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If you’re a terrible cook like me, you’ll know that sinking feeling of walking into a Japanese supermarket and realising you have no idea what anything is, let alone how to fashion it into something edible.

You will also realise that most of your tried-and-tested recipes from home either contain things impossible to find in Japan, or require an oven. how to cook bacon in the oven using parchment paper And who has an oven in Japan?

So you think “Okay. how to cook bacon in the oven without parchment paper I’ll try and find Japanese recipes in English…” and they include stuff like “You will need miso”! You will need MISO! Have you seen a miso aisle, recipe writer?! You’re gonna have to be a bit more specific than that!

Here are the top 5 things you have to look out for in any Japanese supermarket, that may just save you from starving.

These things are a lifesaver. what temperature can you cook bacon in the oven Go to the supermarket and buy some, you won’t regret it! Cheap (at around 100 yen), healthy, and go with any of the things I am about to show you. how do you cook turkey bacon in oven More importantly, all the preparation required is 1: open bag 2: put in pan 3: turn on hob 4: wait. how to cook back bacon in oven (Washing the veg and adding a little bit of oil to the pan also help!)

They contain ingredients like carrots, cabbage, Japanese mushrooms and moyashi (bean sprouts), but vary depending on brand and season. how to cook peameal bacon in oven I like the brand above as they don’t contain many mushrooms, but you can find ones that are mixed more to your taste. how to roast peameal bacon in oven If you’re really on a budget, you can buy bags of just moyashi, that will set you back about 30 yen. how to cook bacon in oven without splattering If you’re using the veg as a main part of the meal, one bag is enough for two meals.

Pair these veg with many types of noodle such as chinese-style (??) and some pepper to get a vegetarian friendly, super quick meal. how to cook bacon in oven on parchment paper Add them to the top of ramen to fill it out a bit. how to cook bacon in oven no preheat Add mirin, sake and soy sauce when cooking these for a typically Japanese umami flavour. how to cook bacon in oven without parchment paper The possibilities are endless!

You will see these in the fridge section, in aluminium containers. how to cook bacon in oven crispy Buy one and take the ingredients out from their separate packages, put them in the aluminium tin, put the tin on the hob and heat up. how long do you cook turkey bacon in oven You have yourself a meal! No other ingredients required, but you can add extras like the veg in 5) if you wish. how to cook bacon in a toaster oven Beware! If you have an electric/IH stove, you may not be able to use the original tin, even if the packet says “IH ??” or “IH compatible”. how to bake bacon in a gas oven (“IH incompatible” is “IH???”) In this case just transfer to your own saucepan or frying pan.

Another really easy, healthy meal comes in packages that look like this. recipe for fixing bacon in the oven Search for ????? written on the packet. recipe for bacon wrapped asparagus in the oven This is a Nagasaki speciality which in its full-fledged, authentic version contains octopus, prawns, fish paste and all sorts, but works well with just veg too.

Grab a bag of vegetables as in 5) and heat in a pan. recipe for bacon wrapped shrimp in the oven (If you want to add meat or other ingredients, heat these up too) Add the noodles, broth powder and water, heat up and you’re done! Quick and easy meal with the bare minimum of prep and washing up required, what’s more to love?!

Thinly sliced pork goes with anything! Chinese food, Japanese food, western food… turkey bacon in the oven recipe anything is possible with this stuff. recipe for bacon wrapped scallops in the oven Pair it with the wondrous vegetables in 5) and you have a perfect noodle accompaniment. recipe for baking bacon in the oven I guess it works with rice too. cooking bacon in the oven rachael ray It may sound like “thinly sliced pork” is a needlessly long term for bacon, but the Japanese version isn’t as salty or flavourful, is thinner, and has more streaky fat- than British bacon, anyway. cooking bacon in the oven directions The more subtle flavour (okay, boring flavour) means it doesn’t overpower the rest of the meal (okay, it doesn’t really taste of much but gives you a more balanced meal). cooking bacon in the oven on a rack (I miss decent bacon) (Sigh)

This is the ultimate in cheap, easy, and healthy meals. cooking bacon in the oven games The picture above has those magical words ??? ( gu iri), meaning that the packet contains the main toppings. cooking bacon in the oven uk Add the vegetables in 5) and the pork in 2) to make it even better. cooking bacon in the oven alton brown Even the non-gu iri stuff just needs 5) and 2) to be ready- just add the included sauce, and maybe water if required. cooking bacon in the oven ina garten The great thing about Sara Udon is that the noodles are ready to eat- just stick them on a plate and bob’s your uncle! The noodles are not like usual udon as they are thin, crunchy and almost snack-like, which also means that these things have a shelf life to compete with any emergency biscuits that may be hiding in your cupboard.

Stock up on a few of these, and you will never go hungry in Japan!

Do you have any super easy, Japan friendly food hints? What do you cook at home in Japan? Leave a comment!

I wonder if those yaki soba packs qualify for a list like this. cooking bacon in the oven on parchment paper Just chop up some veg and throw in a bit of meat and you’re good to go. how long do you cook peameal bacon in the oven Not sure how healthy yaki soba is though, but it’s super tasty!

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