Tiddly winks and moon pies_ apple pie apple crisp (a canning recipe)

I know I keep saying it, but I just can’t help myself. Recipe for caramel apple pie with crumb topping Fall is finally here…the leaves have even gotten the message and started turning golden. Recipe for apple pie with streusel topping Even though it’s going to be short lived (it’ll be 85 next week), I’m going to live it up while I can.

And honestly, what screams fall more than crisp apples? Ummmm… Apple crisp recipes with oatmeal paula deen how about Apple Pie Apple Crisp!?!And since you know you’re going to be craving this amazing food, why not spend some time canning this liquid nectar from the gods so you can have it in January? It’s really not as hard as you would think… Apple tart recipe food network here, I’ll even show you it’s easy!

Apples, Sugar, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Cloves, Salt, Cornstarch, Lemon Juice, Yellow Food Coloring

* 6 lbs Apples, any variety used for baking (about 32 cups of sliced apples depending on how much you pack into a jar)

Along with canning supplies {Wide Mouth Jars, Lids, Rings, Water Bath, Jar Lifter}

Start by sterilizing lids, jars and rings. Apple pie recipe food network kitchen To do this, place the lids and rings in a small saucepan and simmer on low while you cook the sauce. Dutch apple pie topping recipe with oats Also, now is the time to bring your water bath to a boil.

Apple crisp recipe with oats healthy Because nothing ruins the canning momentum like waiting for that massive pot to boil. Apple crisp recipe with oats no flour To sterilize the jars, I just place them in the water bath (filled with water) and bring to a boil with the water. Apple crisp recipe with oats and honey Pull them out just before filling with apples and sauce. Apple crisp recipe with oats canadian living Keeps the jars hot to fill with hot things. Apple crisp recipe with oats and walnuts Gotta keep it germ-free.

Next you peel and slice your apples. Apple crisp recipe with oats martha stewart If you happen to have a fancy peeler, corer, slicer thingy, use that. Apple crisp recipe with oats and brown sugar If you don’t (I didn’t), just peel and slice yourself. Apple pie recipe from scratch easy It doesn’t really matter. Apple pie recipe from scratch without shortening It all tastes the same anyway. Apple pie recipe from scratch You’ll need to end up with around 32 cups of sliced apples. Crumb apple pie recipe food network Just get your biggest bowl and fill it up. Apple streusel bundt cake recipe Put aside. Apple streusel cake recipes easy {and if you’re worried about the apples turning colors, they are going to go brown when you cook them anyway, so don’t stress}

Be prepared to think this looks really gross… Apple streusel coffee cake recipe because it does. German apple streusel cake recipe It’s going to look like really watery milk. Hummingbird apple streusel cake recipe But it will get better. Cracker barrel apple pecan streusel pie recipe I promise.

Better right?! It’s going to look a lot like caramel, but not quite as thick

Remove from heat and add Lemon Juice and Food Coloring. Easy apple pie recipe (side note: You CANNOT skip this step for canning. Easy apple pie recipe with brown sugar It’s where the acid comes from that preserves the food. Easy apple pie recipe with frozen crust So please don’t be like me and waste an entire batch because you forgot to put in the lemon juice. Easy apple pie recipe nz Because it will break your heart. Apple pie drink recipe with brown sugar And I don’t want that to happen)?

Then finish pushing in as many apples as you can into the jar without going up the neck. Apple pie recipe with brown sugar crumb topping Fill with more sauce. Simple apple pie recipe with brown sugar Release the air bubbles by using the knife to slide around the sides of the jar. Apple pie recipe with brown sugar and cinnamon Then fill up the neck with apples and sauce, leaving 1/2 inch headroom. Apple pie recipe food network ina garten {hope that made sense}.

Once they have processed, carefully take the jars out of the water bath and place on towels to cool down. Apple pie recipe southern living If you are like me, some of your jars may leak out sauce when they start to cool. Best ever apple pie recipe southern living Don’t worry about it. Dutch apple pie recipe taste of home It will still seal just fine. Just wipe it off after it’s cooled down.

I need to thank my best friend Tammy Gibson for the recipe she doctored from allrecipes.com and Betty Crocker for the basis of the recipe I doctored for the crisp. Caramel apple pie recipe taste of home Isn’t it great that people are so willing to share?!

If you like what you see, please leave a comment or become a follower. Apple pie recipe lattice crust Just so you know, I do a little happy dance everytime I get a new comment or follower. Flat apple pie recipe pioneer woman Really. Dutch apple pie recipe pioneer woman I should put it on youtube. Apple pie recipe pioneer woman So come on- give my kids a show!

Nashville, TN, United States The name is Janice. Apple tart recipe pioneer woman My loveys call me Jan-Michael, Pookie, or Jan-nie. Dutch apple pie recipe paula deen Those loveys consist of my wonderful husband Don, my four crazy boys Bubba (9), Big D (7), N-dog (4), Mr. Apple pie bars recipe paula deen E (2), and such a large extended family that it would take me an extremely long paragraph and at least a month to come up with cleaver nicknames for them all. Apple pie easy recipe from scratch In the BC (before children), I was a mad-scientist, a.k.a. Apple crumble pie south africa middle school science teacher, but left the wonderful world of teaching to stay at home. Apple pie recipe with lattice crust And where is home you may ask? I’ll be blogging from the hills of Tennessee.

Now you may be wondering why I started this little blog… Apple pie recipe martha stewart it’s really a long, drawn out story, but I’ll give you the sweetened, condensed version: I love to make things. Apple cake recipe paula deen Lots of things. Apple caramel cake recipe paula deen Crazy things. Apple tart recipe uk It’s gotten to the point that my friends and family have told me that I need to start a blog to teach them how to do what I’m doing. Best dutch apple pie recipe from scratch So even if no one other than my family and friends check out this little blog, I’ll still feel success at being able to teach something to someone. Homemade dutch apple pie recipe from scratch View my complete profile

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