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The entrancing mix of Turkish culinary culture makes it one of the most appetizing cuisines in the world. Restaurants and food Tastes of other Turkic people like Turkmens and Uzbeks, available across Istanbul, are adding Central Asian flavors to the country’s diverse food scene

The long ago ancestors of the people who conquered this land we live in draw their traditions, their language, their oldest customs from central Asia. Food near me restaurants The Turks share heritage with the Kazakhs, the Mongols, the Uzbeks, and all the other nomadic horse tribes of the steppe. Fast food and restaurants This includes their food.

Restaurants american food But where the Turkish people had the benefit of the Mediterranean and Black Sea and significant dynastic time to develop a palatial cuisine, the people of the steppe remained committed to their simple fare. American food restaurants Did you know the Turks only have a few native words for food? Meat, milk and apples are about it. Worst fast food restaurants (The capital of Kazakhstan, Almaty, comes from the word for apple – “elma”). Fast food restaurants usa Everything else comes from Persian, French, Arabic and Italian. Restaurants and fast food Perhaps that’s one of the things that makes Turkey itself such an entrancing mix. Most fast food restaurants But what if Turkey had kept its culinary roots? We can get an idea from the cuisines of other Turkic nations. Fast food restaurants in america I visited three restaurants across Istanbul to sample the varieties of Central Asian food available to us in this great city.

First I visited a cafe in Kad?koy near Sogutlucesme, the end of the Istanbul’s metrobus line. Top fast food restaurants 2016 Ficci house is run by a Turkmen family, and I spoke with Dilaram Kutluay. Fast food restaurants in my area She gives me an overview of what to expect from Central Asian cuisine.

Samsa is a flaky and hot Uzbek pastry that goes well with green tea.

“There’s mant?, there’s lagman, there’s pilav. What fast food restaurants are open It varies from place to place but it’s more or less the same, and has the same origins,” Dilaram says. Famous fast food restaurants Ficci, the namesake of the restaurant, is a meat pot pie. Best fast food restaurants in the world Their menu features a few kinds of dumplings, including fist-sized manti and Russian-influenced Pilimeni.

“Turkish people sometimes think it’s all mant?, but this is a dish from the Soviet times,” Dilaram tells me of the Pilimeni. Top 10 worst fast food restaurants “The filling is different, the presentation is different.” I ask about special Turkmen dishes, and Dilaram describes the Dograma, an enormous platter of chopped meat in stew served at weddings. How many fast food restaurants in the us “But I haven’t been to a lot of traditional weddings,” she said, laughing, “you should go find one and try the Dograma!”

They serve me a gold pot of green tea and a huge pastry full of salty, juicy meat. How many fast food restaurants in america The pastry, an Uzbek Samsa, is flaky and hot. Cheap fast food restaurants near me Dilaram instructs me to dribble on a bit of the flavored vinegar, a bit of cultural inheritance from Russia. Close fast food restaurants near me I devour the samsa in about a minute.

Dilaram adores Istanbul and has chosen to build her family and restaurant business here.

“Every year I leave and I promise myself I’m not coming back, but I just keep coming back to Istanbul. Closest fast food restaurants near me Water flows into Istanbul, but it doesn’t flow back out. All fast food restaurants near me I spend one year and time moves so quick! I get married, I have kids, we open a few restaurants…” she says, gesturing behind her. Local fast food restaurants near me “The community here is great. Best fast food restaurants near me If you come in here on Friday and Saturday mornings it’s packed.” Ficci House offers a variety of inexpensive meat pastries, kebabs, and Russian cakes.

Akyol is a Uighur restaurant situated in Aksaray. Healthy fast food restaurants near me The Uighur people, if you don’t know, are from the northwest corner of what’s now China, and clearly their cuisine’s been under Chinese influence for a long time. Top 10 fast food restaurants in the world Uighur cuisine has adopted some of China’s spices and techniques, and it offers a departure from the standard Central Asian staples of dumplings and rice and noodles.

Akyol is split into two halves, the upstairs and the downstairs. Chinese food restaurants near my location Upstairs they offer a Turkic twist on Chinese food – noodle dishes with stewed meats and strong sauces. Exotic food restaurants near me But I’ve come for the downstairs half. Food restaurants The hot pot.

Hot pot restaurants are an experiment in marathon eating. Fast food and restaurants near me Every table has a hot plate built into the center of the table. Fast food restaurants near me open now (And above every table at Akyol hang bowler-hat-shaped lampshades, which aren’t crucial for the taste, but do add a lot to the atmosphere.) A huge vat of soup sits on top of it throughout the meal, and you get a paper order form. Fast food restaurants near me open 24 hours Circle or check off all the things you’d like, noodles or meats or vegetables or fish or dumplings, and the items are rushed from the kitchen to your tableside. Fast food restaurants near me now Then you dump everything into the soup to cook. Fast food restaurants near me that deliver Then, you mix the cooked ingredients, the soup, tahini, vinegar, garlic, and chilis into your own personal bowl, and slurp the resultant mess into your face as fast as possible.

We ordered the half spicy/half normal soup combo, and get a bifurcated soup vat. Food restaurants near me that deliver We circle a dozen things nearly at random on the order form, and we’re sweating from the steam by the time the food comes. Fast food restaurants open now The people behind us ordered squid and shrimp, we went for the tamer spiced beef and lamb and a bevy of vegetables. Fast food restaurants open today Food marches in an endless procession from tableside stand to soup to bowl to mouth.

By the time we’re done, we can’t move. Fast food restaurants open late Our tongues are numb from the spice.

Get a few friends together and you’ll each pay in between TL 30 ($8) and TL 50 for a meal that could knock an ox unconscious.

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