Thrifty, poor, and formerly poor people of reddit_ what are some simple ways to save money that people wouldn’t normally think about_ _ askreddit

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I’m not very good at the Englishing today. Kerala beef curry recipe coconut milk Instead of the pitcher, I have the big 18 cup dispenser. Malaysian beef curry recipe coconut milk Also, I put a squeeze of lime in my water as well or sometimes mint. Ground beef curry recipe coconut milk If I’m feeling especially frisky, sometimes I’ll do both.

Everyone has pantry staples, but freezer staples are important too. Beef curry recipe coconut milk slow cooker Buy family packs of meat and freeze what you aren’t using right away. Shrimp curry without coconut milk recipe When roasts are on sale, it’s sometimes cheaper than buying ground meat (assuming you have a meat grinder). Prawn curry coconut milk recipe You can freeze herbs in butter or olive oil in an ice cube tray. Authentic thai green chicken curry paste recipe And finally frozen vegetables — stock up when they’re on sale, or buy fresh (on sale) and freeze them yourself.

Between pantry staples and freezer staples, I always have everything I need to make a filling, nutritious meal.

Look at places like and local butchers / markets.

Shop late at night and learn when your supermarket’s mark down items, grab that stuff cheap and keep it in the freezer.

A 30 dollar meal jar from Thermos and some soup\fried rice
oodles\anything that can go in a jar = a delicious lunch that’s still warm and costs almost nothing.

You can also find fucking everything on the curbside of a college campus the week that the school year ends. Authentic thai green curry paste recipe Microwaves, televisions, furniture, computers, that shit just gets left behind and thrown out. Indian prawn curry with coconut milk recipe And it can be yours, for the low low price of a tank of gas and maybe some beer for your friend with a truck.

That’s a good way to get bedbugs, man. Thai beef massaman curry paste recipe And bedbugs, at the very, diy-dirt-cheapest, cost HUNDREDS to treat. Tesco thai massaman curry paste recipe I had a bedbug scare a few months ago, and I tried to buy or rent all the stuff I’d need to do my own pesticides and heat treatments,which are necessary because bedbugs are resistant to pesticides. Simple chicken curry recipe with yogurt Everything all totaled up to be about $650. Simple chicken curry recipe indian style That’s a month’s rent for some people. Simple chicken curry recipe with coconut milk I’m glad I didn’t end up having bedbugs, but holy crap do not EVER pick up furniture off the street. Simple chicken curry recipe In fact, I’d be very cautious about buying used furniture at ALL. Simple chicken curry recipe jamie oliver They can even live in TVs, computers,and books, and they can take months or years to completely kill a colony since most of them are pesticide-resistant.

Pack a lunch, and learn to cook. Simple chicken curry recipe indian Making food yourself saves tons. Easy chinese curry sauce recipe Depending on how thrifty you’re looking to be dropping things like a car and buying a cheap bike pays for itself. Mango chicken curry recipe jamie oliver Also, get a cheap phone. Thai chicken curry recipe jamie oliver I went years with prepaids before getting a “real” phone.

Learn to make dough recipes and eat all you want for a small amount. Green chicken curry recipe jamie oliver Good pizza for 70 cents, that is a whole pizza with cheese. Butter chicken curry recipe jamie oliver Hot pockets, Stromboli and tons of things. South indian fish curry recipe coconut milk Thai food for cheap, go to an Asian market and buy Panang curry paste in a can or red curry etc, add coconut milk some vegetables and some rice, Mmmmm. Best chicken curry recipe ever Eat like a king! Learn to cook. Best indian chicken curry recipe in the world For Pizza I use a baking steel, 3/8 inch. Easy chicken curry recipe slimming world Get some good knives, some cast iron pots and skillets (Lodge or Le Crueset seconds from an outlet store). Easy chicken curry recipe with curry powder Good cooking tools last forever. Easy chicken curry recipe slow cooker Get a Vitamix, perhaps second hand from an estate sale and have good smoothies. Easy chicken curry recipe kerala Buy store bought shrimp on a BBQ, skewers, or in tinfoil with butter. Easy chicken curry recipe indian style Live well for a little.

I survived on 900 bucks a month for years. Easy chicken curry recipe without coconut milk Now I make 10,000 and I still live on a hard budget of 1800 bucks a month.

1st up No Debt. . Chicken curry recipe with coconut milk and tomatoes .EVER!!!!! dont pay rent on money. Easy indian chicken curry recipe with coconut milk I have never had a vehicle payment. Best ever chicken curry recipe I have a credit card that I use as a charge card and pay off every week.

