This takeaway has some of the best food on this island

The lighting is autopsy stark. Cane sugar allergy There’s a humming fridge beside me and a small bin at my feet. Granulated cane sugar I’m on a wooden stool eating dinner from a counter so narrow that I have to hold my bowl in one hand to get the food to my face. Is cane sugar vegan It’s a funny place to find the best meal I’ve ever eaten in Cork city.

You can smell Miyazaki before you see it. Sugar and cancer 2016 It’s a small Japanese takeaway at the bottom of the tumble of houses on the steep hill that is Cork’s Evergreen Street. Sugar cane liquor If the smell was a sound it would be a song played on a cello – low resonating heart and belly-pleasing savoury stuff. Sugar sugar candy girl I ring up the day before to try and book a seat but they don’t do that. Sugar cane grinder If the stools are free you can have one, the friendly woman says. Brazilian sugar cane liquor There’s usually no big wait.

I’m here with a friend, a regular who shows me some of chef Takashi Miyazaki’s exquisite Instagram food photographs. Cane sugar vegan Days later I’m heavy-breathing over a pictured snack in a gleaming blue bowl that presses the desire button so firmly I’m nearly tempted on to the M8 again just to taste it. Cane sugar soda It’s a ying yang circle of white sesame seeds on one side, black on the other with a peashoot laid along the dividing line. Sugar cane song Curled up on the white side is a blackened mackerel spine coated in cane sugar, crunchy fish candy. Sugar candy girl Holy mackerel spines Batman.

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Unfortunately on a Wednesday night, there’s no sashimi. Sugar cane maui Takashi only uses the freshest fish he can get and that’s not available early in the week. Sugar content in beetroot He defrosts some bluefin tuna from last year’s catch and dots the pale flat rectangles of fish with extraordinary jewel-like shards of yuzu zest (that magical Japanese citrus fruit), house pickle, and miniature egg tributes in potato and roe. Sugar content of beets It comes with salmon belly with paper-crispy skin so right the slices are inhaled by the friend before I spot we’re down to the last one and swoop.

There’s only one problem with this food. Natural cane sugar It’s difficult not to be spotted by the chef in a place this small. Sugar sugar you are my candy girl We’re practically eating in his kitchen. Sugar cane growers cooperative So Takashi comes out for a chat and presents the tuna and another exquisite black bowl of squid cut like pasta, topped with a quail yolk. Sugarcane in australia The bowl has dots of carrot and daikon kimchi and a soupy wasabi that’s a world away from the one-note green grouting stuff typically served up. Candy girl sugar sugar Bedazzled by it all at the end, I miss the fact that they don’t end up on the bill so I’ll stick to the dishes I paid for.

Squid and okura tempura are coated in a feathery batter and come with a gleaming bowl of ten dashi, his grandmother’s recipe Takashi tells us, and one his mother could never make. Sugarcane miami menu It may have skipped a generation but the liquid gleams red-gold like it’s made from essence of goldfish. Hey sugar candy store He makes it with kombu seaweed from Japan just boiled briefly and then finished with bonito, those tuna flakes that are dried, smoked and fermented until they end up not so much skin-thin as barely solid flakes like an exfoliation.

Dialling it up into Michelin territory is the mackerel special, fillets of the freshest fish with gleaming skin sitting in a coffee-coloured miso soup. Link between sugar and cancer Alongside, there’s a wedge of aubergine, sliced so precisely it fans like an exotic sea creature catching food from the swell. Sugar you are my candy girl San sai soba is a bowl of meaty noodle soup, with no meat in it. Sugar cane growers cooperative of florida All its umami comes from delicate wild mushrooms, nutty slurpy noodles and a yuzu kombu broth with the kind of depth that only comes from a chef who’s got a healthy obsession with deliciousness. That sugarcane that tasted good Endless green tea

It all comes with an endless supply of green tea sipped from handleless glazed small cups with dimples in the side. Sugarcane restaurant miami They’re only comfortable to drink from once the tea reaches a cooler temperature. Maui sugar cane train It’s something that feels quietly deliberate.

In her book First Bite, How We Learn to Eat, Bee Wilson touches on Japanese food, explaining how the world’s most exquisite and healthy food culture is relatively new, rather than centuries old as we might imagine. How to plant sugar canes in minecraft Japanese people learned to love fish combined with the savoury meatiness of seaweed, miso and soy sauce recently in a happy marriage between health and flavour. How to grow sugar cane from seed “In the West, the word ‘delicious’ is likely to conjure up something laced with sugar, fat and salt,” Wilson writes. Sugar cane in spanish “Whereas in Japan it signifies a flavour found in mushrooms, grilled fish and light broths.”

Takashi is cooking the kind of food that comes with tables, chairs, wine lists and price tags at least twice what he is charging here. How to plant sugarcane in minecraft It’s probably just a matter of time before someone teams this big talent with a big room but, until then, squeeze in, pull up a stool and let the magic begin. Palm sugar vs cane sugar Miyazaki is the humble home of ridiculously delicious food. Corn sugar vs cane sugar Verdict

Miyazaki Japanese Takeaway, 1A Evergreen St, Cork, Co Cork (021) 4312716. Where to buy sugar cane Dinner for two with green tea came to €42 Facilities Basic staff toilet, not really for customers at all Food provenance None on the menu but ask and you will be told Wheelchair access No Music Pop Vegetarian options Good

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