Top 10 best and tasty indian chicken recipes

Chicken is considered as the most common poultry in the world. Best salmon recipe This food item is well known for its rich protein content as well as other health benefits. Best salmon recipe baked This is one of the great non-vegetarian food item preferred by almost all. Best salmon recipe ever There are tasty and famous chicken recipes in India. Best salmon recipe oven Here we are introducing top 10 best chicken recipes.

Best salmon steak recipe These are delicious and loved by all age group. Best smoked salmon recipe All are quite easy to make. Chicken best recipes If you are searching for a good chicken recipe, check out our list.

This recipe is considered as one of the famous and spicy chicken dish in India. Delicious baked salmon recipes There may be variation in different places. Easy baked salmon recipe But this is an inevitable delicious chicken dish on special occasion, which is quite easy to make. Easy canned salmon recipes The most well known spicy chicken recipe is Chicken Kolhapuri. Easy delicious salmon recipes Freshly-made malvani masala is regarded as the highlight of this chicken curry. Easy oven baked salmon recipes 2. Chicken tikka masala

The Chicken tikka masala is known as most popular restaurant meal across the globe. Easy recipe for salmon patties This is a dish of roasted chunks of chicken tikka in a spicy sauce. Easy salmon burger recipe According to the survey of 2012, it was the country’s second-most popular foreign dish to cook, after Chinese stir fry. Easy salmon dinner recipes The sauce is generally spiced, creamy as well as orange-colored.

The Kadai Chicken is known as a North Indian and Pakistani dish. Easy salmon patty recipe This is a high protein, spicy and delicious chicken recipe that can be cooked for any occasion. This recipe is quite easy, simple to make. This dish can be served with roti or naan and rice. Easy salmon recipes baked It is little dry and cooked with a rich aroma given by the onions, tomatoes and ginger. Easy salmon recipes oven 4. Chicken Handi

The Chicken Handi is considered as quite different from the above listed items. Easy smoked salmon recipes It is liked by people those who like delicious spicy food. Fresh salmon cakes recipe This is a traditional chicken dish cooked in a handi. Fresh salmon patties recipe It is known as one of the spicy chicken recipes in India, which is easy to cook and takes a little time. Grilled salmon burger recipe Its creamy sauce offers an unexpected unique flavor. Grilled salmon recipe jamie oliver 5. Butter chicken

The Butter chicken is regarded as an Indian chicken dish with mildly spiced curry sauce. Grilled salmon steak recipe This dish is also known as murgh makhani. Grilled teriyaki salmon recipe This is very popular among all the Indian restaurants. It is best served with jeera rice, pulao, ghee rice, paratha and plain biryani. Healthy salmon cakes recipe This dish is considered as one of the most popular Indian curries across the world. Healthy salmon recipes baked 6. Japanese teriyaki salmon recipe Nimbu Haur Hari Mirch ka Murg

The Nimbu Haur Hari Mirch ka Murg is known as one of the best chicken dishes. Dried fenugreek leaves, clarified butter, coriander powder, green chillies, malt vinegar, yogurt, yellow chillies, ginger, garlic, onion, coriander leaves, chicken, yellow chilli, turmeric, yoghurt, lemon, cream etc. Oven baked salmon fillet recipes are its ingredients. Oven baked salmon recipes It can served with a slice of roti. Quick baked salmon recipes 7. Chicken Stew

The Chicken Stew with Appam is a popular breakfast fare in Kerala, which is considered as a good side dish with Appam. Quick easy salmon recipes It is very easy to make. Recipe baked salmon fillet This dish is filled with exotic choice of ingredients like garlic, potato, and ginger. Recipe for baking salmon This is best served with appam. Recipe for fish cakes The Chicken Stew with Appam is made with distinct flavor of coconut milk and coconut oil. Recipe for salmon burgers 8. Murg Rezala

The Murg Rezala is a well known chicken curry popular in Bengal. Recipe for salmon cakes This recipe has a Mughlai Origin. Recipe for salmon croquettes Salt, chicken, clarified butter, onion, yogurt, ginger, garlic, white pepper, green cardamom, desiccated coconut, kewda, cashew nuts, khoya etc. Recipe for salmon loaf are the ingredients of this dish. Recipe for salmon patties This is extremely flavorful with very delicate flavors. Recipe for salmon salad 9. Sali Marghi

The Sali Marghi is regarded as an age-old Parsi preparation, which is made up of some ingredients such as cumin seeds, vegetable oil, garam masala, potatoes, onion, green chillies, ginger, chicken, garlic, red chilli, tomato puree, turmeric, salt etc. Recipe for smoked salmon dip This chicken dish offers great taste. Recipe for smoked salmon pasta Sali Marghi is also known as Sali Chicken. Recipe for smoked salmon pate 10. Chicken Do Pyaaza

The Chicken Do Pyaaza is considered as a scrumptious non-vegetarian Punjabi dish, which is popular for its rich and thick tomato gravy. Black cardamom, chicken, mint leaves, onion, ginger, fenugreek, turmeric, red chilli, garlic, coriander leaves, clarified butter, green chillies, cinnamon, tomato, yogurt, coriander powder, cumin seeds, cream, salt, green cardamom, mace etc. Recipe for thai fish cakes are its main ingredients. Recipe smoked salmon pasta This is a traditional Indian classic chicken recipe.

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