Torrefaction of indonesian sugar-cane bagasse to improve bio-syngas quality for gasification process

Torrefaction of Indonesian sugar-cane bagasse to improve bio-syngas quality for gasification process

Bio-syngas from gasification of sugarcane bagasse is one of the most promising sources for renewable energy. Sugarcane farming in india As an agriculture-based biomass, sugarcane bagasse has a high content of moisture (46-52%), fibrous (43-52%) and low bulk density (80-120 kg/m3). Is sugarcane a fruit This quality of bagasse will tend to initiate agglomeration and cause de-fluidization. Sugarcane cultivation in india It will disturb the gasification process and finally will decrease yield and quality of syn-gas. Sugarcane australia Its chracteristics in low quality can be improved by pretreatment, i.e., torrefaction process, addressed by slow heating of biomass on wet or dry conditions on atmosphere pressure for 1 hour before it is used as feedstock gasification. Is sugarcane good for you This preliminary work features an experimental investigation of torrefaction process of Indonesian sugarcane cane bagasse. Sugarcane juice machine price Temperature of torrefaction varies from 150, 175, 200, 225, 250 and 300 °C. Is sugarcane juice good for diabetics For bagasse gasification process, the optimum temperature of dry torrefaction is 150 °C. Sugarcane juice machine price in chennai At this temperature, yield of syngas will higher than other torrefaction temperature. Sugarcane juice machine price in coimbatore Temperature of dry torrefaction will give energy saving opportunities than that’s of wet torrefaction (180 °C, 1 hr). Where to buy sugar cane sticks Analysis ultimate and proximate also indicate that sugarcane bagasse with temperature torrefaction 150 °C give better result than other torrefaction’s temperature in high content of hydrogen and low content of carbon. Sugar cane seeds for sale © 2015 The Authors. Sugar cane seeds minecraft Published by Elsevier Ltd.

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