2.) No cable, 2nd phone lines, no “just driving around” if I got out to eat with friends I take a set amount of cash and leave my debit card at home.

3.) If I can I walk or bike fuel is stupid expensive again here in BC so I bike as much as possible in the summer.

4.) Dont bother with name brand cleansers, food or anything really.

5.) Avoid Wal Mart for most things. Best ever chicken curry recipe indian There is a lot of cheap things there but also understand when to spend money too.

I actually carry a “drunk wallet” where I just have basically a 20 and my ID, plus my debit for emergencies. Best delicious chicken curry recipe That way I don’t spend more on booze and food than I’m prepared to, and if I find myself stranded or something I can use my card for an emergency cab

Thats your survival $ if you make more that that GREAT. Traditional thai green curry paste recipe Now every dime you spend over that is “optional” technically.

this includes cable, cellphone (smaller bill), netflix, etc eating out.

So, for food. Thai kitchen green curry paste recipe Poising yourself, seriously learn to cook and you will probably make yourself sick once or twice. Thai green curry soup recipe easy DO NOT EAT OUT unless you absolutely can. Vegetarian thai green curry recipe easy Buy staples and a crockpot. Thai green fish curry recipe easy If you cook big meals like chili that can last you all week. Veg thai green curry recipe easy Rice, frozen veggies, beans. Chicken curry recipe indian style ETC. Simple chicken curry recipe south indian style all that shit lasts longer than you will.

its the biggest expense. Chicken curry recipe indian sanjeev kapoor I.e. Thai yellow curry recipe coconut milk Breakfast $5, lunch $8, quick snack for dinner $6. Thai prawn curry recipe coconut milk thats $19. Thai shrimp curry recipe coconut milk x 5 days of work = $95 a week OR $411 a month. Simple thai green curry recipe vegetarian THATS A CAR PAYMENT!

Cut cable, use antenna, or pirate shit man. Simple thai green curry recipe Kodi and reddit is my entertainment. Simple thai green curry paste recipe EVERY NETFLIX OR AMAZON SHOW is on KODI ( if you must)

Yes! I use a antenna for local channels, and kodi to watch everything else saves so much money. Easy thai green beef curry recipe What other type of meals do you cook in your crock pot?

Review your last three months invoices, gather average data/minutes/texts information. Easy thai green vegetable curry recipe Then go look at some MVNO websites, and see what your current usage costs in a prepaid environment. Panang curry paste recipe thai Factor in that you’ll never encounter overage fees.

MVNO stands for Mobile Virtual Network Operator. Vegan thai green curry paste recipe In short, they buy and resell time on the big carriers. Recipes with thai green curry paste If your current phone is with Att, check out Cricket. Recipes using thai green curry paste If you have Verizon, i recommend Page Plus Cellular.

You can keep and continue to use your existing phone. Recipes with thai curry paste If you need a phone, don’t buy it retail. Easy lamb curry recipe for two Check out Ebay, Swappa, and local pawn shops. Easy lamb curry recipe jamie oliver Ask around, many of your friends likely have a one generation older phone in serviceable condition that you can have for free or $50

If you are in the market for a new device and are committed to buying new, make sure it features WiFi calling. Easy lamb curry recipe coconut milk Don’t carry insurance. Easy lamb curry recipe indian Put it in the bulkiest otterbox you are willing to live with.

Before a big purchase always wait a night before you actually buy it.

Spontaneous shopping trips are almost always bad and will cost you a lot of money.

Make your own coffee at home instead of buying it at a coffee shop every day. Easy lamb curry recipe south africa You can buy a bag of Starbucks brand coffee at Target for around $10 and it will last a long time.

If you save your coins, roll them up yourself and take them to your bank. Easy lamb curry recipe slow cooker Don’t use the coin sorting machines at the front of the store; those charge you 12 cents on the dollar, so for every dollar you have it sort, you’d only get back 88 cents. Easy lamb curry recipe You can get coin wrappers for free from your bank, or buy a large bag of them from any office supply store or even Wal-Mart for a few bucks. Homemade thai curry recipe If you want to splurge, get an electric coin sorter, or the one I like is the manual one that looks like a black flower pot. Simple thai green prawn curry recipe It’s actually four different layers, going in size from quarters down to dimes, and was I think $8 at Wal-Mart. Easy chicken tikka masala recipe using curry paste Sort the coins, roll them up, and deposit them into your bank account.

