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The itemised details go to an accountant at the end of the financial year and thence to the taxman etc. Sloe gin recipe 70cl Here’s a quick overview.

The prize formula said “either (a) half of all net entry fees OR (b) all net entry fees after the first 150 entries, whichever is the greater, will be divided equally among the ten short-listed.” It was (b) that was activated. Sloe berry gin recipe These go into the accounts of Object Tree Ltd. Easy sloe gin recipe except where otherwise stated, e.g. Sipsmith sloe gin recipe PGP below.

Entries 344 @ ?5. Recipe sloe gin fizz Proceeds from Submittable after their commission and dollar conversion: ?1320

There was no other income or sponsorship in 2016, other than a bottle of Champagne donated.

Book setup + costs for (2 x 10) authors, actors copies (event), judges and helpers copies, approx ?220.

Performance space for event: ?120 (there is a query over this as we were expecting more and it could go as high as ?272, according to our records, but only ?120 has been invoiced).

Total out: ?1239 so far, possibly ?1361 if Brent council bills the additional items that were quoted.

There are a few books left over for sale from the New Short Stories shop (about 6?).

Proceeds from sales on Amazon, B&N etc go to the publisher Pretend Genius Press (PGP), a registered not-for-profit corporation in Maryland, US.

There is an annual fee to keep the books available in the Ingram catalogue, which is an ongoing cost to PGP on all the back issues.

You can see for yourself, it’s just about break even (or a loss really – see update below). Best sloe gin fizz recipe If you want to see previous years’ details, click on the Accounts link below. The best sloe gin recipe Note, there was no competition in 2015.

Update: After reading the previous year’s accounts myself, I see I’ve forgotten to mention the web server costs. Gordons sloe gin recipe These are ongoing at ?230 per year (Webfusion now taken over by Heart ISP). Simple sloe gin recipe That hosts but also several other domains. Make sloe gin recipe If that’s taken into account, we’re running at a loss, of course. Sloe gin recipe gordons (Steve)

We’re delighted to announce that the judge for the International Willesden Herald 2017 New Short Stories competition will be none other than the much admired and super cool Lane Ashfeldt, a writer who is no stranger to the short story form herself.

Lane is the author of the fiction collection ‘SaltWater’, a book of twelve short stories and a novella. Dried sloe gin recipe A contributor to ‘Short Circuit: A Guide to the Art of the Short Story’, her stories have won several international prizes and appeared in numerous anthologies and literary journals, among them Punk Fiction, Dancing With Mr Darcy, The Guardian, The London Magazine, and the Dublin Review. Kilner sloe gin recipe (

Lane has kindly agreed to pick the winning entries from a short list, and hopes to see an eclectic, entertaining and truly international range of writing represented on the list. Sloe gin fizz cocktail recipe We’re looking forward to reading the best stories you have, and you’ve never let us down yet. Sloe gin recipe sipsmith The submission window is from May to August.

The prize fund of ?1200 will be divided among the ten finalists as follows:

• 1st Prize: The one-off Willesden Herald mug inscribed “Willesden Short Story Prize 2017” + ?300

• All ten shortlisted stories will be published in “Willesden Herald: New Short Stories 10”.

Among the many wonders of this is the Swastika laundry van about 4:30-ish in. Sloe gin recipe almond And the skid pan tests at the start, needless to add. Sloe gin and tonic recipe You can’t overturn a Routemaster, though the cornering of some of the drivers always felt like it would. Quick sloe gin recipe There’s concrete in the base so it can never overbalance.

