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I received this banana bread recipe from my dear friend and fellow graphic designer Julie in Boston about 10 years ago. How make banana bread She brought the bread to work one day and my recipe radar immediately started buzzing. Quick banana bread recipe Of course I asked for the recipe, which she graciously shared with me the next day…on a piece of paper, in her handwriting, complete with a little sketch of a monkey holding bananas. Recipe for easy banana bread About five years ago I digitized all my recipes (i.e. 2 banana bread recipe sat down and typed them all into the computer for hours on end…digitized sounds cooler, though). A recipe for banana bread Despite the digitization, I still hang onto my recipe card box. How to make banana nut bread It’s a treasure. Best recipe for banana bread All those recipes, lovingly hand written, complete with notes, sketches, and, sometimes, the handwriting of loved ones who have since passed. How to make easy banana bread I can still picture many of those handwritten recipe cards, even when I’m looking at a typed version on the computer or iPad. Low calorie banana bread Like with this bread. Basic banana bread That little monkey will never leave my brain and always reminds me of happy times in the design studio with Julie.

This banana bread is soooooooo good. Banana walnut bread recipe A little lighter in texture than other banana breads, but still very moist.

Old fashioned banana bread I brought it to a party last weekend and people were gushing. Banana bread easy And I feel like I can say that with total humility since it’s not my original recipe. Best moist banana bread recipe ALTHOUGH…my tweaks have put it over the edge, if I do say so myself. Banana loaf bread recipe (Okay, humility out the window!) The original recipe calls for nuts, which I hate in my baked goods. Light banana bread Instead, I put in coconut. Best banana bread ever It’s so awesome. Easy moist banana bread recipe Also, I try to use mini chocolate chips whenever I can. World’s best banana bread recipe They distribute beautifully through the bread and are perfect for this recipe. Best banana bread recipe moist That’s not to say that if you use regular chocolate chips you won’t be happy…you will. Vegan banana bread recipe But the minis kind of rock it.

• Mix sugar with margarine/butter. Banana nut bread recipe easy (Jane note: I use my beloved pastry blender to do the mixing until the point when I add the dry ingredients.) Stir in eggs. Homemade banana bread recipe Add bananas, buttermilk and vanilla.

• Stir in flour, baking powder, salt, soda until just moistened – do not overstir!

• Bake 1 hour 15 minutes, until top and edges are browned and the center looks cooked (Jane note: I have dark, non-stick bread pans and my bread is done at ~45 minutes). Very moist banana bread Cool 5 minutes in pan and then on wire rack.

Jane Note: I couldn’t find my second loaf pan last week, so I did one loaf and the rest as muffins. Banana nut bread recipe moist The muffins came out great and cooked in about half the time as the loaf. Diabetic banana bread Half of the batter yielded 11 muffins, so a full batch would be about 22 muffins. Banana bread loaf That all said, I do think I like the loaf form better.

My loaves are in the oven. Easy to make banana bread I have one dark pan and one glass pan. Banana bread moist We’ll see how long each one takes. Delicious banana bread Glad you told me your dark pan cooked so quick, or I would have totally overcooked mine before I even thought to check on it.

wow sounds DELICIOUS!! I can`t wait to try this recipe out. Banana bread from scratch Its funny I was just talking about “digitizing” recipes with a friend today. Quick and easy banana bread recipe UGH! I must take this as a sign and get to work! Right now baking bread or sitting in my hot home office sounds like the last thing I want to do in this heat though!

Wow Yummy! didn’t have buttermilk on hand and the vinegar and milk worked, I used a glass pan and it took 53 minutes and 45 for the metal non stick, just had some warm with a little butter was AMAZING!!!!

My husband loves chocolate chip, coconut banana bread so I looked up recipes on the Internet and stumbled upon this one and just made it. Great banana bread recipe Wow…it was delicious!! My loaf pan was rusted so I had to use my 9?9 brownie pan and it still came out perfect! I made 5 muffins with the leftover batter. Amazing banana bread recipe I let the muffins cook for 15-20 minutes and removed them and the pan cooked for about 33 minutes total. Banana nut bread easy Thanks for sharing this recipe. Easy moist banana bread I will be making it again for my friends and family!! ??

Delicious recipe. 4 banana bread recipe Just baked half in a bread loaf pan and the rest of the batter into mini muffins and my house smells wonderful. Easy quick banana bread Can’t wait to share at work and with the fam. How to make banana bread from scratch Thanks!

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