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I have never been one to shy away from adventure, and for those of you in Our Town that know me, I’m certain you would firmly attest that is a true fact.

This installment describes a whopper, a 10/10 on the out-of-the-box meter regarding adventure.

Since that famous spring break period from schools all across this great country of ours is fast approaching, I thought I would share with you one I pulled off with great gusto.

My bride and I always took our three growing children with us during spring break experiences every March, and being the trip planner of the family, I made sure our family always experienced a different location each year. Abbot’s pizza venice These various destinations were almost always outside Oklahoma, since we regularly made in-state visits at other times during the year with either day trips or weekend outings. Happy pizza venice As I have previously stated, my dear father, Col. Best pizza restaurant in venice C.H. Oke pizza venice Breedlove, instilled in me very early in my life, that necessity to get out and see the world. Best pizza venice beach He also thought school education was important, but it was always topped by real world experiences gained by traveling planet earth. Venice pizza & pasta Because of these early life experiences I gained, I have always tried to pass these values forward to my children. Venice pizza malvern pa My wife, Debbie, and I think we have certainly led by example, in that area of our parenting.

As our youngest child, Robbie, advanced thru Stillwater Public Schools, he would go on these family spring break trips, and appear to have a great time along with his two siblings.

However, those earlier family times were pale when compared with what happened when he arrived at Stillwater High School. Johnnies pizza venice Over his three years there, he had three humdinger spring break experiences with his buddies, courtesy of my dear friend, Alan, and me. Pizza restaurants in venice This saga is about the first of these forever memorable outings.

Early in 1999, I announced to Mr. Best pizza restaurant in venice italy Boo-Boo (Robbie’s family nickname, of course) that after extensive consultation with Alan, my wonderful, go-to friend and fellow football official, Robbie could invite 7 of his Stillwater High School sophomore male friends for a spring break adventure. Venice pizza house san diego ca What were the 10 of us going to do for a week, pray tell?

Alan and I drove to south Oklahoma City, and I rented the largest (26-foot) Cruise America fully-equipped motor home they offered. Venice pizza hamilton The 10 of us then traveled round trip, from Our Town to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Why there? Because Ms. Venice pizza hut Debbie and I had purchased a new three-bedroom town home there a few years earlier, and because anyone who has ever been there knows in spades, Jackson Hole is an absolutely amazing place to visit. The best pizza in venice And in the middle of March, there is plenty of snow still around to keep eight young boys and two older guys quite occupied for several days in the great northwest Wyoming outdoors.

Robbie made his decisions who to invite, and I cemented the deals with the boys’ parents. Best pizza in venice beach Alan, a retired E-9, army command sergeant major, with incredible organizing skills, did his required planning, and our travel group was ready to blast off. Venice pizza el cajon blvd Needless to say, Ms. Best pizza place in venice Debbie was more than happy to stay at home and relax while we were gone.

What an adventure!!! I still get excited just writing about it now, realizing it happened almost 18 years ago.

As luck would have it, the weather was all right as we pulled the large vehicle out of our home driveway late on that weekend day, Alan drove first, as he had had lots of previous experience driving his parents’ motor home over the years. Venice pizza pasta I, on the other hand, made a good conversation co-pilot.

I did take some of the driving time during the almost 3,000 mile round trip adventure. Best pizza venice ca As night began to fall on I-35 north headed to Kansas that initial day, we encountered a minor snow storm.

We were further challenged in the frontal cab area to discover where the cab frame joined the much larger living area behind us that housed the eight teenage boys having an early inside party(?), our cab had a large leak

Therefore, up front, we had to stuff various items into the gap to keep the cold snow, ice and water out, and not dripping all over us. Abbots pizza venice Later that evening, we stopped off I-70 west in northern Kansas, and slept in a motel, while the boys enjoyed the comfort of the motor home next to our room. Best pizza place in venice italy The next day, we drove through northern Colorado, and then crossed over into southern Wyoming.

Alan and I traded off the driving, while we filled each other’s ears with conversation. Pizza delivery venice florida Alan also played music selections he brought from home on the vehicle’s music system, and, of course, together we loudly sang along,

Not sure what the younger set did in the back as we had no easy way to communicate with them from our isolated, enclosed cab. Domino’s pizza venice fl We did discover later, the boys made certain printed signs they flashed at passing motorists, and, possibly, got some responses? I guess the adults were fortunate our vehicle was not stopped by any law enforcement folks all week.

Alan drove the last leg into then snow-covered Jackson Hole, and we were all super glad to arrive at our large, cozy, town home for our several-day stay.

The younger guys took full advantage of the winter wonderland via snowboarding, sledding and walking the few blocks into the downtown area.

Alan, being a great cook, too, prepared most of our meals, while I tried to be a good cook’s helper. Pizza venice fl delivery The teenagers did a great job of helping, too, around the town home. Venice florida pizza restaurants I closely observed their individual abilities to get along together, and noted we really never had any major behavior issues the entire trip.

On the return drive to Our Town, we took a different route, and headed directly south through Utah. Amore’s pizza venice florida One minor glitch was the back (living area) main heater where the boys were basically quit working in those very cold conditions coming home, so we made a brief pit stop in Salt Lake City. Venice florida pizza delivery There, we attempted to get the Cruise America vendor to repair our back heater.

After their mechanics made a few unsuccessful tries to get it working, the vendor gave us a different vehicle to take on our way. Domino’s pizza venice florida We then headed to far southern Utah where we stopped for the evening. Best pizza venice florida The weather was super cold that evening, even inside the small camp cabin Alan and I rented and attempted to sleep.

The real surprise, however, was early the next morning when the boys informed us the newly acquired motor home’s inside LP gas heater had run out of fuel during the night, so they were very cold, too. Pizza venice beach ca I vividly remember the mad dashes outside to the inside shower/toilet facilities by all 10 of us getting ready so we could leave the campground early that frosty morning.

There were so many memories made on this incredible trip, but one I have repeated many times also happened on the return trip. Venice pizza menu williamsport pa We had finally arrived in Gallup, New Mexico, in the far northwestern part of the state, when we stopped at a busy truck stop to take a much needed break. Venice pizza house yelp The very high desert winds that day that played havoc with our large surface vehicle.

After about a half hour break in which we refueled and everyone got snacks during that busy Friday afternoon, we started our long driving segment east on I-40.

About 10 miles later on I-40, the boys got our attention in the front cab, and informed us we had left one of the teenagers back at the truck stop. Venice house pizza prince albert Oh, my, gosh, Alan and I immediately thought as we found the first turnaround opportunity, and roared back to the prior stop location. Venice house pizza saskatoon Low and behold as we approached it, we could see Ryan, standing on the edge of the busy truck stop with his snacks in his hands, looking all sad. Venice pizza elkridge maryland However, he immediately began smiling when he saw the familiar Cruise America motor home returning. Venice pizza elkridge md menu Remember, folks, there were NO cell phones in those days!

So, we eventually safely arrived home, the crowd dispersed, each person to his home, and all 10 of us had formed many, many great memories in our mind’s eyes.

Extra special memories, I’m sure, for Mr. Venice pizza in elkridge md Ryan, and his lonely wait for us at the Gallup, New Mexico, truck stop.

Robert Breedlove is an Oklahoma State University news-editorial journalism graduate, and a former newspaper (including News Press) reporter. Old venice pizza starkville ms He resides in Stillwater, and has for most of his life. Old venice pizza memphis He has been a contributing writer to various media over the United States for years. Old venice pizza tupelo He may be reached at dermrefmd@aol.com.

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