This tom yum fried rice is the best kind of comfort food. tasty and oh-so-easy to make!

I’m celebrating #FrozenFoodMonth with Tom Yum Fried Rice. Chicken and brown rice recipes healthy Who knew frozen can be as tasty as this one!

I’ve been on a virtual trip to Thailand recently … since March is known as #FrozenFoodMonth. Baked chicken and rice recipes healthy Remember these Pad Thai Spring Rolls I made the other day? Well I have another amazing Thai recipe today.

Chicken and rice dinner recipes It started out when my bestie and I had a fun conversation about traveling and endless eating. Easy chicken and rice dinner recipes Then, Thailand popped up!

The hubs and I had a short trip to Bangkok near the end of 2015 (gosh it feels like we just went there yesterday). Easy chicken and rice recipes healthy It was a fun, too short kind of trip. Chicken and jasmine rice recipes We had some hiccups while we went to Pattaya but overall it was a nice relaxing trip. Ground beef and jasmine rice recipes And the food, oh gosh, I would go back to Thailand just for the food. Chicken breast and jasmine rice recipes I remembered we started our culinary journey the minute we landed there and we did not stop until we left Bangkok. Chicken and rice dish recipes In case you missed it, check out my post about Bangkok here. Chicken and rice hot dish recipes My only regret was not taking my camera with me and relying heavily on my cell phone to take pictures because I knew I would be busy eating … and shopping.

• Pomegranate Pressed-Juice. Easy chicken and white rice recipes This is the a must have when you visit Thailand. Shrimp and rice recipes easy You can spot them after 5pm in shopping carts along the streets in the Pratunam (shopping) district. Rice and shrimp recipes The pomegranate juice is so fresh and only cost $1 per bottle.

• Durian. Easy shrimp and rice recipes This is the King of fruits and I must say Thailand is so fortunate to have this hmmm…aromatic fruits in a very decent price. Shrimp and white rice recipes In short, I’m jealous and I’m now craving it.

• Tom Yum. Rice and shrimp recipes easy I’ve tried Tom Yum in so many different places and of course going to the source is always the best option. Healthy shrimp and rice recipes They use authentic fresh Thai basil, lime leaves, and tamarind to make Tom Yum extra flavorful.

So to satisfy my craving for some Tom Yum, I made Tom Yum Fried Rice the other day. Easy shrimp and rice recipes for dinner I love fried rice. Shrimp and rice dish recipes It’s the easiest dish ever and it’s perfect because I had a few frozen ingredients to use up. Shrimp and rice recipes for dinner The secret to making good fried rice is using 2 or 3 days old rice, so be sure to keep some leftovers in the fridge. Simple shrimp and rice recipes I am used a combination of prawns, chicken, and veggies because a colorful dishes look more appetizing and flavorful. Shrimp and brown rice recipes Lucky me, I can get all of these ingredients easily at Smart & Final so I don’t need to travel all over. Shrimp and rice recipes healthy One thing I love about Smart & Final is you can get fresh ingredients with warehouse price. Quick and easy shrimp and rice recipes It’s like hitting a jackpot, friends!

I first start with making a paste for my Tom Yum. Shrimp and rice dinner recipes You can also use a store-bought one in any Asian grocery store. Quick shrimp and rice recipes Once you have your paste ready, you can start adding your ingredients in. Shrimp and wild rice recipes I used raw shrimp, but you can also use cooked shrimp. Shrimp and white rice recipes easy They both taste the same, except cooked shrimp is ready faster. Easy shrimp and white rice recipes As for vegetables, I used a combination of California blend and mixed veggies to make my fried rice more colorful and flavorful. Grilled shrimp and rice recipes And you can get all these ingredients from the frozen food section. Healthy shrimp and brown rice recipes And that’s a good excuse to pile up on those frozen food from Smart & Final at home.

And there you go … a virtual trip to Thailand, ready in 15 minutes (unless you make your own paste). Shrimp and jasmine rice recipes Until then, let’s play Frozen is Fresh Sweeptakes and you might win a cruise to Alaska. Chicken shrimp and rice recipes Check out this link for more information.

• To make Thai chili paste: mix chili peppers, shallot, garlic, shrimp paste, dry shrimp, and 2 tbs oil in a blender. Jumbo shrimp and rice recipes Add the rest of oil to a pot and add the mixture. Cajun shrimp and rice recipes easy Stir fry about 2-3 minutes. Recipes with shrimp and rice Then add the rest of the ingredients and cook over medium heat until it forms a paste.

• Add 1 tbs oil to a wok over medium-high heat. Shrimp and rice pilaf recipes Add shrimp, and cook, stirring occasionally, until pink, about 2-3 minutes; season with salt and pepper, to taste; set aside.

• Add 2 tbs cooking oil to a wok over medium-high heat. Low calorie shrimp and rice recipes Add chili paste, lemongrass, onion, and kaffir lime leaves. Spanish shrimp and rice recipes Cook for about 2-3 minutes. Spanish rice and shrimp recipes Stir in vegetables and cook for another 1-2 minutes.

• Raise heat to high and stir in the chilled rice. Mexican shrimp and rice recipes Stir quickly until the paste is blended with the rice.

• Add fish sauce and sugar. Chicken and shrimp rice recipes Use the back of a spoon to break up any rice sticking together.

• Cook, stirring constantly, until heated through, about 2 minutes. Shrimp and rice soup recipes Stir in shrimp and lime juice, and adjust the seasonings.

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