump administration. Martini rosso red vermouth The London Guardian says she’s a “moral compass” for her father, who “might be able to rein in some of the more extreme policies of the administration.”

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