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The Blueberries you will be picking were planted in 1964 by the late David Trehane. Ingredients for banana bread His first blueberries were planted in 1951, 80 plants which came from the delightfully named Lulu Island in British Columbia. Two banana bread They were offered free of charge to any grower who was prepared to trial them to see how ‘high bush’ blueberries would perform in this country.

Banana bread recipe healthy They didn’t just grow but thrived in our sandy, acidic Dorset heathland soil, so in 1957 David took the plunge and planted a whole acre, about 1000 plants.

The fact that David was the only UK grower to see the potential and then to plant blueberries commercially is a tribute to his great talent as a horticultural innovator and pioneer. Cooking banana bread He also set up the camellia nursery in the 1950’s, introducing many varieties to British gardens.

When Davis moved in 1969 to the homeland of Cornwall (“-Tre, -Pol and -Pen. Unique banana bread recipe By these shall ye know them, the Cornish men”!) the blueberry and camellia businesses grew and flourished under the different managements in the form of his son Jeremy, daughter Jennifer and her son David Jnr. How to bake banana bread Now the land is owned by Jeremy Trehane but the blueberry PYO business has been handed on to Josh Benson. Top rated banana bread recipe Josh has been actively involved with all aspects of the business for 17 years and is ideally placed to continue the established growing philosophy while bringing exciting and new ideas to the party.

There are eight different varieties in the plantation. Banana oatmeal bread These were the best and latest varieties in 1964 when they were planted. Chocolate banana bread recipe Now only one of these, ‘Bluecrop’ is still widely available in the shops. Recipe for healthy banana bread As the supermarkets have come to dominate the trade most of the other varieties have been rejected on grounds of firmness, uniformity, shelf life or shape. Soft banana bread recipe As a result we, and you are left with some of the tastiest, most characterful and distinctive blueberries to be found anywhere! There are varieties to suit every taste as one thing we’ve learned over the years is everyone’s tastes buds are different!

The first variety to ripen, EARLIBLUE, is a good example as some folks find it a bit bland, others can’t get enough of its sweetness. Simple moist banana bread recipe Then you have the soft, sweet COLLINS, pale blue and delicate flavours of the BERKELEY, rich dark and intense IVANHOE, spicy perfumed COVILLE and the luscious HERBERT, described by one ‘celebrity’ chef while filming here for the BBC as the ‘champagne blueberry’!

Our regular customers know which variety they want and pick enough to top up their freezers for the winter as they freeze perfectly and take no time at all to defrost. 2 banana bread That way they can have Dorset Blues on their porridge all year round…… yum!!

Your PYO blueberries are grown with no chemical inputs at all, no herbicides, no pesticides, fungicides or artificial fertilisers. Easy banana walnut bread By growing blueberries totally ‘organically’ they seem to establish a harmonious balance with the soil and environment which enables them to find all the nutrients they require for healthy growth and abundant fruit production. Banana bread recipe 3 bananas There is still a great deal of hard work to be done from pruning in the winter to several mowings and strimming’s in spring and summer as well as all that bird netting to take care of and put up and down each year. Gourmet banana bread Without the netting the early crop can be lost to a whole range of birds, they know a healthy meal when they see one!

The PYO is open from 10am – 5pm every day from the start of July to mid September, including August bank holiday, fruit and weather permitting. Banana date bread Please contact us for more up to date info closer to the start of the season.

“For just 40 calories in a half cup serving, blueberries offer a great line-up of nutrients like potassium and iron, as well as being an excellent source of vitamin C. Organic banana bread And lets not forget dietary fibre, 2 grams, which equals the amount in a slice of whole wheat bread.”

“Per 100g, blueberries contain 0.04mg of beta-carotene, 13mg of vitamin C, 1mg of vitamin E and 10RE (retinol equivalents) of vitamin A.”

Researchers art Rutgers University in New Jersey have identified compounds in blueberries called proanthocyanidins that promote urinary tract health and reduce the risk of infection by preventing bacteria from adhering to the cells that line there walls of the urinary tract.

Rats that had been feed blueberries for a four-week period were shown to exhibit reduced effects from an induced stroke.

Rub the butter into the flour until like breadcrumbs. Banana bread pudding recipe Add sugar and mix. Best banana walnut bread recipe Peel, core and chop apples or pears and put into a fairly shallow dish.

Add blueberries, then sliced banana. Banana bread recipe with oil Add lemon juice to fruit, then cover with crumble topping. Perfect banana bread recipe Sprinkle with slivered almonds.

Cook in a pre heated oven 190C/375F/gas mark 5 for about 30 mins until the topping has browned and the blueberry juice is starting to bubble through.

Try substituting about 2oz/50g of oats or ground almonds for some of the flour. Fat free banana bread A drizzle of fruit liqueur instead of the lemon juice adds that little bit of extra yum!

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