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I’m a meat and potatoes girl through and through – I mean I love food period (well except healthy food, salads, “lite” etc…) but I can’t think of a meat and potato combo I don’t love. Bulgarian food uk online I’ll always be a happy camper with any meal that has these two items… SO putting the two together is an OBVIOUS choice – Shepherds pie (although you could also call it “cottage pie”) meat with some veggies and flavoring and topped with a creamy mash then baked – YUM!

Now I say this a lot – but it should be said again – the best part about cooking from scratch is you can PERSONALIZE your food! So while this is a great guide for a classic shepherds pie you can of course change it up a bit! I DID! I added corn in addition to the peas – not 100% traditional but something I enjoy!

Kay let’s talk mash – 2 tricks – 1. Bulgarian food uk I used a potato ricer – you can mash these HOWEVER you like though – I just love the outcome of the ricer. Bulgarian food store online and 2. Bulgarian food store barking adding FRESHLY grated parmesan to the potatoes – got this trick from Gordon Ramsey of course – and I have to say it’s DIVINE.

Side note – I piped mine on because it’s pretty AND it makes it more light and airy – IF you spread yours make sure to use a fork to mess it up a bit so you don’t get a flat brown crust along the top – you want the golden brown to just kiss the peaks of the potatoes

• then start the meat – add the ground meat to a 12 inch skillet and brown

• drain all the grease/fat (this is important so you don’t get soupy/greasy meat when you scoop the final dish)

• add a splash of olive oil and add the carrots, onions and garlic – cook a min or two

• add the fresh thyme and rosemary, salt and pepper, worcestershire sauce, tomato paste, beef broth and red wine.

• stir it and keep cooking until you cook down the liquid to almost nothing – it will still be moist but not wet.

• add the frozen peas and carrots and give it a quick stir then scoop into whatever container your going to bake it in

• the potatoes should be done now so it’s time to mash them – you can do this however you want – I prefer to rice them – it’s amazing

• add the melted butter, cream, salt and pepper to taste and the parmesan and fold together – it will be really creamy

• add on top of the of the meat mixture – you can pipe it on to be pretty like I did or just plop and spread – don’t leave it perfectly smooth though, take a fork and mess it up so that it has texture.

• top with with a light sprinkling of parmesan and bake it for 20 mins, until the potato tips are golden

AND today is National PIE day! aka Pi Day! I ADORE pies, savory, sweet, quiche, tarts, all forms – This is one food holiday you don’t want to miss – it’s crazy fun – even my kids school is getting into it! We do all day pie! We’re doing Spinach artichoke quiche for breakfast, Shepherds pie for lunch, pot pie for dinner and sour cream lemon pie for dessert this year!

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