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“You think about the Sonoran desert, the Sonoran sun,” he said, noting that before the age of refrigerators, Sonorans had to dehydrate and preserve much of their food or else it would spoil in the heat.

La Pierre’s introduction to Sonoran food was part of the new “Kitchens of Nogales: La Zona Gastronomica” tour offered by the Tubac-based Border Community Alliance (BCA). Best lunch places in los angeles The six-hour trip introduces Arizonans and other tourists to Nogales, Sonora’s food scene by visiting a craft brewery, food truck plaza, restaurant and coffee shop.

The group on last Saturday’s tour met at the Burger King in Nogales, Ariz. Best indian food in chicago before walking across the border and loading into a white passenger van. Best lunch places in new orleans Tour-goers included residents of Patagonia, Green Valley and Tucson, as well as visitors from Chicago and Kenosha, Wis.

After passing around the machaca, La Pierre shared a jar of chiltepines – small, round, red dried peppers. Best food places near me He described the peppers as spicy but said the flavor doesn’t linger for long. Good fast food places near me La Pierre called the chiltepin the mother of all chilis since indigenous people used it to breed new varieties of chilis.

He listed ristras – strings of dried chilis – and membrillo – thick, burnt orange-colored jelly made from the quince fruit – as other examples of dehydrated and preserved Sonoran food. Soul food restaurants in miami La Pierre said he imagined Father Eusebio Kino living off of machaca and membrillo – which he called “Spanish colonial power bars” due to their high sugar content – during his horseback explorations of Sonora in the late 17th and early 18th centuries.

Tortillas sobaqueras – giant, almost see through-thin wheat tortillas – are another iconic Sonoran food. Soul food restaurants in atlanta ga As for Nogales-specific favorites, he pointed to bellotas, or acorns, taken from oak trees that grow in the city’s higher elevations and sold by the bag in August and September.

As the group filed back into the van, La Pierre explained the history of another Nogales landmark: a sculpture of national hero Jesus Garcia and his train engine. Soul food restaurants in atlanta georgia Driving the Maquina 501 in 1907, Garcia sacrificed himself by diverting the train, whose dynamite cargo had ignited, to prevent it from exploding in the Sonoran town of Nacozari.

Mono Bichi and Maquina 501 are also the names of Nogales Brewing Co.’s beers. Good chinese food that delivers near me The first is pale ale and the latter is a porter. Soul food restaurants in nj Their other beers are Mamacitra, an IPA, and Venado, a blonde. Best lobster in atlanta Tour-goers sampled each beer as owners Andres Vega and Rene Garayzar, two 20-somethings with engineering degrees, explained their brewing process and how they became the first certified craft brewery in Nogales.

After learning to home brew, Garayzar decided to open a brewery in Nogales because larger cities like Hermosillo and Mexicali, where Vega went to school, were already saturated with certified and backyard craft breweries. Best lunch restaurants in los angeles The brewery opened for business in June 2015 after the pair received a small business grant from the federal government.

Garayzar said most Nogalians aren’t used to hoppy beers like the Mamacitra and prefer lighter flavors like the blonde Venado. Best lunch spots in los angeles He said he hopes to open a brew pub closer to the border before expanding distribution to Hermosillo and then Tucson.

The next stop on the tour was also illustrative of a new gastronomical trend in Nogales: food trucks. Famous restaurants in los angeles for celebrities Plaza la Granja, a block away from the Avenida Tecnologico in the Granja (“farm”) neighborhood, was filled with a variety of food trucks, a permanent bar serving Nogales Brewing Co. Famous restaurants in los angeles beer and drinks like micheladas, a blend between a beer and a Bloody Mary. Best lunch spots in san diego There’s also a stage for live music.

Opened in November 2016, the food truck assemblage offer classic Mexican food, sushi, Chinese stir fry dishes, pizza and seafood. Popular restaurants in los angeles Most of the tour-goers simply browsed the offerings in preparation for the upcoming full-course meal, but some ordered a quick snack, including Sue Rock, who ate two shrimp tacos from the Granjas Grill.

La Pierre said the vast majority of Mexican food in Nogales is of the Sonoran variety. Best restaurants in san diego One exception is La Llorona, a restaurant serving central Mexican cuisine, just down the street from Plaza la Granja on Calle Hermosillo.

On the table were chips with a very spicy cucumber pico de gallo and salsa verde, avocado and bean dips. Best restaurants in downtown san diego The appetizer was a sweet, creamy guacamole with the unique ingredients of goat cheese and watermelon. Best places to eat in downtown san diego Watermelon slices and pork rinds were served on the side to dip into the dish.

“One thing I think is interesting is the contrast of the textures because the shell is very crispy but the meat is really tender and well cooked,” said 59-year-old Murry Holmstrom, Eric’s father and a retired teacher living in Green Valley. Best places to eat in san diego on a budget “For the flavors, it’s the pork in there, but there’s like a citrus that’s very good and the tomato sauce really has a nice kind of mild spice to it.”

Located in the upscale Kennedy neighborhood, the cafe is modern, with a heated outdoor porch and shiny, silver walls on the inside. Good places to eat in san diego In addition to coffee drinks, the cafe offers desserts like flan and carrot cake a la mode. Mexican food in san diego Guests can order from their table rather than the counter, and their dishes are cleared by the staff. Best seafood restaurants in san diego Several tour-goers bought coffees to go, caffeinating in preparation for their drives home.

Their culinary journey over, the passengers were dropped off near the Dennis DeConcini Port of Entry, coffees and beer growlers in hand. Best restaurants in chicago il Back at Burger King, Engles, the retiree from Tucson, reflected on her first visit to Nogales.

BCA’s next “Kitchens of Nogales” tours are on April 7 and 22. Mexican food in los angeles The cost is $60 for members, $80 for non-members and $100 for the tour and a new membership. Best dinner restaurants in los angeles Register at or (520) 398-3229. Best inexpensive restaurants in chicago Part of the fee is donated to Asociacion Down Nogales, which runs a chef skills program for people with Down Syndrome.

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