Some banks offer free coin sorting for their customers, but only if you plan to deposit the money into your account. Veg thai green curry recipe Others will do it, but give you the option to take the cash instead. Vegetable thai green curry recipe jamie oliver If the total comes out to $250.89, they will hand you $250.89, instead of less 12 cents on the dollar, which would leave you with around $30 less.

(UK Based) Get a smart meter fitted (for free from your energy provider) and monitor your usage in realtime.

Turn your boiler down – my old kettle style boiler and tank were set at 90%, turned down to 60% and still enough hot water for 3 people in the morning.

Pay for things in cash so you can physically see what you’re spending.

Like others have mentioned – learn to meal prep, learn to make plans and lists for shopping and limit yourself to one trip a week sticking to said list.

I asked about a similar age restriction on something solar related, and the salesman said it was to keep people from hacking them until the security features got better. Curry paste ingredients recipe I’m pretty sure he was making up something that made sense, at least in his mind. Tikka masala spice paste recipe But, being under 30 automatically makes me a hacker? I mean, I am a hacker of sorts, but that doesn’t mean I’ll stop being one in 2 years. Chicken tikka masala paste recipe I have no interest in tricking “the grid” into thinking I have more solar panels than I actually do.

Stop buying stuff you don’t need. Chicken in red curry coconut sauce recipe Impulse purchases are one of the fastest ways to empty your wallet.

Cancel some of your monthly subscriptions that you don’t need.

Save some money to prepare for issues that might arise, before they become a big problem.

Track what you’re spending money on so you can see where it’s all going.

Buy clearance meat items. Green thai chicken curry recipe easy Seriously they’re totally fine to eat and are usually discounted 30-40% off. Homemade indian chicken curry recipe Beef, chicken, pork have to be safe to eat up to the best before expiry date or stores get sued bad. Homemade indian curry powder recipe Been doing this for years and never had a bad experience. Curry coconut milk chicken recipe Obviously trust your eye but yeah, you should be good.

Idk if this counts but in undergrad I went to college on full scholarship in downtown of big city. Chicken curry recipe indian youtube Parents lived like 90 minute drive from school. Chicken curry recipe indian vahrehvah Dorms were expensive. Chicken curry recipe indian khana khazana Rent near school forget about it. Chicken curry recipe indian punjabi Bought shitty 500 van. Chicken curry recipe indian coconut milk “Pimped it out” with futon and had old laptop from buddy I bought for 100 bucks which was my study tool and tv that i stole wifi from school when parked near enough, hotplate, microwave, mini-fridge stacked on each other. Recipe for chinese curry sauce takeaway Couldn’t ever use them all in unisent but basically had a pretty convenient mobile apartment for a total 1000 bucks and only moved it to different free parking areas around school. Yellow curry coconut milk recipe Showered at gym. Yellow curry powder coconut milk recipe Went home on weekends to stack up on mom’s food and do laundry.

BYOB to the airport. Chicken curry recipe allrecipes It’s legal to bring your own booze through security as long as it’s less than 3.5 ounces per bottle (get airline minis at the liquor store) and put it in your plastic bag that you take out at security.

Then just get a pepsi at burger king and add your booze instead of paying $9 for an airport bar beer.

I’m actually weening myself off altogether, using a kitchen scale. Green curry coconut milk recipe I drink 2 cups/day, but I’ve cut back to 3g of decaf and 22g caffeinated grounds. Homemade thai curry paste recipe In short: I’ll be saving still more once I only get coffee when it’s free or on dates.

From this thread my advice would be: assuming you’re buying coffee, just stop buying coffee.

Frozen veggies are under $1 around where I am (midwest USA) and can be mixed together with ramen or rice for a filling dinner.

I only buy clothes online that are heavily discounted and most of the time you can find a promo code on top of that.

If you have access to clean water, stop buying bottled water.

Try a minimalistic approach on something, anything. Homemade thai green curry paste recipe We dont NEED all that we have. Simple red curry paste recipe We can get by.

I love grocery shopping but not until I switched to Trader Joe’s did I realise how much I waste going to Fry’s or the like. Homemade chicken tikka masala curry recipe Trader Joe’s cuts out all those useless aisle that you don’t need to go down but do because they are there. Green curry recipe chicken Not only this but you actually eat what you buy. Curry recipes for chicken My fiance have mastered the 2 week grocery list by going here.

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