Gina Challen, Tracy Fells, Susan Haigh, Rob Hawke, Anna Lewis, David Lewis, Catherine McNamara, Barbara Robinson, Daniel Waugh, Olga Zilberbourg

Joan Brennan, Gina Challen, Nick Holdstock, CG Menon, Dan Powell, Jo Barker Scott, Angela Sherlock, Megan Taylor, Medina Tenour Whiteman, Lindsay Waller-Wilkinson

SJ Bradley, Alistair Daniel, Merryn Glover, Anna Lewis, Danielle MacLaughlin, Thomas Morris, Marie Murphy, Angela Sherlock, Barnaby Walsh, Nici West

Dermot Duffy, Virginia Gilbert, Nick Holdstock, Charles Lambert, Geraldine Mills, Mary O’Shea, Jo Barker Scott, Eliza Robertson, Francis Scappaticci, YJ Zhu

A. Sloe gin recipe uk J. Sloe gin recipe river cottage Ashworth, Alex Barr, Michael Coleman, David Frankel, Adnan Mahmutovic, Emma Martin, Mary O’Shea, Adrian Sells, Angela Sherlock, Teresa Stenson, Nemone Thornes, Y. How to make sloe gin recipe J. Sloe gin recipe hugh fearnley whittingstall Zhu

Jonathan Attrill, Jo Cannon, Carys Davies, Willie Davis, Julia Goubert, Toby Litt, Jarred McGinnis, Paul McGuire, Nuala Ni Chonchuir, Wena Poon, Peggy Riley, Henrietta Rose-Innes, Kevin Spaide, Tom Vowler

Jenny Barden, Claudia Boers, Ben Cheetham, Carys Davies, Carol Farrelly, Nick Holdstock, Jo Lloyd, Margot Taylor, Jill Widner, Morowa Yejide

Arthur Allan, Jonathan Attrill, Shakti Bhatt, Willie Davis, Steve Finbow, Vanessa Gebbie, Laura Heggie, Nicholas Hogg, Lee Joans, James Lawless, Wes Lee, Olesya Mishechkina, Laura Solomon

…another rather eccentric and marginal artistic project, the Willesden Herald blog.

A community blog written by the people of the London borough of Willesden

Great website. Sloe gin recipe jamie oliver I never thought I’d find a website that appreciated the strange intensity of Willesden sunsets. Recipe for sloe gin river cottage It sounds ridiculous to say you don’t see them anywhere else – but it’s true isn’t it?

Despite your outrageous heightism, I would be very happy to take up your case with the Council…

As you know yourself, the quest for form – the search for the voice and scale necessary to what one wishes to say

– is the primary effort of writing. Sloe gin recipe bbc This may lead one into novel writing at one point, and into the writing of sonnets later on

– rather as Beethoven confined himself almost exclusively to the string quartet after finishing the Op 125 symphony.

We have asked our columnists time and again only to post stories that are not not untrue, but frankly it would be easier to train monkeys. Sloe gin fizz drink recipe Please tell us if we have inadvertently hit on something not not true, and we will uncorrect it. Sloe gin fizz recipe egg white (Ed.)

“One of these days you’ll hear that I died. Recipe for sloe gin jamie oliver That’s what I’ll miss, hearing all the news.”

“There’s no such thing as waiting. Sloe gin jam recipe You are either doing something useful or you are doing something useless.”

“You can put me in a box when I pop my clogs but not before.”

Entire Willesden Herald contents copyright © 2003 onwards. Jamie oliver sloe gin recipe Not to be copied or republished in whole or in part in any medium without prior permission. Best sloe gin recipe ever As is customary, short snippets may be quoted without permission as long as they credit the original here or include a link that serves as a credit to the original here.

Except for permission to include in the Willesden Herald online or other media editions, contributors retain copyright and all other rights on their letters and submissions. Sloe gin ice cream recipe Please include any link or email address in your signature line, if you want it published.

Photos: Pictures labelled “Sphagnum” are Willesden Herald Sphagnum Photo Agency originals, copyright (c) Willesden Herald, 2003 onwards.

Newborn baby girl, found abandoned on a train at Willesden Junction, May 1967 Do you know? William Ennis (married Maureen Hunt) Do you know? Winifred Kennedy, from Cork Researching family history: Simmonds, Denmark Rd, Kilburn

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